The death penalty review panel at the Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office unanimously agreed Wednesday to seek capital punishment in a recent homicide case. Chief Assistant State Attorney Deborah Barra made the announcement Thursday at a luncheon hosted by the Orange County Bar Association. She did not name the defendant, but said the assistant state attorney assigned to that case Leggi Tutto
Only about 2,800 U.S. prisoners are on death row today, and only 31 were sentenced to death last year — which is remarkable. In the 1990s, death rows reached over 3,500 prisoners; several hundred were sentenced to death each year. This is a cause for celebration. But we should think carefully
Iran Human Rights (Oct 25 2017):  The bill that restricts the execution of those sentenced to death for petty drug offenses, which was approved last Wednesday, is a potentially a significant in decreasing the number of executions in Iran. However, it still doesn’t fully conform to what human
Prisoners on Louisiana's death row are now allowed to socialize face-to-face for the first time in decades -- some state corrections officials think it might be the first time ever. Plus, the amount of time they spend outside of their cell without restraints has been quadrupled through a pilot
Iran has sentenced to death a person found guilty of providing information to Israel to help it assassinate several senior nuclear scientists, Tehran's prosecutor said on Tuesday.At least 4 scientists were killed between 2010 and 2012 in what Tehran said was a programme of assassinations aimed at
Texas next month is poised to execute a Mexican national accused of rape and murder in a case that could further inflame border tensions over apparent violations of the Vienna Convention and international law.The Mexican government is now funding legal efforts by Ruben Ramirez Cardenas  to halt
open letter, openness, Undercover Police Inquiry, Sir John Mitting, human rightsVictims of undercover policing call on public inquiry to come clean.Over 100 people affected by political policing, frustrated by the Undercover Policing Inquiry’s lack of openness, are now demanding answers and action.Their concern about the direction and state of the Inquiry centres on the
A Maryland congressman will submit a bill to revive the death penalty in the state, local media is reporting. State Sen. Bob Cassilly, a Republican, will introduce a bill that would reintroduce the death penalty as a punishment for people convicted of certain crimes. Cassilly's bill would permit
Nazi Germany perverted every democratic institution that was supposed to uphold the rule of law and ensure the people of Europe’s most powerful nation were governed fairly. And in relation to the law, Roland Freisler played a huge part in this warped ideology.Freisler displayed a strong patriotic
2 high-profile death penalty cases in western South Dakota have led to large increases in funding for a county courthouse and public defender's office.Defending 2 men facing the possibility of the death penalty in a murder case will cost a western South Dakota county's budget as much as $1
After a bizarre death row confession plot between 2 prisoners slated for execution, the correctional officers' union is calling for more staffing they say could have prevented the scheme that ultimately derailed the state's effort to put to death a Houston-area serial killer."This was definitely
The Supreme Court will hear a case about ineffective lawyers when it next meets for oral arguments at the end of the month, but the case also is wrapped up in the hot-button issues of the death penalty and illegal immigration.Ayestas v. Davis has not received much attention from court-watchers
EIGE, report, Gender Equality Index 2017, EWL, EU women, And it is high time the EU – including the UK – acted decisively to accelerate the pace of change.The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) launched the 2017 edition of its Gender Equality Index (GEI) earlier this month.This valuable statistical instrument measures progress on gender
California's Supreme Court won't reconsider its decision upholding a voter-approved measure meant to speed up executions in the state.SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California's Supreme Court won't reconsider its decision upholding a voter-approved measure meant to speed up executions in the state.The
A bill that would abolish the death penalty in Ohio and replace it with a life sentence without parole was officially introduced Wednesday.Capital punishment is legal in 31 states.A Pew Research Center poll released in September 2016 showed that nationwide support for the death penalty is at its
A Sharjah (UAE) court has commuted the death sentence of 5 Indians, including 4 Punjabis, to 3-year imprisonment in a murder case.In a video message sent from Dubai, SP Singh Oberoi, managing trustee of Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust, said all of them would be released soon as they had already
By training, retired Air Force colonel Jeff Dunn is not an actor, an anesthesiologist, nor as pointed out when he was tapped by disgraced former Governor Robert Bentley to lead Alabama’s Department of Corrections, a prison commissioner. Nevertheless, after each execution gone palpably awry on
Prosecutors here asked for the death penalty for what they termed as a "merciless beast" suspected in the rape and murder of a Pakistani boy in June.Public prosecutors presented evidence in court, during which the victim's father broke into tears - and prosecutors argued for the maximum
Sounds Like Her, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, seven women artists, diverse cultures, exploring soundSeven women artists exploring sound.‘Sounds Like Her’, at Nottingham’s New Art Exchange, is set to broaden existing approaches to sound art, and to contest Eurocentric and patriarchal frameworks that have informed sound art practice and, arguably continue to dominate the scene today.The
While not revisiting the subject of the constitutional validity of the death penalty, the Supreme Court recently took up the matter of the mode of execution of those on the death row and issued a notice to the Centre, with the observation whether the State could think of an alternative mode to
A new study of capital punishment in Pennsylvania says death sentences are more common when the victim is white, and less frequent when the victim is black.A new study of capital punishment in Pennsylvania found that death sentences are more common when the victim is white and less frequent when
Ahmadreza Djalali, a researcher at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute, has been sentenced to death in Iran, according to reports.Researcher Ahmadreza Djalali has been detained since April 2016. He was arrested in Tehran for espionage and 'enmity with God' – a crime which in Iran can result in the
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has offered to shoot criminals himself, while warning he may bring police back to the frontlines of his deadly war on drugs.Duterte made the comments late Friday following his announcement on October 11 to withdraw the police from his anti-drug war after they
Republican lawmakers are increasingly trying to repeal the death penalty in GOP-held states amid concerns over botched procedures and the high costs associated with long appeals and wrongful convictions, a new report shows.In the last five years, there has been a significant increase in the
CARSON CITY — The Nevada Supreme Court has reversed the conviction and sentence of death row inmate Julius Bradford.Bradford’s attorney, Lisa Rasmussen, argued before the court in September that errors in the jury selection process warranted reversal of his conviction and sentence.The court
SDG 5, ONS, Women and Equalities Committee, 14 Recommendations, UK government responseNo dedicated strategy for implementing UK’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals so far.The current Women and Equalities Committee recently published the responses from the government and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to the report made by the pre-election Women and
India's largest private body of doctors has taken the stand that physicians should not be asked to participate in executions, iterating a resolution passed by a global confederation of medical associations 5 years ago.The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has asked the country's medical regulators
LabourList, Lobbying, Institute for Free trade, launch, questions‘The UK needs to open up the activities of lobbyists to public scrutiny as a matter of urgency.’By Tamasin Cave.Last month saw the creation of a new think tank, the Institute for Free Trade.Speaking at the launch, Liam Fox stated its purpose: to persuade the masses to get behind free market
The forces fighting the remnants of the Islamic State group in Syria have tacit instructions on dealing with the foreigners who joined the extremist group by the thousands: Kill them on the battlefield.As they made their last stand in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa, an estimated 300 extremists
women and equalities committee, child on child abuse, rape, schools, government inactionWhy is the government not acting with more urgency?Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee questioned Equalities Ministers Nick Gibb MP and Anne Milton MP earlier this month about what is being done to ensure girls are protected from abuse in schools and able to access their right to
The judiciaries in many countries also discourage death penalty, but Bangladesh has not been able to come to that position yet, says the High CourtThe High Court has said that Bangladesh is still not in the position to abolish the death penalty but it may consider introducing a guideline on what
The Egyptian authorities have released an Irish citizen who was arrested at a protest at the age of 17, and who had been facing a death sentence.Ibrahim Halawa from Dublin, was 17 when he was arrested with hundreds of other people in 2013, as part of a crackdown on protests in Egypt. He was held
"What remains of capital punishment these days is largely decades-old death sentences being carried out."WASHINGTON — The nation's rapidly declining rate of executions has leveled off, but opponents of capital punishment say the death penalty remains on borrowed time.The execution Thursday of
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A group advocating for the end of Utah's death penalty intends to make another push to abolish the practice next year following the failure of a similar effort in 2016.Utah Justice Coalition, a criminal justice reform group, plans to push lawmakers to act during the 2018