Two Australian citizens in custody in Sydney are among 5 men facing the death penalty in Lebanon for their part in a planned airplane bombing last year. Senior Lebanon military court judge Alaa Khatib has recommended the 5 men face death by firing squad for their part in the alleged terror plot, The Australian reports. The Leggi Tutto
Hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets across the US to call for tighter gun control.The March For Our Lives movement was formed after a high-school shooting in Parkland, Florida last month.Student leader and Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez gave a powerful speech at the
TUC analysis, gender pay gap, official figures, women paid less, Women suffer a huge pay penalty over the course of their lives.A new analysis of official statistics published by the TUC this week shows that the gender pay gap is at its widest when a woman hits 50, when the average woman working full-time will earn £8,421 a year less than the average
Justices alternately upheld, halted and questioned executions on an array of grounds this weekWASHINGTON—The Supreme Court’s complicated, often unpredictable approach to the death penalty was evident this week when a three-day period produced decisions where different combinations of justices
Nearly 200 Indonesians are facing capital punishment abroad.Jakarta. The government sent a protest note to Saudi Arabia on Monday (19/03), after an Indonesian national was beheaded in Mecca. Saudi authorities did not inform Indonesia that its citizen would be executed.Zaini Misrin, a 53-year-old
A court in Japan has sentenced a former care worker to death for killing 3 elderly residents at a nursing home in Kawasaki, near Tokyo.Yokohama District Court on Thursday found 25-year-old Hayato Imai guilty of murdering the 3 victims by pushing them from the balconies of their rooms.Prosecutors
SPEAKING before the country’s parliament, Singapore’s minister for home affairs, K Shanmugam, extolled the country’s success in fighting drugs. He attributed these results to Singapore’s harsh drug laws, which include the use of capital punishment.It may seem surprising to the uninitiated that
Even after the parole board refused to consider a prosecutor's rare plea for clemency, the condemned man at the center of a controversial death row case may have another shot at life after a favorable finding in Kerr County court.Jeff Wood, a Kerrville man with a low IQ, was sent to death row
On Monday, the Associated Press reported upon the death sentence that had been handed down for a member of the Sufi religious minority who was responsible for the deaths of 3 policemen during a large protest demonstration last month. Mohammad Salas claimed he had not intended to ram into the
#AidToo, sexual exploitation, women working in the aid sector, open letter‘The twisted logic of blaming women and girls for the violence and abuse they experience has to end’. On 2 March, 2018, the letter below was circulated through private emails and messages to women working within the aid sector throughout the world.The letter was drafted by Sarah Martin
An Iranian court on Monday handed down death sentence for a rioter that had driven a bus into a group of police officers during a February mob attack in north Tehran.Mohammad Salas, driver of the bus that killed 3 police forces and wounded a number of others during the February 19 disturbance on
US President Donald Trump has called for drug traffickers to face the death penalty as part of his plan to combat the US painkiller-addiction epidemic.He outlined the proposal during a speech in New Hampshire, a state badly affected by the opioid crisis.Mr Trump said his administration was
The following piece was published in June 2015.Three states, three ways to kill a human being.The Supreme Court is expected to declare any day whether the injection of a drug called Midazolam violates the Eighth-Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment. Given the difficulty of
If you’re thirsting to understand our increasingly cold, jaundiced, at times carcinogenic society, James Baldwin’s singular insight about America and his dizzying, divine command of the English language are as refreshing as an icy elixir on the hottest day in hell. Moreover, for death penalty
Gov. Kay Ivey has signed into law a bill to allow Alabama to carry out executions by nitrogen hypoxia, an alternative to lethal injection.The governor signed the bill today, Ivey Press Secretary Daniel Sparkman said.Condemned inmates could choose to die by nitrogen hypoxia instead of lethal
The Indonesian Foreign Ministry's civil protection director, Lalu Muhammad Iqbal, revealed that there are at least 20 Indonesians that face the death penalty in Saudi Arabia for various allegations.Reports state that 15 of them are accused of murder charges while the other 5 are charged with
Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday issued new guidance to federal prosecutors on how to apply the death penalty to numerous drug-related crimes.Sessions advised federal prosecutors to utilize laws permitting capital punishment as a viable sentence, both in violent and non-violent
Responding to an Associated Press report that the Iraqi authorities have detained or imprisoned at least 19,000 people accused of links to the Islamic State armed group or other terror-related offences, sentencing more than 3,000 of them to death, Lynn Maalouf, Amnesty International’s Middle East
Since executions were put on hold by a federal judge in 2014, 5 Arizona death-row inmates have died of "natural causes." All of them were related to hepatitis C infections, according to attorneys and relatives of the dead prisoners.The medical director at the Arizona prison complex that until
The 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has reinstated the death sentence of Lisa Jo Chamberlin, Mississippi's only female death row inmate.The ruling Tuesday came almost three years after a federal court ruling granting her a new trial in a double homicide in Hattiesburg.The full 5th U.S. Circuit
DAs’ notes said jurors were ‘slow’ or ‘ignorant’ or ‘fat’In handwritten notes, Columbus prosecutors described prospective African-American jurors as “slow,” “ignorant,” “con artist” and “fat.” They also jotted a “B” or an “N” next to black people’s names on jury lists and routinely ranked them as
Four justices made clear their view that the death penalty — at least as it exists in Arizona — merits further review.The Supreme Court on Monday morning turned down a request to consider whether Arizona's death penalty law, or the death penalty more broadly, is unconstitutional — with four
Nordic Model Now!, Mayor of London, new, end violence against women, strategy, ignores men, ignores perpetratorsIf men did not buy sex, there would be no prostitution, child sexual exploitation or sex Nordic Model Now!The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, unveiled his new violence against women and girls (VAWG) strategy recently.While we welcome some of its provisions, we are dismayed by
Fellow militant says mastermind of attacks used cellphones smuggled in by his followersThe ongoing trial of a radical Indonesia ideologue has revealed a disturbing fact: the 2016 Jakarta attacks that killed four innocent by-standers was directed by a death row terrorist inmate whose verdict was
IICSA, inquiry report, child migrant programmes, sexual abuse, physical abuse, ‘The policy itself was indefensible’.The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has published its report into the Child Migration Programmes case study.Over a period of many years before and after the Second World War, successive United Kingdom governments allowed children to be
A 23-year-old suspected of planting the deadly bombs that terrorised Austin for three weeks was described yesterday by his uncle as a smart and kind “computer geek” and a friend said he was an assertive person who would end up being “kind of dominant and intimidating in conversation”.Neither had
ED Mnangagwa is commuting death sentences for some prisoners and releasing thousands of people from prison, including most women and everyone under age 18.President Emmerson Mnangagwa's announcement Wednesday is an effort to ease overcrowded prisons. "The exercise has not only gone a long way in
Siding with a Texas death row inmate Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered a lower court to take another look at Carlos Ayestas’ request for money to fully investigate his claims of schizophrenia, brain injuries and similar issues.Known as mitigating evidence, such information is supposed to
#see the elephant, London Festival of Architecture, campaign, women, discrimination, building companies, Presidents Club, scandalThe normalisation of objectification and exploitation of women still persists…The London Festival of Architecture has launched a major new campaign that tackles discriminatory behaviour in the built environment and encourages industry leaders to commit to positive change.The campaign calls on
William Montgomery, 52, is slated to die on Ohio’s lethal injection gurney on April 11 for the March 8, 1986, robbery-motivated killing of Debra Ogle. The families of murder victims deserve the truth about what happened to our loved ones. We want the offenders punished, but we certainly don't
The U.S. Supreme Court has granted a stay of execution for a Missouri inmate who argued that a medical condition could result in the process causing him undue suffering.Russell Bucklew was scheduled to die by injection Tuesday evening for killing a former girlfriend’s new boyfriend during a
Tuesday marked the 23rd anniversary of a deadly sarin attack on the Tokyo subway system, as speculation grows that members of the cult behind it could soon be executed.At Kasumigaseki Station, one of the targets of the attack, subway staff gathered at 8 a.m., around the same time the events
TOKYO (AP) — Thirteen Japanese cult members may be sent to the gallows any day now for a deadly 1995 gas attack on the Tokyo subway system and other crimes. But when is uncertain. Such is the secrecy that surrounds Japan’s death penalty system.Tuesday marked 23 years since members of the Aum
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court refused again Monday to decide whether the death penalty is unconstitutional.The action came in a case from Arizona in which lawyers asked the court to strike down both the state's capital punishment system and the nation's. The court's four liberal justices said