A mentally ill murderer has been sentenced to death in China for killing 2 schoolchildren with a meat cleaver in a revenge attack. The criminal, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, slashed 3 pupils and 1 parent near a primary school in Shanghai after choosing the victims randomly, according to the city's high court. The other child Leggi Tutto
An execution date has been set for a man convicted of a 1987 murder in Glynn County.Jimmy Meders, 58, is scheduled to die by lethal injection on Jan. 16, the Georgia Department of Corrections announced Monday.Meders was convicted of killing convenience store clerk Don Anderson, 47, on Oct. 14
Among the new year’s possibilities, 2020 may see Ohio end its death penalty.Reason One is that the state has run out of places to buy the substances specified for administering lethal injections. Reason Two is the colossal cost to taxpayers of defending in the appeals courts virtually every death
Jamal Khashoggi? The one Donald Trump basically let the kingdom get away with because he was able to sell them some weapons and he thinks the U.S. is one of his shitty Atlantic City casinos? For those who need a refresher: On October 2, 2018, the Washington Post columnist walked into the Saudi
Following the release of the forensic report which showed evidence of a second rapist, the POCSO court also ordered further investigation.A special court in Coimbatore, set up to hear POCSO cases, awarded the death penalty to 34-year-old Santosh Kumar, accused of raping and murdering a
A Chinese man on death row for the 2003 slaying of a family of four was executed in Fukuoka on Thursday, marking the first inmate put to death since Justice Minister Masako Mori took office Oct. 31.Wei Wei, who had studied in Japan, was sentenced to death for the murder-robbery of a family in
District Attorney Don Burkett, of Many, keeps a photo of Wesley Mercer near his desk and pulls it out whenever he’s frustrated.The 6-year-old is undeniably cute. He was tortured for a few days, then on March 8, 1992, held in a tub filled with scalding hot water and died.“On those bad days, I look
Death row prisoner Aliaksandr Asipovich was executed by shooting on December 17, according to the Mahilioŭ Regional Prosecutor’s Office.Asipovich was sentenced to death on January 9. The defendant allegedly murdered two women in Babrujsk in July 2018.During an appeal hearing at the Supreme Court
FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A Broward County judge may decide Thursday to delay the start of confessed Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz’s murder trial.Broward Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer is considering a defense motion to delay the late January start date of his trial.Defense lawyers
Iran Human Rights (IHR); December 7, 2019: Iran’s Supreme Court upholds an inferior court’s death sentence for a 39-year-old man for insulting Muhammad, the prophet of Islam in a social media platform.According to Rokna, a website close to the Iranian regime, Meysam, 39, had published “thousands
President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo revived the old debate on the death penalty when he recently mulled over executing graft convicts as a deterrence against corruption, which Indonesia has declared an extraordinary crime. Yet, not only has capital punishment failed to offer a panacea for Indonesia’s
Accused mass murderer Satoshi Uematsu will admit to killing 19 people and injuring 26 others at a care home for the disabled south of Tokyo when his trial begins in January next year, the 29-year-old has revealed to the Mainichi Shimbun in a series of interviews.Uematsu is currently in detention
ON THE DAY the Trump administration was supposed to kill Daniel Lewis Lee, Zann Carter sat in a cafe in downtown Terre Haute, Indiana. It was a dreary Monday morning but the space was warm; wreaths hung in the windows and Christmas music filled the room. The execution was the first in a series of
They first tried it in 2000, their efforts crashing against a promised veto by Gov. Jeanne Shaheen.They went for it again in 2009, when the Senate tabled it 13-11; in 2016 when the Senate deadlocked 12-12; and in 2018 when it fell short of a veto override in the upper chamber by two votes.But
“Mohsen Lorestani, a Kurdish singer from Kermanshah, was charged with ‘corruption on earth’ in a public complaint. His lawyer told Kurdistan Human Rights Network, ‘The alleged incidents happened in a private chat.’ If convicted, this charge could result in death sentence.”The Tehran court alleged
Louisiana is one of 29 states where the death penalty is legal, but Tuesday, Jan. 7 will mark exactly a decade since the state has executed anybody waiting on death row. Michael Cahoon, an organizer at the Promise of Justice Initiative, and other advocates against the death penalty are hoping
Ruling branded ‘vile and gross miscarriage of justice’ by Amnesty InternationalA university lecturer has been sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan a ruling branded a “gross miscarriage of justice” by human rights groups.Junaid Hafeez, 33, has spent years in solitary confinement after
Executions, new death sentences and public support for the death penalty remain low, the Death Penalty Information Center said.Executions, new death sentences and public support for the death penalty in the United States remained at their lowest levels in decades this year as half of the country
Still, concerns of the fairness and accuracy of the state’s death penalty system remainEven in Texas – the execution capital of the country – the death penalty's popularity continued to decline in 2019, according to a new report from the Austin-based Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death
In 2018, India was among top seven countries to award death penalty. The lower courts awarded death penalty to 162 convicts, according to Project 39 of the National Law University, DelhiIn three milestone judgments - Bachan Singh vs State of Punjab of 1980 being the last of the series - the
Two ISIS-inspired terrorists have been jailed after attempting to blow up the plane their gay brother was travelling on.Khaled and Mahmoud Khayat were handed jail terms of 40 and 36 years at the Supreme Court of New South Wales in Australia on Tuesday, over their plot to bring down an Etihad
A Texas inmate was executed by lethal injection Wednesday evening for killing a supervisor at a state prison shoe factory in Amarillo nearly 17 years ago. Travis Runnels, 46, was convicted of slashing the throat of 38-year-old Stanley Wiley on January 29, 2003. Runnels was executed at the state
The execution of Mooketsi Kgosibodiba by the Botswana Government this week in Gaborone, has opened old wounds and deepened public discourse on the death penalty in the country. On one hand, some observers and quite a considerable number of Batswana still believe in death penalty and take every
Six of nine people involved in kidnapping, raping and murdering 22 year-old Cao Thi My Duyen in northern Dien Bien Province were sentenced to death Sunday.The Dien Bien People’s Court awarded Vi Van Toan, mastermind of the crime, the death sentence for murder and 13 years for kidnapping. Bui Van
United Nations human rights experts called on Pakistan's high court on Friday to clear liberal academic Junaid Hafeez of blasphemy charges and overturn his death sentence.In a joint statement, they described Hafeez's condemnation by a lower court last week as a "travesty of justice" and said
According to the Death Penalty Information Center, Indiana is one of several of states that hasn’t executed someone in ten years.The DPIC released its annual report earlier this month.“The last death sentence imposed in Indiana was in 2014, and the peak death sentencing for the state and the
Iran Human Rights (IHR); December 25, 2019: A man was hanged at the prison of the Iranian city of Sirjan, Kerman province, this morning. According to the Iranian website of Rokna, on the morning of Wednesday, December 25, a man was hanged at Sirjan prison for murder charges.The prisoner was
A Pakistani court has sentenced former military ruler Pervez Musharraf to death in absentia for treason over his 2007 imposition of emergency rule.Such a verdict is a first in a country with a history of army rule. The military reacted angrily, saying legal process "seems to have been
Saudi Arabia has been accused of shielding Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who foreign experts suspect was behind the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.BEIRUT, Lebanon — A court in Saudi Arabia sentenced five men to death and three to prison terms over the killing of the Saudi dissident writer Jamal
Following the Supreme Court’s dismissal of review petitions by all four convicts in the Nirbhaya rape and murder case, the four have moved one step closer to the gallows. In the light of this, and the repeated demands to punish all rape convicts with the death penalty, it becomes important to
Iran Human Rights (IHR); December 10, 2019: Two prisoners were executed at Kashan prison for murder Monday.According to Iran Newspaper, on the morning of December 9, two prisoners were executed on the morning of December 9, 2019, at Kashan prison. Both of them were reportedly sentenced to death
Correction officers removed Carmen Guerrero's friendly bunkmate, and brought in one that promised to kill her if roomed with her. He followed through.Miguel Crespo, a man convicted of murder while an inmate in Bakersfield, California, was sentenced to death on Thursday. The murder was of his
President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said the government was ready to propose a revision of the corruption law to include death penalty for corruptors so long as the people wanted it.“Yes, it is possible under the people’s will,” said the President after attending a stage performance to commemorate the
This city's deepest wound - the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings that killed 3 and injured hundreds more - will be re-examined Thursday when lawyers for bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev seek to have his death sentence lifted because the jury pool was too traumatized to render a fair verdict.The then-19-year