The death of a gay student, tortured and tied to a prairie fence in Wyoming two decades ago, shocked America. As Matthew Shepard's ashes are interred in the nation's spiritual home, those who knew him reflect on his remarkable legacy. It was the dental brace. That's how Judy and Dennis Shepard knew it was their son Leggi Tutto
Women and Equalities Committee, report, sexual harassment of women and girls in public places‘It is not acceptable that women have to change their behaviour to avoid sexual harassment’.The Women and Equalities Committee published its report on the sexual harassment of women and girls in public places earlier this week.The government, the report said, is taking seriously the
Tehran (AFP) - Four detained Iranian environmental activists could face the death penalty after the charges levelled against them were changed, the Tehran prosecutor said on Wednesday."After completion of the investigation, the charges against four of the defendants have been changed to
disclosure procecss, evidence, rape trials, Claire Waxman, Elizabeth Denham, investigation, consent‘Victims who decline to grant access have their cases dropped at alarming rates’.Claire Waxman, Victims’ Commissioner for London, has written to the Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, regarding the disclosure process in rape cases.Her concern is that disclosure process in rape cases
TUC, NHS Support Federation, report, mental health, increased number of patients, Theresa May, promise, shortage of beds, doctors, nurses,The Prime Minister did promise to tackle the ‘burning injustice’ of inadequate treatment for mental illness.According to a new TUC report just published – which features new analysis by the NHS Support Federation – in the last five years the number of patients accessing mental health services
Iran Human Rights; October 22, 2018: A prisoner was executed on a murder charge at Sirjan Central Prison last Thursday. Sirjan is a city and the capital of Sirjan County in the Iranian province of Kerman.According to HRANA, on the morning of October 18, 2018, a prisoner was hanged at Sirjan
Day one of alleged hitman Kristopher Love's capital murder trial began Monday with witnesses who know the woman accused of ordering him to make a kill testifying on behalf of the state.   Two people who jealous ex-girlfriend Brenda Delgado approached to carry out a hit on her former boyfriend's
UNFPA, report, contraception, women's rights, economic growth, women's health, Power of Choice, report‘The way forward is the full realisation of reproductive rights, for every individual and couple.’Family size is closely linked with reproductive rights, which, in turn, are tied to many other rights, including the right to adequate health, education and jobs.And the global trend towards
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The percentage of Americans who believe the death penalty is applied fairly continues to decrease, falling below 50% this year for the first time. Forty-nine percent now say the death penalty is applied fairly and 45% say it is applied unfairly.The 49% who say the death
The Lahore High Court on Friday heard a petition pertaining to Pakistanis on death row in various middle eastern countries who are in urgent need of diplomatic assistance.The hearing, presided over by Justice Ayesha A. Malik, reviewed an application filed by Justice Project Pakistan's Asma Shafi
In a sign of potential reform, the Malaysian government of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad appears to be moving toward abolishing the death penalty. Though there is still some uncertainty around how things will eventually play out, it has nonetheless sparked a conversation about potential
Nordic Model Now!, collecting signatures, open letter, Brighton University, Freshers' Week, prostitution, grooming, buying sex, Was this grooming young women and suggesting buying sex an acceptable option for young men?Nordic Model Now! are collecting signature for an open letter to be sent to Brighton University next week in response to the presence of a stall run by the Sex Workers’ Outreach Project (SWOP) at the
Tennessee is scheduled to execute death row inmate Edmund Zagorski using the electric chair Nov. 1, the first time the chair has been used here in 11 years.Gov. Bill Haslam delayed the execution to allow for more thorough preparation. According to the state's protocol for executions by
"Singapore, Disneyland with the death penalty." - William GibsonWhile the newly elected Pakatan Harapan Government prepares to abolish the death penalty and ramps up its efforts to save the lives of Malaysians who are on death row abroad, their counterparts across the causeway seem to be hellbent
A woman's online petition calling for her father to be given the death penalty for killing her mother has surprised the nation.Besides the shocking content, controversy is rising over whether it is proper for the Cheong Wa Dae website to allow people to take advantage of the national petition
Home Affairs Committee, report, domestic abuse bill, violence against women and girls, universal credit, refuges, immigration control, reportReport says government should take a wider range of actions to tackle domestic abuse and violence against women and girls.On 17 February 2017 the Prime Minister announced a programme of work leading towards the introduction of a Domestic Abuse Bill.In the Queen’s Speech in June 2017, the
The Narcotics Control Bill 2018 was placed in parliament last night, with provision for death sentence or life-term imprisonment for carrying, producing, trading and using more than five grammes of yaba, and more than 25 grammes of heroin and cocaine.Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan placed the
The Cassation Court accepted the request to retry two men facing the death penalty in light of new medical reports, announced the Public Prosecution.The two Bahraini defendants are implicated in a bomb blast that killed an officer and injured five others. Mohammed Ramadan Hussein, a 31-year-old
Iran Human Rights; October 22, 2018: A prisoner was executed on a murder charge at Ardabil Central Prison this morning.Meisam Saber, 27, was convicted to qisas (retribution in kind) on a murder charge in 2013. His execution was carried out on the morning on Sunday, October 22, 2018.  According to
A senior US military commander has called on the UK to take back Islamic State fighters who have been "caught on the battlefield" in Syria.Maj Gen Patrick Roberson, commander of US special ops, also called on the government to repatriate two Londoners who have been called the "IS Beatles".The UK
The Peshawar High Court set aside on Thursday the sentences of 74 people convicted by the military courts.In a short order, the 2-member bench, comprising PHC Chief Justice Waqar Ahmed Seth and Justice Lal Jan Khattak, ordered the release of the convicts.The court is yet to release a detailed
Many Romanian teachers agree with a dictatorial regime, declare themselves for the death penalty, and feel that homosexuality cannot be accepted, according to a study conducted by four researchers from the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.They interviewed 1,427 teachers for this study
Death sentences should not automatically be replaced with life imprisonment or a minimum of 30 years’ jail after the death penalty is abolished, says the Malaysian Bar.Its president George Varughese said the sentences of death row inmates should instead be commuted to sentences that are
"The one thing more embarrassing than the lack of a death penalty ban would be a vote to ban it that failed."BERLIN (Reuters) - Voters in Hesse will be asked on Sunday whether they want theirs to be the last German state to abolish the death penalty.A referendum on whether to endorse a raft
Australia is sceptical about China's move to a voluntary program of organ harvesting among executed prisoners.Australia is sceptical about just how "voluntary" an organ harvesting program among prisoners on death row in China will be.The organs of prisoners executed through China's judicial
KUALA LUMPUR: Lawyers of Liberty has called on the government to help save a Malaysian citizen Prabu Pathmanathan, who will be executed at Changi Prison in Singapore on Friday for alleged drug trafficking.Its adviser N Surendran said the government must make act to save Prabu from the
FAYETTEVILLE -- A jury sentenced Mark Edward Chumley to life in prison without the possibility of parole Monday for torturing and killing a woman in 2015.Chumley, 49, was found guilty of accomplice to capital murder Friday. Jurors concluded that Chumley helped kill Victoria Annabeth Davis, known
Iran's state TV is reporting that the Supreme Court has upheld the death sentences for two individuals convicted of financial crimes.Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejehi said Monday that the two were convicted of "spreading corruption on earth," a term used for crimes punishable by
Environmenstrual week of action, Menstrual Matters, blog, 3 myths, reusable pads, plastic, It is up to the companies that make these products to improve their environmental impact, not their customers.The 13-20 October 2018 was an ‘Environmenstrual week of action‘, as part of the campaign by the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) to make healthy and eco-friendly menstrual products
The family of 55-year old Palestinian-American asked the U.S. State Department to help him after he was arrested for allegedly helping sell an Arab-owned property in the Old City of Jerusalem to a Jewish organization.“The 55-year-old man, who is a US citizen, is being interrogated by the
Last week, news broke that a prisoner on death row in Tennessee had asked to be executed by electric chair, rather than lethal injection. Edmund Zagorski, 63, said the chair was “the lesser of the two evils.” Many people were shocked by his decision, but I wasn’t. I was sentenced to die by lethal
The Iraqi Justice Ministry has carried out death sentences against 6 convicts involved in terrorism charges.A statement by the ministry on Wednesday said "death sentences were carried out against 6 convicts in accordance with counter-terrorism law."The ministry highlighted working on implementing
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysian police said Friday that a British woman has been detained on the resort island of Langkawi for allegedly stabbing her husband to death.Langkawi police chief Supt. Mohamad Iqbal Ibrahim said investigators found a 12 inch-long kitchen knife stained with blood
Iran Human Rights (IHR); October 17, 2018: Three prisoners were hanged in Iranian cities of Maragheh and Isfahan on murder charges. According to the IHR sources, on the morning of Tuesday, October 16, Mowloud Shah-Hosseini, 29, from the Iranian city of Divandarreh, was executed at Isfahan Central