cervix, cervical cancer, smear test, HPV, video, what happens, Cervical cancer currently claims two lives every day in the UK. Almost half of women (44.2 per cent) questioned in a recent survey were unaware what a cervix is, and were unable to correctly identify it as the neck of the womb (uterus). And one in six could not name a single function of the cervix. Leggi tutto
Washington (AFP) - The United States urged other countries Monday to bring home hundreds of Islamic State fighters captured in Syria, a delicate issue for allies such as France and Britain as President Donald Trump withdraws troops.Washington drew a line on the jihadists two days before foreign
Feminist UN Campaign, a 100-day agenda, six recommendations, report card, second year, Secretary General, progress, women's rights, UN and womenThe Feminist UN Campaign has released its second-year report card on Secretary-General António Guterres.In 2017, the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), on behalf of the Feminist UN Campaign, released a report, Toward a More Feminist United Nations, articulating a broad vision
As Ohio struggles to come up with an execution protocol that doesn’t raise cruelty concerns, many are asking an obvious question: Why not use fentanyl, the narcotic that tragically has pushed thousands of Ohioans through the euphoria they were seeking and into the death they likely weren’t?As
Iran Human Rights (IHR); February 1, 2019: Two prisoners were executed secretly last Wednesday at Rajai Shahr Prison, Karaj city.According to IHR sources, two prisoners were executed on the morning of Wednesday, January 30, at Rajai Shahr prison. IHR could not yet identify them by name.“Probably
Alexanda Kotey, 35, and El Shafee Elsheikh, 30, were henchmen of Jihadi John. The pair, who are held in Syria, are expect to be transferred to US custody soon, but it is feared the men could be freed by ISIS supporters or let go by captors.The FBI wants to put two British terrorists who are
Authorities in Saudi Arabia have confirmed that its public prosecutor is no longer recommending the death penalty for female activist Israa al-Ghomgham, who has been held since 2015 after participating in peaceful anti-government protests.The Saudi Arabian embassy in London confirmed the shift in
Egypt’s cabinet has approved a draft law that would see drug dealers sentenced to death, Al-Masry Al-Youm has reported.The law, which was presented to the cabinet yesterday, was part of a broader bill to combat the spread of narcotics in the country and drugs trafficking.The draft amendment
Annihilating drug peddlers and abusers have been handed over to the armed forces, said Sri Lanka’s president.President Maithripala Sirisena made this shocking statement at a state sponsored drug abuse prevention programme in the southern town of Matara.“I will implement the death penalty, soon,”
maternity discrimination, consultation, extending redundancy protection, new mothers, Mumsnet, BEIS, Pregnancy and maternity discrimination has absolutely no place in a fair and decent economy.The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has launched a consultation seeking views on extending redundancy protection for women and new parents.This comes after research
The National Advisory Council on Women and Girls, Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish women, equality, report,Along with the recommendations the Council is also calling on everyone to act differently.The National Advisory Council on Women and Girls (NACWG) was established in 2017 to advise Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on what was needed to tackle gender inequality in Scotland.Over the
Hengdong: On Tuesday,  Chinese authorities executed a man who killed 15 people after ramming a car into a crowded square in central Hunan province last year. Last September, Yang Zanyun ploughed a Land Rover into pedestrians at a public square in Hengdong city before slashing at people with a
COLOMBO: Sri Lanka is ready to execute five drug convicts and end its 42-year capital punishment moratorium once President Maithripala Sirisena signs the death warrants and a hangman is appointed, officials said Tuesday.Sirisena announced last year a tougher line on spiralling narcotics-related
Over 60 years ago, Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote that “[t]he basic concept underlying the Eighth Amendment is nothing less than the dignity of man. While the State has the power to punish, the Amendment stands to assure that this power be exercised within the limits of civilized
“We’re a lot closer to change than people realize.”After it reached its peak both in its use and popular support in the 1990s, the frequency of the death penalty has fallen. Drug manufacturers have stopped supplying their products to states that want to use them in executions, while public
Ronald Ryan, the last person hanged in Australia, was executed 50 years ago on February 3, 1967.His death sentence was handed down after he was found guilty of shooting and killing warder George Hodson during an escape from Melbourne's Pentridge Prison in 1965.First published in the Sydney
A teenage couple have been caned in Indonesia for behaving affectionately in public.Photos and video footage show the young girl, aged 18, being punished in the Banda Aceh, the capital of the Aceh province.She can be sees being led onto a stage and flogged by a masked man holding a long
#ThisIsWhatASteministLooksLike, Equate Scotland, women in STEM subjects, photo, campign, diversity,Join the campaign to tackle negative gender stereotypes and champion diversity.It is estimated that only 25 per cent of people in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics – STEM – sector are women.This a waste of both talent and opportunity.The jobs of the future will require
A woman was hanged on Wednesday, January 30, 2019, in Nowshahr Prison, in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran.The woman identified only as M.A, was convicted of “killing her husband.”She had spent 6 years on death row.The woman is the 87th woman who is executed under Hassan Rouhani, the
Oklahoma's death row houses 18 inmates who have exhausted their legal appeals, meaning they're eligible for execution. When — or whether — any of those executions occurs, however, is an open question.The state hasn't carried out an execution since January 2015 — 4 years ago — and officials have
online sexual abuse, children, livestreaming apps, coercion, blackmail, webcams, tablets, mobile phones, Internet Watch FoundationGreater awareness of online child sexual abuse using live-streaming apps is needed.A new study by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) has revealed shocking statistics on children being groomed, coerced and blackmailed into live-streaming their own sexual abuse over webcams, tablets and mobile
Pakistan‘s supreme court has upheld its decision to acquit Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who spent eight years on death row over blasphemy charges. Ms Bibi’s case became a totemic cause for fundamentalist preachers in Pakistan, after she was accused of insulting the prophet Muhammad during an
Free Periods, period poverty, Amika George, crowdfunding, legal challenge, Parliament, England, Northern Ireland, In England and Northern Ireland there are still no policies in place.Amika George, founder of Free Periods and ‘period poverty’ activist, has announced a new legal campaign to provide free menstrual products to all schoolchildren.The Free Periods campaign, in partnership with the Red Box
fast fashion, British retailers, sustainability, ETI ACT, SCAP, Environmental Audit Committee, interim report, fall‘UK fashion retailers are failing to commit to reduce their environmental impact’.In autumn 2018 the Environmental Audit Committee wrote to sixteen leading UK fashion retailers, among them M&S, ASOS and Boohoo, asking what they were doing to reduce the environmental and social impact of the
The judge ordered the state to keep the prison chaplain out of the death chamber during Ray’s execution MONTGOMERY, Alabama: A federal judge on Friday ruled that a Muslim inmate’s scheduled lethal injection can proceed next week without an imam present but said Alabama must keep a Christian
A teacher will be hanged next month after raping a girl in India so violently that she had to have her intestines realigned. Mahendra Singh Gond is set to become the first person executed since a change in the law last year which introduced the death penalty for child rapists. The attacker
It has been nearly 10 years since the National Academy of Sciences sounded the alarm about the shortcomings of forensics. Since then, there have been countless follow-up studies, state and national commissions, reports, panels and — to underscore the conclusions those entities reached — a
The West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Police on Friday recaptured a 35-year-old French national and drug smuggling suspect identified as Dorfin Felix, who had recently escaped from NTB Police custody.NTB Police spokesperson Sr. Comr. Komang Suartana said the officers had recaptured Felix on the border
ActionAid, research, adolescence, misogyny, harassment, Girls worry about sexual harassment ‘every day’.A new study has highlighted the prevalence of misogyny in young people’s everyday lives.It found that three quarters of young people have been exposed to negative or offensive attitudes towards women in the last six months and 65 per cent of
Officials said her case could not be settled with “blood money”A Filipina domestic worker has been executed in Saudi Arabia after she was found guilty of murder, the Asian nation’s Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has said.The 39-year-old woman was sentenced to death after the Saudi Supreme
Texas inmate executed for Houston officer's death during adult bookstore robberyA 61-year-old Texas inmate was executed Wednesday evening for killing a Houston police officer more than 3 decades ago.Robert Jennings received lethal injection for the July 1988 fatal shooting of Officer Elston
(Reuters) - After nearly 30 years on death row, Robert Mitchell Jennings is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection in Texas on Wednesday for killing a police officer during a botched robbery.His latest appeal was rejected this week by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, where he argued that
Asia Bibi's acquittal will be appealed against in Pakistan's Supreme Court tomorrow, Tuesday 29 January 2019, in an attempt by Pakistan's hard-line anti-Christian lobby to prevent her freedom and have the death penalty imposed upon her.Open Doors advocacy spokesman Dr Matthew Rees said: "The
Louisiana has a broken death-penalty system. It’s arbitrary, vengeful and inordinately expensive in a state with dire fiscal needs. It embodies a sordid history of racism and is shamed by one of the highest rates of reversal and exoneration in the country.I am excited that a local organization