Lawyers for Ramos had argued that he wasn’t aware of his rights under an international treaty, and therefore didn't receive proper legal counsel during his trial and sentencing. Texas executed Robert Moreno Ramos by lethal injection on Wednesday evening, amid his lawyers’ continued pleas up until the final hour that the case be re-examined for legal violations from 25 Leggi Tutto
Lawyers for convicted killer Robert Moreno Ramos have argued that he wasn’t aware of his rights under an international treaty, and therefore didn't receive proper legal counsel during his trial and sentencing.Texas plans to carry out the execution of Robert Moreno Ramos by lethal injection on
Iran Human Rights (IHR); November 12, 2018: An Iraqi citizen was hanged at Zanjan Central Prison on a murder charge.According to the IHR sources, Soran Rashid Zahedi (Nickname: Soran Holiri), 33, was executed on the morning of November 6, 2018.The Iraqi national was a resident of Iran for almost
Fawcett Society, report, women candidates, women MPs, selection committees, ambition, money, Westminster culture, sexismStories of discrimination within political parties completely unacceptable.In the month of the 100-year anniversary of women winning the right to stand as MPs, a study published by the Fawcett Society found that women still face obstacles at every stage on the way to Parliament, particularly
Law Minister Datuk Liew Vui Keong announced the Cabinet's decision in Parliament earlier today, 13 November."Following the cabinet's decision, a cabinet memorandum has been circulated to the relevant ministries for their comments and to get public feedback on it," Liew was quoted as saying by
Senior police inspector Ramesh Mahale recounts how Kasab never gave straight answers to their questionsThe last words Lashkar-e-Taiba operative Ajmal Amir Kasab said to senior police inspector Ramesh Mahale were, “Aap jeet gaye, main har gaya [you won, I lost].” The admission came in November
This is part 4 in a series attempting to debunk the arguments for the death penalty. Read the previous part here. Read the other parts here.In January 2014, in Ohio, Dennis McGuire gasped, his stomach heaved violently and his fists clenched through 25 minutes of a botched execution. Horrified, an
MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Alabama has set an execution date for an inmate sentenced to death for the 1995 fatal stabbing of a 15-year-old girl.The Alabama Supreme Court set a Feb. 7 execution date for Dominique Ray.Tiffany Harville disappeared from her Selma home on July 15, 1995. Her decomposing body
Under the mullahs regime, Iran has the highest execution rate per capita in the world and this has been true for a long time. In fact, last year they came first in Amnesty International’s report on the death penalty in terms of the number of executions overall.But it doesn’t have to be this way
Riyadh's execution by beheading of Indonesian maid Tutu Tursilawati defied President Joko Widodo's repeated entreaties to King Salman bin Abdul Aziz for leniencyOnly weeks after the officially sanctioned murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia has ignored the entreaties of the world’s
Four Tennessee death row inmates are opting for a firing squad rather than lethal injection or the electric chair, The Tennessean reported, citing their lawyers.The lawsuit followed the Nov. 1 execution of 63-year-old Edmund Zagorski by electric chair. Zagorski was sentenced to death in 1984 for
WELD COUNTY, Colo. -- A plea deal will spare the life of Chris Watts but the Weld County district attorney took jabs at the governor as he explained the decision Tuesday.Watts pleaded guilty Tuesday to killing his pregnant wife, Shanann, and their two daughters this past August. Members of
The decision to abolish the death penalty is a collective one by the Cabinet, said Datuk Liew Vui Keong.The Minister in the Prime Minister's Department said all the ministers would have to accept the decision."It is collective responsibility where all the Ministers would have to accept the
Iran has executed the 22 people it arrested in late September for alleged involvement in a deadly shooting at a military parade in the southern city of Ahvaz, multiple sources told 2 rights groups on Sunday."It seems that authorities executed all of them on Thursday," one of the sources told Iran
While Pakistan’s blasphemy law has long been a flashpoint, the leader’s capitulation to violent extremists is deadly seriousOn 31 October, Pakistan’s supreme court acquitted Asia Bibi, a 54-year-old Christian woman who had been sentenced to death for blasphemy. Bibi, a farm labourer and mother of
The father of Bali Nine drug smuggler Renae Lawrence hopes she’ll be left alone to rebuild her life when she returns home next week after 12 years in Indonesian jails.Lawrence’s father says he’s known for some time that his daughter would be released later this month, after a series of reductions
SEOUL, Nov. 12 (Yonhap) -- Rival parties agreed Monday to expedite the passage of a bill aimed at toughening punishment on drunk drivers during the ongoing parliamentary regular session.In October, more than 100 lawmakers co-authored a revised bill on drunk driving. It is called the Yoon Chang-ho
Death penalty has no place in human rights reformThe death penalty remains a controversial debate around the world because of the moral complexities and emotions surrounding it.We, too, received brickbats and cheers when Malaysia’s cabinet agreed to abolish capital punishment and halt all pending
Under Iranian law, boys can be considered legally responsible at the age of 15, and girls at only 9. Last Friday, the Iran Human Rights website published a report describing the latest death sentence handed down by the Iranian judiciary for a crime that was allegedly committed before the
November 7, 2018-Special courts set up by Iran's judiciary and approved by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in August 2018 to try individuals accused of economic corruption-and which have already sentenced five individuals to death-are gravely violating the right to due process and the right to a fair
petition, End Hunger UK, 10 Downing Street, fix Universal Credit, good food, prevent hunger, ‘Universal Credit payment levels fall far below the actual cost of a decent standard of living in the UK’.A national petition calling on the UK government to fix Universal Credit was presented at 10 Downing Street earlier this week.The petition, organised by the End Hunger UK campaign, has
Nadav Argaman says legislation being pushed by defense minister to allow execution of Palestinian attackers is ‘not helpful’Shin Bet security service chief Nadav Argaman said on Tuesday that he was “unequivocally” against a controversial bill that aims to make it easier for Israel to sentence
A Pakistani Christian woman has been freed from prison a week after the Supreme Court overturned her conviction and death sentence for blasphemy against Islam, and she is at a secure location for fear of attacks on her, officials said on Thursday.The release of Asia Bibi, a mother of five
Iran Human Rights (Nov 14, 2018): Two Prisoners were hanged on economic corruption charges in Tehran this morning. They had been sentenced to death by the newly established Special Court on the Economic Corruption. Iran Human Rights (IHR) strongly condemns today's executions for the charges of
Insuring Women's Futures, #MomentsthatMatter, CII, women’s pensions, women's financial resilience‘There is much to be done to improve women’s pensions and financial resilience generally’.Insuring Women’s Futures is an initiative established by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) as part of the its ‘Insuring Futures’ programme, bringing together the insurance and personal finance
Private James Smith had already served four years in the army by 1914. After enduring Gallipoli and the Somme, he was sent to Passchendaele where his refusal to fight earned him the death penalty. Men from his own battalion were ordered to shoot him but deliberately missed, apart from one who
Leeds City Council, debate, Save Our Eyes, prostituted women, primary school children, pimps, drug dealers, Managed Approach to Prostitution, Holbeck and Beeston Hill residents “A ‘dirty man’ asked me for sex at a bus stop. I’m 13.” According to Leeds City Council’s own figures, over 9000 used, discarded condoms have been collected from the streets and parks of Holbeck and Beeston Hill so far in 2018. Leggi tutto
Click here to Google translate this article into your own language.Les proches de Serge Atlaoui, le Messin qui est dans le couloir de la mort en Indonésie depuis 2007 pour trafic de drogue, sont sans nouvelles de lui depuis trois semaines.Leur dernier contact téléphonique, c’était le 17 octobre
The Oct. 29 execution of Indonesian migrant worker Tuty Tursilawati by Saudi Arabian authorities, which was carried out without any prior notice to the Indonesian government and her family, added another red mark to the Middle Eastern kingdom’s long list of human rights violations as well as
A prisoner was hanged on Saturday, November 3, at Ardakan Prison of Yazd, central Iran.Samei Mohtarami, 45, was taken to solitary confinement on November 1. He was found guilty of murder.He was granted a chance to obtain the required diyeh (financial compensation, "blood money") for the victim’s
Jordan has vowed to retaliate to the brutal murder of a pilot by Islamic State group by executing prisoners with ties to the extremist group held in its jails.The Jordanian military has threatened “punishment and revenge” will follow the brutal killing of its pilot, Muath al-Kaseasbeh, who was
Professor Philip Alston, official visit, extreme poverty, human rights, prostitution, NordicModelNow!, government policy‘Prostitution should never be considered an acceptable solution to women’s poverty’.The United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Professor Philip Alston, is undertaking an official visit to the UK from 6 to 16 November 2018.He is investigating the interlinkages
A referendum would have to be put to Barbadians before any decision could be taken to abolish the death penalty.So said Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Jerome Walcott, who made it clear today that a bill before the Senate was intended to abolish the mandatory death penalty
Balinese royalty Lindy Klim throws her support behind the Bali Nine drug traffickers serving life without parole... as Renae Lawrence prepares to return home after 13 yearsA member of the Balinese royal family has expressed sympathy for the forgotten Bali Nine drug traffickers serving life