Matt Powell, a young, Christian preacher, argues the government should obey the Bible and start executing gays. Powell recently appeared on the Skylar Fiction Show to explain his conservative Christian views. Once the program begins Powell immediately suggests that gays should be executed by the government just as the Bible dictates, declaring: … as far as Leggi Tutto
A woman who is suspected of murdering her husband might be sentenced to death based on Qassameh because there is no concrete evidence proving her guilt. Qassameh is one of the most vulnerable ways to prove a crime (murder or physical injuries) in the Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) and criminal
President Ram Nath Kovind* rejected the first ever mercy plea placed before him from murder convict Jagat Rai, who along with two others, was convicted for the murder of a man, his wife, and their five minor children by burning them alive while they were sleeping in their house.As is the norm for
India’s criminal justice system needs to look at victim impact statements in the US to help victims achieve closure.Perhaps you have figured out by now that little girls don’t stay little forever. They grow into strong women that return to destroy your world,” said a woman to celebrity gymnastics
Chiu made the statement when he was asked by reporters whether more severe judicial punishment should be imposed in the face of rampant crimes in the societyIn the wake of recent separate cases of abhorrent murders and dismemberment of the victims' bodies in Taiwan and calls from the society for
They will return home next week - three years ahead of their actual release dateTen Indians, whose death sentence was commuted in 2017, will now return home next week - three years ahead of their actual release date - thanks to a Ramadan pardon they have received. The convicts were on death row
IRAN HUMAN RIGHTS (MAY 28, 2018): On Monday, May 10, 2018, Iran Human Rights (IHR) reported the execution of Kiomars Nasouhi, a prisoner sentenced to death for drug offenses. This execution is the first drug-related execution registered by IHR since the latest amendment to the Anti-Narcotics Law
On April 21, 2018, the Indian government passed an ordinance allowing death penalty for the rape of children younger than 12 years. But is capital punishment an effective deterrent?Human rights bodies and the United Nations have argued that the death sentence is inhuman and cruel and should be
Naveen Gadke was arrested on April 20 and charged with the rape and murder of a baby girl in central India.Three weeks later a court sentenced the 26-year-old odd-job man to death in the fastest such trial known to have happened in modern India, a nation where public outrage is running high
Applications to stay the sentence of inmates currently on death row should be allowed, says DAP's Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh.In a statement issued on Thursday (May 24), the lawyer said the sentences of inmates on death row should be reviewed in light of the possible abolition of the death
Attorney General Doug Peterson wants the Nebraska Supreme Court to speed up its consideration of an execution warrant for condemned prisoner Carey Dean Moore, and to set the execution date for July 10.Peterson filed a motion with the court Friday to speed up the warrant, saying that if July 10
News that a Sydney grandmother was sentenced to death for smuggling drugs into Malaysia sparked shock, alarm and condemnation across the globe.However anti-death penalty advocates hope a final appeal and a relaxation of the country's strict anti-drug laws will save Maria Elvira Pinto Exposto from
Pakistani national on death row in Indonesia Zulfiqar Ali, who was said to have been 'wrongly convicted' in a drugs case, passed away on Thursday.Earlier during the day, Ali was shifted to an Intensive Care Unit and requests were being made to shift him to Pakistan.A Pakistani rights group, the
Somali military court on Wednesday sentenced three al-Shabab militants to death after they were found guilty of being behind the hotel bombing in October last year, officials said.Chairperson of the Military Court, Hassan Ali Nur Shute, said the militants admitted to charges of carrying out
A disturbing video showing Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz revealing his plans for the mass murder has been released by prosecutors. The teenage gunman filmed himself on his mobile phone smiling as he spoke about plans for a massacre, including making gun noises and saying: ‘You’re all going
Prosecutors at the South Jakarta District Court have refuted Aman Abdurahman's defense plea and insisted that judges hand down the death sentence on the radical cleric for his alleged role in several terror attacks."We beg your honor [judges] to reject all pleas presented by Aman Abdurahman and
Northern Ireland, Mother and Baby Homes, forced adoption, trafficking, passports, inquiry“My baby was taken from me as soon as he was born. He was adopted against my knowledge or agreement.”Amnesty International is among those calling for an independent investigation into potential criminal activity at Mother and Baby Homes in Northern Ireland following a BBC investigation which
Shanghai had been a disappointment.The 54-year-old Australian grandmother had traveled to China in 2014 in hopes of meeting her boyfriend, a man she had met online years before who claimed to be Capt. Daniel Smith, a U.S. service member. She had fallen deeply in love with him, she said, and flew
Accomplices provided bomber with explosive belts, led him to mosqueSaudi Arabia's public prosecutor demanded the death penalty for 2 terrorists who plotted to blow up a mosque in Qatif in the Eastern Province.The pair, a Saudi and a Yemeni, had been instructed by the Daesh terror group to cause
LAHORE: Pakistan has the largest death row population in the world as the number has swelled up to 8,000, a local media outlet reported on Sunday.Many of those on death rows have been in jails for decades and over the past five-years, no clear policy over the matter has been adopted by the
THE ADVOCATE - While responding to a theft complaint at a grocery store last year, Lafayette Police discovered the suspect, 28-year-old Ian Howard, running frantically outside the store, reversing directions and stopping to stare at people.Howard told officers the FBI wanted to kill him, and that
Botswana continued executions this year, with the hanging of another death row inmate in 2018. State media reported that Uyapo Poloko was hanged on Friday.Poloko was convicted of killing Indian businessman Vijeyadeyi Kandavaranam on January 25, 2010 in Francistown in northern Botswana.Justice
Hestia, domestic abuse, sexual violence, survey, UK SAYS NO MORE, campaign, #WhatICanDo1 in 5 people didn’t do anything at all, half gave advice, 1 in 4 let the victim stay in their home.UK SAYS NO MORE is a national campaign launched by London charity Hestia in 2016 to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault across the UK.UK SAYS NO MORE seeks to unite – and
As Malaysia takes the progressive approach of reviewing the suitability of some of its laws, Singapore holds on tight to its old ways despite many voicing that these laws are too oppressive or redundant in the face of other existing legislation.One of these laws facing the axe across the causeway
The European Union and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has strongly condemned the reported secret executions of two Belarusians whose appeals had been rejected by the country's Supreme Court."Two new executions in Belarus, of Viktar Liotau and Alyaksey Mikhalenia, have
A law slipped into the 2017 budget bill during the General Assembly's final hours declared that information about drugs that the state would use to execute someone was confidential. The last-minute law was written into the bill even though a judge had ruled months earlier that the very same
Women's Aid, Queen Mary University of London, report, family courts, domestic abuse, “The findings of this research are deeply concerning and require urgent attention from both the judiciary and the legal profession.”Women’s Aid and Queen Mary University of London have released a new report on domestic abuse, human rights and child contact cases in the family courts.The
The angry emails, phone calls and letters began shortly after she first stood in court to represent the man accused of kidnapping, raping and murdering Reagan Tokes."The thing I heard most was, 'How do you sleep at night?'" Diane Menashe said. "I get that a lot."After 20 years as a criminal
4,000 inmates await execution in PunjabThe fate of thousands of death-row prisoners hangs in the balance as the federal government failed to come up with a clear-cut policy to deal with convicts over the last 5 years.The general elections 2018 are due in July with Pakistan having largest
Death penalty advocates in the House of Representatives are upbeat over Senate President Vicente Sotto III’s pronouncement of allowing the passage of the restoration of the capital punishment only for drug cases.Led by Surigao del Norte Rep. Robert Ace Barbers, chairman of the House Committee on
Two years ago Sunday, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump derided US District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, hearing a lawsuit against Trump University, for his "Mexican" heritage and complained of being "railroaded" by the legal system.It was shocking, Democrats and Republicans alike condemned
Bhagwani says he was rendered ineffective legal assistance in lower courtsThe Supreme Court has stayed the execution of the death sentence of a child rapist and murderer after he pleaded in appeal that he was rendered ineffective legal assistance in the lower courts.A vacation Bench of Justices
On December 13, 2000, seven desperate inmates pulled off the biggest prison break-out in Texas history.They busted into the prison armory, stole weapons and stormed out of the Connally Unit in a prison truck. After orchestrating two robberies in Houston, they headed up to the Dallas area.There
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A condemned killer is asking the Ohio Parole Board for mercy, saying he experienced a “homosexual panic” of self-revulsion before killing a man he picked up at a bar more than 30 years ago.Death row inmate Robert Van Hook was sentenced to die for fatally strangling and