open letter, International Olympic Committee, biological men, women's sports How long are we going to keep quiet while we witness this? I refuse to. This is the English version of an open letter sent to the leadership of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), extended to the leaderships of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC), the International Federation of Volleyball (IFV) and the Brazilian Confederation of Volleyball (BCV) in defence of professional women’s sports by Ana Paula Henkel. Leggi tutto
A Florida prosecutor said Tuesday that he would seek the death penalty against the man accused of killing 17 people last month at a high school in Parkland, moving the state closer to a rare trial for someone charged in a mass shooting.Michael J. Satz, the state attorney for Broward County, made
The California Supreme Court, citing false evidence, decided unanimously Monday to overturn the conviction of a Delano man sent to death row more than two decades ago for murdering and sodomizing a toddler.The action by the state high court, which upheld the man's conviction and death sentence in
For years, the state of Nebraska has had a troubled history of cutting corners in its zealous pursuit of lethal-injection drugs to keep its death penalty program alive. In November, the state announced that it would use an experimental drug cocktail not previously used in the United States to
Only Tripura and Karnataka have so far told the home ministry that the practice should be done away with.New Delhi: Fourteen states and union territories have replied so far to the Ministry of Home Affairs’ query on the death penalty, and only two of them – Karnataka and Tripura – want it
According to Greta Lindecrantz's attorney, Robert Ray's defense team believes that testifying for the prosecution could actually save Ray's life.A Mennonite woman who refused to testify in a death penalty case on the grounds that capital punishment violated her religious beliefs has reversed
domestic abuse, voting registration, changes to law, victim's addressesChanges make it easier for survivors of domestic violence to register to vote anonymously The Houses of Parliament have passed the government’s proposals for changes to anonymous voter registration.The changes will make it easier for an estimated 12,000 survivors of domestic abuse living in
LAHORE, Pakistan — One of the most frightening things about Pakistan’s blasphemy law is that the simplest act can spiral into charges that can bring the death penalty. In the case of Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman, it started when she brought water to her fellow women workers on a farm.On that hot
The Supreme Court last week agreed to hear a death penalty case that hinges on a fine point. The court has ruled in the past that it is unconstitutional to execute people who can't understand why they face death at the hands of the state - usually people with mental illnesses or diminished
Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz has been formally charged with 17 counts of 1st-degree murder and 17 counts of attempted murder, which could mean a death sentence if he's convicted.A grand jury in Fort Lauderdale returned the indictment against the 19-year-old Cruz for the
The cost of death: Legal fees in Mohave County death penalty cases cost more than $1 million for each trialAt more than $1 million apiece, Mohave County's death penalty cases take their financial toll on local government revenues."Although each death penalty case is different in what is billed to
Not this year.The death penalty will live on in Washington after the latest effort to abolish the practice came to a screeching halt in the final week of the 2018 legislative session.Senate bill 6052 marked the most successful attempt in the past five years — and possibly ever — to erase the
A Bangladesh court Tuesday sentenced dozens of men to death for the brazen daylight murder of a ruling party official in 2014, officials said.Ekramul Haque, the then Awami League leader in eastern Feni district, was dragged from his vehicle by a mob and hacked with machetes before being shot at
Wife had been deported from Hong Kong last year after she pledged allegiance to ISISA former Indonesian migrant worker who was deported from Hong Kong last year after she posted a Facebook video of her pledging allegiance to Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is
Northern Ireland, Belfast, rape culture, problem, DV, sexism, joke, WRDA bogThis kind of behaviour has real world consequences.By WRDA CommunicationsBelfast has a problem with Rape Culture.Eating lunch, buying clothes or even just walking down the street, women in this city are met with a barrage of misogynistic material.Violence against women is made light of
A commission has recommended the abolishing of the death sentence. Instead, the Kenya Law Reform Commission (KLRC) proposes that capital offences such as murder, treason, robbery and unlawful administration of oath, for which the death penalty is prescribed, should attract life
Dealing with captured ISIS members is no easy task for Iraqi authorities. Experts estimate that 20,000 suspects are being held in government jails and approximately 4,000 others are in prisons run by the Kurdistan Regional Government.London - After declaring victory against the Islamic State
Abu Omar Al Baghdadi’s sister was found guilty of “offering logistic support and help to ISIL insurgents"A sister of a former Al Qaeda leader was sentenced to death by an Iraqi court on Thursday for terrorism offences, including providing support for ISIL operatives.It comes as Iraqi courts try
Not so long ago, abolition of the death penalty in Gambia seemed like a pipe dream.In August 2012, under the regime of former President Yahya Jammeh, nine prisoners were executed in one night. Not even their families or lawyers were notified beforehand, while the UN described the killings as
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge Sharon Keller narrowly won the Republican primary Tuesday night, overcoming a challenger who knocked her for her multiple ethical controversies.The presiding judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals took a step closer to securing another 6 years
SAITAMA - A Peruvian man accused of killing six people, including two girls, in their homes in Saitama Prefecture in 2015 was sentenced to death Friday by a Japanese court.The Saitama District Court handed down the capital sentence to 32-year-old Vayron Jonathan Nakada Ludena, concluding that he
Saudi Arabia's execution rate has doubled since Mohammed bin Salman was appointed crown prince in 2017, according to the anti-death penalty rights group Reprieve.The group said 133 executions have taken place in the 8 months since his appointment last June, compared with 67 in the 8 months
(CNN) An Alabama death row inmate whose execution went wrong is asking that his death sentence be vacated. The attempted execution was "botched and bloody," as the inmate's lawyer put it, and left the inmate under "physical and mental duress."Doyle Lee Hamm was convicted in 1987 of committing
IRAN HUMAN RIGHTS (MARCH 13, 2018): The 10th annual report on the death penalty in Iran by Iran Human Rights (IHR) and ECPM shows that in 2017 at least 517 people were executed in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This number is comparable with the execution figures in 2016 and confirms the relative
MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Lawyers on Monday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block the upcoming execution of an Alabama inmate who they say was mentally ill when he moved to fire his lawyers and drop his appeals.Michael Eggers is scheduled to be executed Thursday for the 2000 choking death of Bennie
SINGAPORE - Convicted drug trafficker Billy Agbozo was executed last Friday (March 9) after he failed in his clemency plea.Agbozo, 39, a Ghanaian national, had been found guilty and sentenced to death on July 4, 2016, for trafficking 1.63kg of methamphetamine here in his luggage in April 2013.The
Once again the New Hampshire Legislature is considering repeal of the death penalty. The repeal bill, Senate Bill 593, would replace capital punishment with imprisonment without the possibility of parole. SB 593 has 13 sponsors in the Senate, which is already a majority, so it is likely to pass
When Ohio resumed executions last July, I joined with other exonerated Ohio death-row survivors to warn Gov. John Kasich that it was only a matter of time before we’d risk executing a prisoner who might be innocent. And now William T. Montgomery is scheduled to be killed on April 11, despite
Plugging gaps in justice system, not death penalty, can curb child sexual abuseDeath and deterrence Crime in India, 2016 revealed that 19,920 children were allegedly victims of child rape in 2016 alone. However, the conviction in 2016 for such crimes stood at an abysmal 28.2 per cent while a
In a significant development, the Rajasthan State Assembly on Friday cleared an amendment bill for death penalty for the culprits in the rape cases involving girls below 12 years of age. With this, Rajasthan has become the second state after Madhya Pradesh to pass the bill.The Rajasthan
A bill to allow death row inmates to be executed by nitrogen gas passed the Alabama House on Wednesday."It's about options. It's not a debate about the death penalty," the bill's sponsor, state Sen. Trip Pittman, R-Montrose, told the committee.Pittman said the execution method, formally known as
A man on death row for a brutal Smith County murder says the electric shock he received during trial violated his constitutional rights.James Calvert was convicted in 2015 of capital murder and sentenced to death for fatally shooting his ex-wife, Jelena Sriraman, and abducting their child in
The wife was also sentenced to death for aiding and abetting the crime.A man who set his lover's husband on fire after running him over with his car, was sentenced to death on Tuesday.The Court of First Instance found the 33-year-old from the Comoros Islands guilty of a premeditated murder charge
New analysis of executions in Saudi Arabia by Reprieve shows that since Mohammed bin Salman was appointed as Crown Prince in June 2017, the rate of executions in the Kingdom has doubled. The analysis shows:•    In the eight months after Mohammed bin Salman was appointed Crown Prince (July 2017 –