LONDON - Amnesty International accused the Japanese government of flouting international norms Thursday by executing death row inmates who were seeking retrials. The human rights organization noted that for the first time since 1999, Japan last year executed people who had their appeals for retrial pending before the courts. This was the case in three of the four executions Leggi Tutto
Global figuresAmnesty International recorded at least 993 executions in 23 countries in 2017, down by 4% from 2016 (1,032 executions) and 39% from 2015 (when the organization reported 1,634 executions, the highest number since 1989).Most executions took place in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq
BATON ROUGE — A House committee killed a bill to repeal the death penalty here Wednesday, likely ending efforts to abolish the ultimate punishment for another year despite a duplicate bill still alive in the Senate.Members of the House Criminal Justice Committee voted 10-8 to defer House Bill 162
(CNN) -- A hearing will be held Wednesday to determine whether Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz can afford to hire his own attorneys so taxpayers can stop paying for his defense.Cruz killed 17 students and faculty at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland on February 14 in one of the
kinship carers, survey, bedroom tax, benefit cap, two child limit,Many kinship carers are left in poverty, isolated and having to battle to just make ends meet.A new survey of over 500 kinship carers – grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members and friends who have taken on care of children who are not able to live with their parents – has revealed
SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico's Supreme Court is weighing whether the state's two remaining death row inmates still can be executed after the state's abolition of capital punishment.Oral arguments were scheduled for Tuesday in the appeal of death sentences against Robert Fry and Timothy Allen
A legal team has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to hear its claim that Louisiana prosecutors withheld evidence for a murder trial that ended in a guilty verdict against an intellectually disabled teenager accused of killing a pizza deliveryman.Corey Williams was 16 years old when police
More than $1 million in compensation was supposed to help two brothers rebuild their lives. Instead, the money made them a target.FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — The state of North Carolina paid $750,000 to Henry McCollum in 2015 to compensate him for the 30 years that he, an innocent man, spent on death
The clock may have run out on one avenue pursued by defense attorneys on behalf of inmates on Nebraska's death row.Death penalty opponents argue a 2016 U.S. Supreme Court decision in a Florida case - which said jurors must make every finding necessary in order for someone to be sentenced to death
He originally gave police dozens of different stories as to how the boy became injured including telling them it happened during a pillow fight. However he did at one point confess to slamming the toddler's head on the floor.A man in Oklahoma has been sentenced to death for beating his
Hundreds of people were executed in Iran last year, including some who were minors at the time of their alleged crimes, and the grizzly practice of public executions continues, according to a report from the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC).During the Persian calendar year between
#PayMeToo, gender pay gap reporting, action, female MPs, women at workYou can hold your employer to account for what they are doing.By midnight 4 April 2018 every company with more than 250 employees will have had to report the details of their gender pay gap statistics – the difference between what men and women earn throughout their organisation – and why – and
Mumsnet, campaign, better postal care, incontinence, painful sexWe need an honest conversation about what birth can mean for some mothers – and effective care.Figures released as part of Mumsnet’s Campaign for Better Postnatal Care have revealed how many mothers struggle with painful sex and problems with continence months or years after their babies were
On Feb. 23, for the 1st time since 2010, 3 Americans were scheduled for execution on the same day. Ultimately, 1 man received a last-minute death row commutation, and the botched, painful execution of another was halted and postponed. This drew the spectacle of the death penalty back into the
BATON ROUGE, La. (LSU Manship School News Service) - A Senate judiciary committee on Tuesday approved a bill that would eliminate the death penalty in Louisiana effective August 1.Sen. J.P. Morrell, D-New Orleans, authored the bill, reasoning that the death penalty is an outdated and costly means
open letter, bishop of london, two-child clause, poverty, ill health, UK childrenThe consequence is debilitating debt and hunger – which is known to damage mental and physical healthIn an letter published in the The Times recently, Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders called for the policy limiting benefits to families with more than two children to be scrapped.The
Iran Human Rights (Apr 9, 2018): Sina Dehghan (Dehqan), who has been sentenced to death for “insulting prophet Muhammad,” has requested a retrial and his lawyer hopes the request will be approved.According to a close source, Sina Dehghan, who has been sentenced to death for “insulting the
“We want to lead normal lives, lives where our religion and our traditions translate into tolerance.”“For me, liberalism simply means, live and let live. This is a splendid slogan.”Who could have imagined that these equally conciliatory concepts would result in such conflicting consequences?Yet
A divided Florida Supreme Court on Thursday ordered resentencing for a Death Row inmate who was convicted in the 2004 sexual assault and murder of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia —- a Sarasota County case that drew national attention. The 4-3 decision vacating the death sentence of Joseph P. Smith came
Death row exoneree Anthony Graves, along with capital defense lawyers, legal groups and former federal judges, criticized Texas' request to speed up federal death penalty appeals by pointing to the cases of men who were taken off death row long after their sentences were handed down.Anthony
KARACHI: A Pakistani woman infamously put on death row for killing her family in 1998 has been acquitted and walked free after 20 years in prison, her lawyer said Friday (Apr 6).Asma Nawab was just 16 when her parents and brother were murdered in 1998, apparently during an attempted robbery in
Bangladesh seized more than 40 million methamphetamine pills in 2017.DHAKA: Bangladesh wants to punish methamphetamine traffickers with the death penalty, officials said Thursday, as authorities confront the growing popularity of the dangerous and addictive drug.The proposal to crack down on the
When Bethany Webb’s sister, Laura, was killed in a mass shooting in 2011, she couldn’t imagine things getting worse. But then District Attorney Tony Rackauckas of Orange County, California, took the case.In his zeal to impose the death penalty — over Webb’s objection — Rackauckas employed
bpas, abortion provision, women with medical conditions, ‘Abortion is part and parcel of women’s healthcare. It should be regulated and delivered as such’.Women in the UK with medical conditions including epilepsy, heart problems, and cancer struggle to obtain abortion care, even though the continuation of their pregnancy poses a significant threat
Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for 18-year-old Andrew Vrba, who has been implicated in the violent death of trans teenager Ally Steinfeld. The case garnered national attention because of the slaying's brutality: Steinfeld had been stabbed in the genitals and her eyes had been gouged
CAIRO (Reuters) - A military court has referred 36 defendants accused of taking part in deadly church bombings to Egypt’s top religious authority for consideration of the death penalty, state television reported on Tuesday.The defendants are suspected of involvement in bombings that hit three
A bipartisan effort to repeal the death penalty fell short in the Washington Legislature this year. But a separate effort to overturn the state's capital punishment statute through the courts is ongoing.The constitutional challenge to the death penalty in Washington involves the case of Allen
Sophia Forum, Terrence Higgins Trust, HIV, women in UK with HIV, research, report, Women are not seen as a “key target” for HIV interventions.Around a third of the around 90,000 people living with HIV in the UK are women, and a quarter of all new HIV diagnoses are in women, yet women living with and affected by HIV have been mainly invisible in the narrative and response to
Problems of torture, illegal detention and extrajudicial killings have been passed down from one administration to another.The mention of the notorious Abu Ghraib prison brings up searing memories that critics say mirror the moral bankruptcy and convulsive violence exercised by local governments
What I remember most about that day in the conference room of the Rapid City Journal newsroom was how heavy my right hand felt.So heavy, in fact, that I couldn't raise it when Editor Michael LeFort asked for volunteers - to witness the killing of a human being.My hand seemed immovable as other
Not long after the two brothers had been arrested for gunning down their parents in their multimillion-dollar mansion in Beverly Hills, 21-year-old Lyle Menendez put pen to paper to tell his brother what was on his mind.In a 17-page letter in 1990, Menendez told his teen brother, Erik, that he
LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Malawi President Peter Mutharika has called for a “honest national dialogue” if the country should resume capital punishment in response to murder rate so that people found guilty of killing especially persons with albinism be slapped with death penalty.President Mutharika
Murdered children from Concord and Hopkinton came into play Wednesday as a House committee heard from supporters and opponents of a bill to repeal New Hampshire’s death penalty.A House committee considering a proposal to repeal New Hampshire’s death penalty heard about the murders of children
The military’s media wing said the terrorists were involved in killing of 62 people and heinous crimes including attack on security forces and a five-star hotel in Peshawar.Pakistan Army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa on Monday approved death penalty for 10 terrorists including those who shot dead