UNFPA, family planning, contraception, education, campaign, No woman should die while giving life. Earlier this year, World Population Day celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Teheran Proclamation, which affirmed the right to family planning, and the basic right of parents “to determine freely and responsibly the number and the spacing of their children”. And this year, the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA is calling attention to people who are unable to realise this right. Leggi tutto
Japan does not plan to review its death penalty anytime soon, Justice Minister Yoko Kamikawa said Friday, despite her orders this month to execute all 13 AUM Shinrikyo cult members on death row sparking international criticism."I think capital punishment is unavoidable for those who committed
Medical experts say excruciating pain is certain for the condemned inmate under Tennessee's lethal injection protocol"There's no debate about midazolam at all."That was Dr. David Lubarsky's testimony in Davidson County Chancery Court last week during the trial over Tennessee's lethal injection
Recently, a large volume of writing has taken place discussing the merits and demerits of executing the death penalty imposed upon prisoners languishing in the country's jails for committing a variety of capital offences. When I read those comments my mind immediately went back to the note of
restraint-related deaths, high figures, mainly women and girls, Agenda, campaign, Seni's Law, “It is a national scandal that so many women are dying in our hospitals after being subjected to restraint.”Thirty-two women have died over a five-year period after experiencing restraint, according to new figures obtained by Agenda, an alliance of more than 70 organisations who have come
The Government today dismissed a warning by the European Union (EU) on implementing the death penalty.Cabinet spokesman Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said the Government was not concerned over the possibility of losing the EU GSP Plus trade facility as a result of a decision to implement the death
All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hate Crime, appg, inquiry, hate crime, deadline extended, Please consider submitting a sentence or two, a paragraph or two or an essay.The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hate Crime launched an inquiry entitled ‘How do we build community cohesion when hate crime is on the rise?’ in March this year.The inquiry aims to gather evidence of how hate
Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman on Wednesday urged fellow ministers to approve a bill calling for the death penalty for convicted Palestinian killers of Israeli civilians and soldiers, saying there is no reason for Israel to be more enlightened than the US in the war on terror.Ministers were
Airport personnel in Semarang, Central Java, thwarted on Tuesday an alleged drug smuggling attempt by a Thai national, according to the provincial branch of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN).Wilaiwan Boonyiam, 22, who hails from Nakhon Pathom province in Thailand, was caught by customs
Louisiana hasn't held an execution since 2010, despite having 72 people sitting on death row -- and it won't be resuming executions anytime soon. At the request of state authorities, U.S. District Judge Shelly Dick agreed this week to a 12-month extension of an order temporarily delaying all
Eight of the 97 Papua New Guinean villagers convicted of killing seven people in a sorcery-related attack four years ago in Madang have been given the death penalty.The National Court judge Justice David Cannings imposed life sentences on the remaining 88 after one of the accused died last month
The Sharjah Police had arrested Sandeep for murdering his compatriot, Mandeep Singh, on November 11, 2007.An Indian man, who was on death row for murdering a compatriot over bootlegging will travel back to his home country a free man, later today. Thanks to the efforts of a Dubai-based
Tennessee can use controversial drugs to execute inmates on death row despite concerns from defense attorneys and experts that doing so is "akin to burning someone alive," a Nashville judge ruled Thursday.The ruling is a blow to 33 death row inmates who had challenged the state's lethal injection
An appeals court asked a trial court to determine whether an inmate sentenced to die for a CO's death really is volunteering for executionThe Texas Court of Criminal Appeals asked a trial court Wednesday to determine whether a 51-year-old prisoner sentenced to die for a corrections officer's
Former brigadier-general Lior Akerman said that while the death penalty may serve a desire for vengeance, it will not deter attacks and will give the terrorists "international legitimization."The security cabinet on Wednesday failed to reach a decision on whether to advance a bill calling for
Women and Equalities Committee, report, end sexual harassment at work, five-point action plan‘Government, regulators and employers have been dodging their responsibilities for far too long.’The government, regulators and employers are failing in their responsibilities to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace, the Women and Equalities Committee have said in a report they released
Japan has executed the remaining members of a cult behind the deadly 1995 Sarin attack on the Tokyo subway.The six men were the last members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult on death row, and were executed on Thursday, the justice ministry said.Seven others responsible for the attack, including leader
A California man imprisoned for a two-month crime spree he says he didn’t commit has served 40 years behind bars, even though the prosecution has evidence that he says supports his innocence.Kenneth Moore was 20 years old in 1980, when he was convicted of more than 50 felonies, including the
Frantzy Jean-Marie, a suspected gang member convicted last month of killing a confidential informant and his girlfriend 15 years ago, had his life spared Tuesday, but will spend the rest of it prison.The same jury that convicted Jean-Marie, 35, of two counts of first-degree murder, four counts of
A death row inmate in Dizelabad Prison of Kermanshah was executed on Wednesday, July 18, 2018, while he was given just a few hours notice before he is hanged, and relatives are not notified until the prisoner is already dead.Identified as Saleh Khanizadeh, 65, who spend 10 years on death row, was
K Jithakumar and SV Sreekumar, both civil police officers, have received the highest punishment of the land. A fine of Rs 2 lakh each have been imposed on the duo.A special CBI court in Thiruvananthapuram Wednesday awarded the death penalty to two officers of the Kerala Police for the custodial
TellMAMA, 2017 report,anti-Muslim incidents, twitter bots, fake news, female victims, male on female abuse, anti-Muslim hatred and bigotryAnd anti-Muslim hate at street level ‘male on female abuse and anti-Muslim hatred and bigotry’.For many years now the Muslim communities in the UK have suffered anti-Muslim incidents. A project called Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (MAMA) now allows people from across England to report any form
A Frenchman detained for 18 years after trying to smuggle drugs into Bali arrived in Geneva on Sunday and was on his way home after being deported in a case that sparked outrage in France over Indonesia’s tough narcotics laws.Police arrested Michael Blanc on the day after Christmas in 1999 at the
Temporary concession comes after mother’s legal challenge seeking to quash Sajid Javid’s decisionThe Home Office has bowed to pressure over two British-raised jihadis facing the possibility of execution in the US by temporarily suspending cooperation with the American authorities over the case
An Iraqi Criminal Court on Wednesday sentenced to death by hanging a member of the Islamic State (IS) who admitted to having taken part in the murder of Yezidis (Ezidis) in the Nineveh Province."The convicted man had confessed to the killing of many civilian men and women in the Sinjar (Shingal)
Thursday’s executions of six Aum Shinrikyo cultists — the second set of hangings this month following the executions of seven on July 6 — have reignited debate over the nation’s death penalty system, marked by its opacity and the absence of prior notice to the public, while some continue to back
BAGHDAD, July 25 (Xinhua) -- Iraqi security forces captured Wednesday a local leader of extremist Islamic State (IS) group in Iraq's eastern province of Diyala, while an Iraqi court sentenced a prominent IS leader to death penalty.Maj. Gen. Faisal al-Abadi, chief of Diyala's provincial police
Equality and Human Rights Commission, report, CEDAW, women's rights, ending violence against women adn girlsWomen and girls should be able enjoy their basic right to feel safe in their everyday lives.Women are still being “failed” in many areas of life, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has warned in its largest ever review of women’s rights.In its new report, Pressing for progress
In their ongoing bickering over the death penalty, Louisiana's Republican attorney general Tuesday asked the Democratic governor to support bringing back hanging, firing squads and the electric chair.After the back and forth over capital punishment last week between the 2 possible rivals in next
A 21-year-old man named Martinus Gulo was sentenced to four years in prison by the Medan District Court yesterday after being found guilty of blasphemy.Martinus was arrested in Medan in March after he wrote a post likening the Islamic Prophet Muhammad to an animal on Facebook. His arrest came
Iran Human Rights (Jul 24, 2018): A prisoner was executed at Rasht Central Prison on murder charges.According to a close source, on the morning of Saturday, July 21, a prisoner was executed at Rasht Central Prison.The prisoner, sentenced to death on murder charges, was identified as Seyyed
The Madras High Court observed that the police had failed to prove charges against Manikandan, the accused.The Madras High Court on Tuesday quashed the death penalty awarded to a man by the Tiruvannamalai District Fast Track Mahila Court for the murder of a 4-year-old girl.While quashing the
Sajid Javid's decision to reverse decades of British government policy is wrongheaded and recklessNearly all western democracies, as well as dozens of other countries, have abandoned capital punishment. There is good reason for this: none of the arguments made in its favour stand up to scrutiny
India’s Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill 2018 is not consistent with international human rights standards. The Bill fails to identify and protect Indian migrant workers trafficked out of the country. It fails to incorporate the non-punishment principle and