Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Friday commuted the death sentence of a killer who had been found mentally incompetent to be executed. William Joseph Burns, who was convicted of raping and murdering his 73-year-old mother-in-law in Shenandoah County in September 1998, will now serve life without parole. Virginia governors have granted clemency to death row inmates nine Leggi Tutto
A majority of Americans still say they are in favor of the death penalty, but support for the punishment fell this year to its lowest point since 1972.The number of people executed in the U.S. climbed slightly in 2017 but was still poised to finish at its second-lowest point in 25 years as
Jakarta. In 2017, the National Narcotics Agency, or BNN, killed 79 drug dealers in raids across the country, recorded 465,070 drug-related cases, and rehabilitated 1,523 addicts, a top official said on Wednesday (27/12)."There is a narcotics emergency, we take tougher measures to overcome the
Pope Francis recently increased his call for ending the death penalty’s usage worldwide. He said, “We have to restate that, however grave the crime that may be committed, the death penalty is inadmissible because it attacks the inviolability and the dignity of the person.”As a Catholic Republican
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Sex and relationships education, education minister, consultation, parents, teachers, young peopleThere have been numerous calls for an update.The government has announced that it is asking parents, teachers and young people to help shape a new relationships and sex education curriculum for England, that will help them to stay safe and to face the challenges of the modern world.The
In retaining the use of the death penalty, India is in the company of Iran, China, Saudi Arabia and the US. Top it all, capital punishment has not proved a deterrent to violent crime in India. To paraphrase Martin Luther King, the arc of the moral universe must bend towards a more reformative
prostitution convictions, judicial review hearing, Janaury 2018, support, The women bringing the claim were all pimped into prostitution when teenagers. Early next year the High Court will consider a ground breaking legal challenge brought by several women challenging the criminalisation and continued punishment of prostituted women.If successful, it will bring to
A legal system based on a hard-line interpretation of Shariah law often lands foreigners in jail for offenses that few Westerners would dream were even crimes.DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A Scottish electrician named Jamie Harron, visiting Dubai as a tourist, was sentenced to three months in
UK State pension, pittance, old people, dying of cold, petition, ‘Every winter, 25,000 older people in England and Wales do not survive the bitter winter: this represents 206 deaths a day’.“Sir,Cold has been systematically killing our elderly people for over 30 years from cold-related illnesses against a background of soaring energy bills, due to the
President Trump asked Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte if the Philippines has the death penalty when they met last month in Denang, said the Philippines Ambassador to the U.S. at the embassy Monday.Duterte told Mr. Trump he wanted to bring the death penalty back to the country. Duterte has
BEIJING (AFP) - Thousands of spectators filled a stadium in China to watch 10 suspects be sentenced to death for crimes ranging from drug-dealing to homicide before they were taken away to be executed at the weekend.An online video of the rare public trial, held in southern Guangdong province on
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma, a state with one of the busiest death chambers in the country in recent decades, will enter its third year without an execution in 2018 while prison officials and state attorneys fine tune its procedure for putting condemned inmates to death.Oklahoma Attorney
The number of death row inmates in Japan as of Dec. 31 is expected to stand at 123, having remained above 100 since 2007, Justice Ministry officials said Thursday.In 2017 four convicts on death row were executed and four others died of illness, while death sentences were finalized for two other
Largest mass execution in Egypt since six convicted jihadists were hanged in 2015AIRO, Egypt — Egyptian authorities on Tuesday executed 15 prisoners convicted of attacks on security forces in the restive Sinai Peninsula, police officials said.The men were hanged in two jails where they had been
CEDAW, Metropolitan Police, women's right to protest, spycopsThe women still have not had any explanation as to why they in particular were targeted.Seven women psychologically and sexually abused by undercover policemen who infiltrated UK protest groups have lodged a complaint to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women
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A Chinese prisoner being led to his execution breaks down and cries as his toddler daughter says 'Bye bye Dad', not knowing he is about to die. The footage was taken before the 30-year-old was about to receive a lethal injection. He was given the capital punishment after causing the deaths of
Saudi Arabia has executed 137 people this year – 11 in just the last two weeks. Our team has analysed the numbers and uncovered some worrying trends.Here’s what we’ve learned:1. This could be another record-breaking year for executionsAt the current rate, Saudi Arabia is on course to exceed the
Iran Human Rights (Dec 18 2017): Iran Human Rights (IHR) condemns the pubic broadcast of Ahmad Reza Djalali’s confessions on TV. The confessions were obviously obtained after mentally pressuring him and keeping him in solitary confinement for a long time.A few days ago, Iranian state-run media
TOKYO - Japan hanged two death-row inmates Tuesday morning, including a 44-year-old man who killed four people when he was a minor, the Justice Ministry said.Teruhiko Seki became the second inmate to be hanged for a crime committed as a minor in the first such execution in 20 years, after Norio
Young Women's Trust, young parents, Christmas, debt, Worrying Times, reportIn some cases, low pay means an hour’s childcare costs more than an hour’s wages.New figures show that a third of young parents expect to get into debt this Christmas, as food costs rise and wages stagnate.Office for National Statistics inflation data released on 12 December 2017 showed
11 executions in four daysLast week coinciding with International Human Rights day, the cycle of lashings, torture and executions continued in Iran under the religious fascism, taking more victims.From December 11 to 14, Iran witnessed 11 executions in the cities of Sari, Kermanshah, Ardebil
Criminal justice, education, environment, medicine—nothing was spared from the war on science.On a rainy day in April, 100,000 demonstrators—led by some of the nation’s most prominent scientists—converged on the National Mall for the first ever March for Science. It was Earth Day, and many of
Iran human rights (Dec 22 2017): Four prisoners who were transferred to solitary confinement from ward 5 of Rajai Shahr Prison were executed in an unknown site on Moharebeh charges.According to a close source, on Saturday December 16, four prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement from
Judge accepts Maria Elvira Pinto Exposto had no knowledge of drugs in her bag in verdict on charge that carries a mandatory death sentenceAn Australian woman has been found not guilty of drug trafficking in Malaysia, a charge that carries a mandatory death sentence.On Wednesday afternoon a
5 News, EITF, survey results, sexual harassment, bullying, shockingOf the 16 per cent who reported it, 81 per cent said it was not dealt with appropriately/to their satisfaction.Edinburgh International Television Festival (EITF) and 5 News conducted an anonymous, industry-wide survey recently to better understand how prevalent bullying and harassment is within
Iran Human rights (Dec 20 2017): At least eight prisoners were executed at Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj mostly on murder charges.According to a close source, on the morning of Wednesday December 20, at least eight prisoners were executed at Rajai Shahr Central Prison. The prisoners, mostly charged
When he was growing up, Bernard Harcourt often heard stories about the man who had saved his father’s life, in 1940, after Germany invaded France. At the time, his father, who was Jewish and born in Paris, was twelve years old. Harcourt’s father, aunt, and grandmother fled in a boat to Portugal
The first time in 20 years that Richard Greenway was let out of his prison cell without shackles, he didn’t know what to do with his hands. Greenway, 49, has been on Arizona’s death row since 1989. He was sentenced to death for the 1988 murders of a woman and her daughter during a burglary in
suffrage centenary, sadiq khan, campaign, London, statue, artworks, A time to take stock of the huge inequalities women still face, and, more importantly, to take action.Ahead of the centenary of the first women in the UK securing the right to vote, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has unveiled a major campaign to celebrate the role London played in the women’s
Bali: Australian accountant Isaac Emmanuel Roberts has been arrested after he was allegedly caught with drugs at Bali's international airport.Customs authorities said the 35-year-old from Queensland was arrested after arriving from Bangkok with 19 grams of shabu, a slang term for the drug
sexual harassment at work, survey, equality and human rights commissionEmployers are responsible for ensuring that employees do not face harassment in their workplace.Sexual harassment in the workplace is still widespread.The Trades Union Congress (TUC) research in 2016, for example, found that 52 per cent of women had experienced sexual harassment at
A court in China sentenced 10 people to death in front of thousands of onlookers, including schoolchildren, before they were then taken away to be immediately executed.The group were brought before a crowd at a sports stadium in the city of Lufeng, southern Guangdong, on Saturday (16 December)