It is unfortunate that the Iranian regime’s human rights violations are attracting little attention from international media outlets. When President Hassan Rouhani was running for re-election, he famously criticized the human rights situation in the country and promised to improve it. But, since he won the election, the president evades discussing it. Based on the latest developments, a Leggi Tutto
The Indonesian woman accused of killing Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korea's leader, has been freed after charges against her were dropped.Siti Aisyah had been accused of smearing VX nerve agent on Mr Kim's face in Kuala Lumpur airport in 2017.She and her co-accused, Vietnamese Doan
The daughter of a Christian woman who faced the death penalty for blasphemy has pleaded for her mother to be allowed to leave Pakistan.Asia Bibi was on death row for nine years after being wrongly accused by fellow villagers in Pakistan of insulting the Prophet Mohammed.She was finally cleared by
Girls as young as 9-years-old can be sentenced to death in the Islamic Republic, while boys must have reached the age of 15 to receive the death penalty.In an explosive report released last week, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Iran, Javaid Rehman, blasted the Islamic Republic for
LINCOLN — Witnesses to executions in Nebraska should be allowed to view the entire procedure — and not have their view blocked by a curtain — to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the process, a state legislative committee was told Thursday.State Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks of Lincoln said that lack
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — With a veto-proof majority, the New Hampshire House voted Thursday to repeal the state's death penalty after hearing from a freshman Democrat who fled Afghanistan as a child and a longtime Republican lawmaker grieving his wife's recent death.New Hampshire's capital punishment, holiday, March 15 We are off on holiday for a week. There’s loads to read and lots of campaigns to support here. And there’s our Facebook page too – to like and share… Thanks for your company so far. Back on 15 March. Leggi tutto
In an unprecedented judgment, the SC has set free 6 men accused of murder and rape in Nashik but not before they spent nearly 2 decades in prison.The Supreme Court Tuesday acquitted 6 men, taking them off death row — an unprecedented judgment which overturned its own order of 2009.The six men had
DAR ES SALAAM -(MaraviPost) -A court in Tanzania has sentenced to death by hanging a 51-year-old school teacher who beat to death a 14-year-old pupil.Respicius Mtazangira caned and hit Sperius Eradius with a blunt object at their school in Bukoba town in north-western Tanzania last August after
The law is proposed by Zhang Baoyan, a member of the National People's Congress. Zhang has been a long-time advocate for women's and children's rights in China. Those convicted should get at least 10 years' imprisonment with a maximum punishment of the death sentence, she said. Child abduction
PETALING JAYA: Two lawyers have called for a moratorium on the execution of death row inmates until Parliament votes on a bill seeking the abolition of the death penalty.Kitson Foong and M Visvanathan, both of whom practise criminal law, said it wasn’t clear to the public whether a freeze had
Sri Lanka’s recent move to bring back capital punishment for convicted drug offenders has put a spotlight on growing narcotics related crime in the country. The government’s apparent tough stance is in response to concerns that Sri Lanka is re-emerging as a transit hub for global drug trafficking
A Malaysian citizen was given more than 10 years in jail for insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad on social media, police said Saturday, one of the country’s harshest such sentences in recent years.Issues related to race, religion, and language are very sensitive topics in multiracial
HAMPTON — On state Rep. Renny Cushing’s living room wall is a picture of him and his father, who was fatally shot in the chest during a home invasion in 1988.Cushing, a Hampton Democrat who was a state representative when his father was killed, has since advocated for the death penalty’s repeal
PHOENIX (AP) -- A jury sentenced a neo-Nazi to life in prison Thursday for his murder conviction in the 2009 killing of a white woman during a dispute with her black boyfriend at a Phoenix park.The jury denied the prosecution's push for a death sentence for the white supremacist. Prosecutors say
CRIME author Amanda Howard has delved into the horrifying and bloody history of prisoners who were hanged in Australia.TRUE crime author Amanda Howard wasn’t sure what to expect when she began researching her latest book about hangings. She laughed, she cried, she was appalled.Rope: A History of
There’s no such thing as a limited death penalty. Lawmakers like to use that phrase because they think it makes state-sanctioned death more politically palatable.I wasn’t even going to write about this year’s attempt at legislation because it seemed it would be short-lived. But Senate File 296
Facts:As of October 11, 2018, capital punishment is legal in 30 US states.According to the Death Penalty Information Center, 25 people were executed in the United States in 2018. The number of death sentences imposed was 42.There were 2,738 people on death row in the United States on July Leggi
A proposal introduced Monday by Democrats and one Republican in the Oregon state House of Representatives would effectively abolish the death penalty by restricting its use only to convicted terrorists.The bill, H.B. 3268, would limit aggravated murder convictions to those situations in which two
Sri Lanka pushes ahead with a plan to reintroduce the death penalty for drug offences after the country's president said he wanted to resume hangings following a decades-long hiatusA Sri Lankan job advert for hangmen has attracted more than 100 applicants, a prison service spokesman has
Birth Strike, book, The Hidden Fight Over Women's Work, women's rights, abortion rights, USA, campaignThe book is one element of a broader campaign for women’s reproductive rights.Feminists generally believe that a prudish religious bloc is responsible for the protracted fight over reproductive freedom in the USA, and that politicians only attack abortion and birth control to appeal to those
Royal College of General Practitioners, abortion rights, decriminalisation of abortion, medical regulatory frameworks, criminal justice system“It places the rights of women and girls front and centre on the issue of abortion care in the UK.”The Royal College of General Practitioners’ UK Council has passed a motion to support the decriminalisation of abortion, saying that the procedure should be governed by medical regulatory
Clemency sought for young maid who claims she killed abusive employer in self-defenseA Catholic bishop has called on the Saudi Arabian government "to be merciful" and grant clemency to a young Filipino woman on death row.Last week, the Saudi Court of Appeals upheld a death sentence handed down in
Religious fundamentalists see death as their ultimate reward. They are not intimidated by the death penalty and consider it the gate to cross to the realm of legend. Generation after generation of such legends keep the fires of vengeance burning in their hearts.Indiscriminate arrests 50 years ago
AS a punishment, the death penalty continues to capture the public interest in a morbid and unique way. The Asean region has proven resistant to a growing worldwide movement away from the death penalty, with 142 countries having abolished it in law or practice. The only countries in the region to
Thane, Mar 8 A special POCSO court Friday sentenced two people to death and one to life imprisonment for raping and killing minors.In the first case, a five-year-old child was raped and left severely injured by Suman Kumar Jha (39) on March 16 last year, said Additional Public Prosecutor Ujjwala
The death penalty for drug-related offences might be abolished while judges could be given the discretion to impose the death penalty for certain crimes.This is one of the options being considered by the government, De Facto Law Minister Liew Vui Keong told The Malaysian Insight.The options are
Comments come amid debates on how Western nations should deal with citizens who joined militant groupAs debate continues over how Western countries should deal with citizens who have gone abroad to join ISIS, Iraqi President Barham Salih says foreigners tried in Iraq for fighting with the
Bill ending capital punishment for murder heads to full Senate for a voteIn 2004, Alex Perez, then in prison on a murder conviction, was charged with killing a fellow inmate at the Limon Correctional Facility. He said he did not do it, but was promptly placed in solitary confinement at the
Iran Human Rights (IHR); March 5, 2019: A part of the 11th Annual Report on the Death Penalty in Iran, by Iran Human Rights (IHR), deal with International treaties ratified by Iran, Islamic Penal Code & offences punishable by death, as well as procedures.SEE THE REFERENCES AND READ THE FULL
RALEIGH -- A Wake County jury sentenced Seaga Gillard to death Monday, handing down the toughest but increasingly rare punishment for the hotel-room fatal shootings of a pregnant woman and her boyfriend.The Caribbean-born Gillard, 30, now faces execution by lethal injection after his three-week
When you watch an execution in Texas, it's usually good to get into town around 4 or 5. You park in the lot behind the gas station, next to this kitschy little sign that says they cash prisoners' checks there. The sign looks like it was designed a few decades ago, with these 80s-style bold colors
Bloody Big Brunch, period poverty, Bloody Marys, Penny Morduant, taskforce, 2030, “There is no excuse not to act now.”Bloody Big Brunch is one novel way to address period poverty; campaigners travel the UK hosting brunches, handing out Bloody Marys.There’s just one string attached. You need to pay with period products.All proceeds are then donated to a range of
Another death row inmate in Nevada wants to be executed.Nearly two months after condemned prisoner Scott Dozier killed himself in Ely State Prison, court papers filed Monday revealed that convicted Las Vegas murderer Kevin Lisle has indicated that he intends to stop fighting his case.“Given