Young Women's Trust, pay, apprenticeships, hardship, travel costs, bullying, discrimination, employment prospects, report Ridiculously low pay and bullying, harassment and discrimination rife. The Young Women’s Trust is calling for a significant increase in the apprentice minimum wage – or for it to be scrapped altogether and apprentices to be put on the same rates as everyone else. This comes after the latest report from the Young Women’s Trust’s apprenticeship campaign highlights ongoing concerns about the ability of the apprenticeship system to provide opportunities for all young people to gain vital new skills and progress into high quality employment. Leggi tutto
There's growing concern for a Christian Pakistani man on death row, accused of insulting Islam's Prophet Muhammad.Sawan Masih was accused of committing blasphemy by his Muslim friend in 2013 - a crime which has a mandatory death penalty if found guilty in the country.He denies the claim, and has
single ums, challenge, univversal credit working allowance, assessment day, High Court, London, 27 NovemberClaimants are unable to change the dates of their work allowance assessment period.Four single mums are in court this week to challenge the government over the Universal Credit (UC) payment system which is inflexible and doesn’t reflect reality.Danielle Johnson, 25, is a single mum who works
CHARLOTTESVILLE (UNITED STATES) (AFP) - An American neo-Nazi is set to go on trial for murder Monday after allegedly ramming his car into counter-protesters at a 2017 white supremacist rally that made the town of Charlottesville a byword for rising racial tensions under Donald Trump.James Fields
HAZARD, Ky. — Convicted of a crime he didn't commit, Gary Drinkard spent six years on death row before the truth was revealed. And today, he's in Kentucky to talk about his experience. Drinkard was sentenced to the death for a 1993 Alabama murder, and was eventually exonerated due to
Advocate Alakh Alok Srivastava has filed a PIL in the Supreme Court seeking the execution of the death penalty awarded to the convicts in Nirbhaya rape and murder case. As per reports, the lawyer has appealed the apex court to issue directions to the central government to execute the death
Oklahoma is set to resume executions by the end of 2018 by means of Nitrogen gas, meaning time is well and truly running out for Julius now.The case of Julius Jones remains a divisive one. Convicted and sentenced to death over the murder of insurance executive Paul Scott Howell on July 28, 1999
16 Days, 25 November, 10 December, end violence against women and girls, UNiTE, world-wide campaign, #HearMeTooAnd stop violence against women and girls.For far too long, impunity, silence and stigma have allowed violence against women to escalate to pandemic proportions – for example that one in three women worldwide experience gender-based violence.The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based
JAIPUR: Father of an infant girl was awarded the death sentence by the Jhunjhunu (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Court in on Friday for raping a minor on August 2.This is the fourth case in the state where the accused under POCSO were handed out death sentence.Nand Kishore, Special
As the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, M. Jean-Yves Le Drian, announced on Monday 19 November on the sidelines of the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels, and in consultation with its European partners, particularly Germany, France has just adopted sanctions against 18 Saudi nationals in
Moroccan women with alleged ties to ISIS will potentially face the death penalty in Iraq.Rabat – Morocco’s North Observatory for Human Rights (ONDH) shared a statement today on its Facebook, saying that a source at a refugee camp in northern Syria told women living in the camp, including Moroccan
Bali Nine drug smuggler Renae Lawrence has touched down in Australia for the first time in 13 years, landing in Brisbane after her release from prison in Indonesia.Lawrence was released from Bangli Prison yesterday, where she spent the last four years of her sentence before flying out of Denpasar
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA – An American neo-Nazi went on trial for murder Monday for allegedly ramming his car into counter-protesters at a 2017 white supremacist rally that made the city of Charlottesville a byword for rising racial tensions under President Donald Trump.Suspect James Fields sat
A convicted killer feels DNA could help exonerate him, but after 40 years, prosecutors say justice is long overdue.Dale Recinella steeled himself as he entered Florida’s death row and the rank smell of men who lived year-round with no air conditioning. The electronic door grinded as it closed
Australian mum Lisa Cunningham sits alone in a cell inside Arizona’s toughest women’s prison. She is charged with the alleged murder of her 7-year-old stepdaughter, Sanaa, and is facing the death penalty.RELATED: Arizona couple accused of murdering 7-year-old daughter to face death penalty If
Bali Nine member Renae Lawrence has been released on bail after handing herself in to a NSW police station over outstanding 2006 arrest warrants.The convicted drug smuggler, 41, landed back in Australia on Thursday for the first time after being released from Bali prison after 13 years behind
Gruesome spectacles of condemned men swelling up, writhing, frothing and turning purple are becoming the norm for executions.In the death penalty states this year, condemned men strapped to a gurney have writhed, screamed, swelled up, frothed at the mouth, cried as they were burning up and turned
Alabama can execute inmates by nitrogen. When it will is an open question.State officials have yet to create a protocol guiding the use of the execution method, authorized by the Legislature last spring and which several death row inmates have already indicated a preference for.“We don’t have any
Just one day after Renae Lawrence returned to Australia after 13 years in an Indonesian prison, the Bali Nine drug trafficker has handed herself in to police over a number of outstanding warrants.A spokeswoman for NSW Police confirmed the 41-year-old attended the Waratah police station in
Bangladesh's recent impetus on cracking down on drug abuse and trade has led to some divisive results—while there is no doubt that this is an issue that needs to be addressed, the approach taken by the authorities has been questioned. The country recently passed the Narcotics Control Bill 2018
Oxford Handbook, women peace and security, discount offer,To save 30 per cent on the book’s cost, order online by December.Passed in 2000, the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 and subsequent seven Resolutions make up the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) agenda.This agenda is a significant international normative and policy framework
'There was a fear if a terrible crime was committed... then the vote could do the wrong way," local politician saysGermany has abolished the death penalty after voters in the last state where capital punishment was legal, overwhelmingly approved a constitutional change. In total, 83 per cent of
Amrit Wilson, book, republished, Finding a Voice, south Asian women, in Britain, gendered racism, The first text to document Asian women’s resistance to gendered racism in Britain.Amrit Wilson wrote Finding a Voice: struggles of South Asian women in response to institutional racism and a heightened awareness of gender inequality.First published in 1978, and winning the Martin Luther King
A tour of Florida’s death row reveals the sparest of one-person cells, lined up along one side of narrow hallways where rows of prison bars form the wall on the opposite side.The cells are meant as a final waypoint before the death chamber, with its white hospital gurney and window of glass for
IRAN has ignored UN criticism over human rights abuses as the regime continues to detain and publicly execute prisoners as protests expand throughout the country.Iran has executed over 200 people in 2018 so far as criticism of the government continues to mount. In November alone, Iran has
The court also commuted the death sentence against six other defendants to life in prisonEgypt’s highest appellate court on Sunday upheld the death sentence against nine people over the 2015 killing of the country’s prosecutor-general.The Court of Cassation confirmed the penalty after being
17 Islamic militants were sentenced to death on Thursday for their role in multiple church bombings in Egypt that killed scores of Coptic Christians.It was reported that another 19 defendants were issued life sentences by a military court, while 9 others were given 15 years in prison for
ISLAMABAD — A nationwide massive police crackdown in Pakistan has detained hundreds of leaders and activists of an Islamist party, which recently staged crippling street protests against the Supreme Court's acquittal of a Christian woman on death row for blasphemy.Authorities said Saturday that a
Joseph Garcia met George Rivas back in the summer of 1999, eight months before they started plotting their escape.They were doing time together on the Connally Unit, counting out their days in the heat of a Texas prison.Garcia was locked up on a murder charge, a crime he’s long maintained was
Washington (CNN)As the US Supreme Court rejected a series of death penalty appeals from Florida on Tuesday, key justices laid bare the enduring divisions over the fairness and effectiveness of the ultimate punishment."The flaws in the current practice of capital punishment," Justice Stephen
As she is finally reburied in the same grave as her parents, those attending the reinterment ceremony say the 29-year-old was guilty of nothing more than a scandalous love affair and being a woman with 'ideas above her station'History will almost certainly record that when they sent Edith
Secrecy is driving a rise in inhumane executions by lethal injection across the U.S., according to the Death Penalty Information CenterStates are repeatedly concealing controversial information regarding the use of illegally imported drugs, questionable drug sources, and unqualified executioners
Renae Lawrence arrived in Australia on Thursday morning after serving time. Lawrence was released from prison in Bali on Wednesday evening and deported. The 41-year-old co-operated with Indonesian officials upon arrest in Bali in 2005. Bali Nine's Renae Lawrence might be free for the first time
Denpasar: Bali Nine member Matthew Norman, who is serving a life sentence in Kerobokan prison for drug smuggling, wishes his friend and fellow convicted drug smuggler Renae Lawrence "all the best of luck" on the eve of her release.Norman, at 32 the youngest member of the Bali Nine, spoke to