A group of Utah attorneys, advocates and state staff have spent the last year studying the state's death penalty. The working group, created by Utah's Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, examined several areas, including costs, aggravating factors and public attitude. The CCJJ report, released Friday, noted there were "fundamental difficulties inherent in analyzing death penalty Leggi Tutto
The Ohio Supreme Court on Friday upheld the death sentence of Richard Beasley, who posted fake job offers on Craigslist to lure men for him to rob and kill.Beasley, 58, teamed up with a teenager to use the free classified ad website to put up postings promising jobs on a southeastern Ohio farm
Muslim Ayub also wants to punish people who 'promote' the LGBTI communityAn Indonesian politician has grabbed headlines in that country after saying he believed LGBTI people should be sentenced to death or at least life in prison.Muslim Ayub is a member of the Islamist National Mandate Party
The execution of Raymond Tibbetts was postponed until October 17, pending a review by the parole board.Ross Allen Geiger can still smell the unusual odor emanating from Raymond Tibbetts’ blood-splattered jeans. It was a peculiar smell, one that is difficult to describe, but it could be best
He's Watched 21 Men DieAlan Johnson retired from the Columbus Dispatch last year. During his preceding tenure at the paper, in addition to a host of other topics, Johnson reported on Ohio's executions for 18 years. Of the 55 men put to death in the state since 1999, he witnessed 21 of them; he
Jeremy Corbyn Dawn Butler, women's votes, women's equality, #TheNextStepOne hundred years later the struggle for equality continues.Jeremy Corbyn has marked the centenary of women’s suffrage by staging a special meeting of the shadow cabinet at the Museum of London as he launched #TheNextStep, Labour’s year-long campaign for women’s equality.Corbyn, Dawn Butler
Clemency Sought for Solitary Watch Contributor Thomas Whitaker, Scheduled to Be Executed on February 22ndThomas Bartlett Whitaker is a tremendously gifted writer. His work has been published on Solitary Watch (here and here), and was selected for inclusion in our anthology Hell Is a Very Small
The arrest of a man who has confessed to raping and killing an 11-year-old girl, and burning her remains, has revived the call among some members of Congress to reinstate the death penalty.Under the 1979 Constitution, the death penalty was abolished except for crimes of treason during times of
He stood inside the execution chamber at the Huntsville Unit 43 times as a prison chaplain.Today, he's 74, preaching at the First United Methodist Church in Refugio. But the Rev. Ken Houston still recalls the tight, sterile space vividly, where it was once his job to stand near a gurney and lay
As a 20-year-old Newport Beach man awaited arraignment Friday for allegedly killing a gay former high school classmate, Orange County's top prosecutor and a state senator announced they would seek legislation to make a murderer motivated by gender or sexual orientation eligible for life in prison
Attempts to convince Iranian courts to review the death sentence given to an academic convicted of spying for Israel have failed, according to the man’s lawyer, who says the sentence is now "definitive".Iranian emergency specialist Ahmadreza Djalali, who is a resident in Sweden, was arrested
Aum Shinrikyo's leader is at last facing capital punishment, but the motive for the 1995 gas attack on Tokyo's subway remains obscureKazumasu Takahashi, an assistant stationmaster on the Chiyoda subway line in central Tokyo, was on duty when the 8:10am train pulled in on Monday morning, March 20
Pakistan military courts have sentenced 7 "hardcore" militants to death over various attacks on security forces that left dozens dead, including civilians, the country's army chief said Friday.A statement issued by the military's Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) gave few details of the
Last month, the Senate Standing Committee on Law and Justice sent a bill to the Council of Islamic Ideology for review. The bill proposes an amendment in the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and seeks public execution of criminals charged with kidnapping a child below the age of 14. In the council's
The lynching of Mashal Khan over blasphemy accusations sent shockwaves through PakistanA Pakistani court sentenced 1 person to death and 5 others to life imprisonment on Wednesday for lynching a student accused of blasphemy in a highly-charged case that sent shockwaves through the conservative
Iran seems intent on erasing any positive impression gained from modest reforms to its drug execution laws last year by hanging several child offenders in a bloody start to 2018(Beirut) – Iran executed at least three child offenders across the country in January 2018, Human Rights Watch said
Iran Human Rights (Feb 5, 2018): Last week a juvenile offender named Mahbubeh Mofidi, who was sentenced to death on the charge of murdering her husband, was executed at Noshahr Prison. The so-called “17-year-old newly-wed” was the third juvenile offender executed in January 2018.According to a
Clemency Sought for Solitary Watch Contributor Thomas Whitaker, Scheduled to Be Executed on February 22ndThomas Bartlett Whitaker is a tremendously gifted writer. His work has been published on Solitary Watch (here and here), and was selected for inclusion in our anthology Hell Is a Very Small
Fawcett Society, survey, gender balance, Parliament, quotas, action needed, We must take proactive steps now to address women’s under-representation.New research from the Fawcett Society shows that although today marks 100 years since the first women won the vote, less than half of young women think equal representation in Parliament will be achieved in their
Welsh Women's Aid, #Future40, 'Forty Voices, Forty Years', end violence against womenSharing stories enables us to hear the voices of those who have often been omitted from the history books.Women’s memories, voices and lives have often been written out of Welsh national heritage, so this year a project aims to capture this hidden history, celebrating Welsh Women’s Aid’s 40th
A man facing the death penalty if convicted of the 4 charges of murder against him, including the death of an unborn baby, appeared in court Friday, a week after an Allen Superior judge said his lawyer wasn't qualified for the case.Judge Fran Gull removed Nikos Nakos as lead attorney of Marcus D
Three ailing Louisiana death row inmates will still have to be protected from excessive heat during the sweltering summer months, but a federal appeals court has given state corrections officials more latitude to decide how to keep them cool.A three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of
Rage and faith warred inside Kent Whitaker as he lay in a hospital bed with a 9mm bullet hole 6 inches from his heart. It was December 2003, and the pillars of the Houston-area man's life had just been ripped down.A husband of 28 years, he was now a widower. Of his 2 college-age sons, 1 was dead
Texas remains the strictest applicant of the US death penalty but its increasing reluctance to put criminals to death reflects a national trend.Kent Whitaker supported the death penalty until his son, who arranged for a gunman to kill Mr Whitaker and the rest of his family, landed on death row in
Iran Human Rights (Feb 8, 2018): At least one prisoner was hanged at Rajai Shahr Prison on murder charges.According to a close source, on the morning of Wednesday, February 7, at least one prisoner was executed at Rajai Shahr Prison. The prisoner, identified as Mohammad Karimi from Varamin, was
An Italian Senator has appealed to the Government of Thailand to stave off the death penalty for Denis Cavatassi, who stands convicted of hiring a killer to murder his business partner, Luciano Butti, in Phuket in 2011.Cavatassi was convicted and condemned to death by the Supreme Court of
Texas' highest criminal court on Wednesday rejected the appeal of a condemned British national who was convicted of arranging the killing of a neighbor so she could take the woman's baby.The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals upheld the ruling of a lower court, which rejected Linda Carty's arguments
A proposal to expand the number of prisoners on death row who could have their sentences reviewed by a jury was approved by a Senate committee Tuesday.The issue dates back to early 2016 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Florida’s death penalty was unconstitutional, as it allowed judges to
Every Friday in Iraq, a gripping show on state television beams the alleged confessions of death-row jihadists into homes around the country.At peak viewing time, it broadcasts gruesome images of their purported crimes before interviewing the convicts, who appear clad in orange or yellow
The ABA House of Delegates on Monday asked all death penalty jurisdictions to ban capital punishment for any offender who committed their crime at the age of 21 or younger.In the report accompanying the resolution, the chairs of the Death Penalty Due Process Review Project and the Section of
The decision came just days before the government decides on whether to criminalize homosexualityIndonesia’s Ministry of Health has just declared homosexuality a mental disorder with advocates worried it could strengthen the case for politicians wanting to criminalize homosexuality.On Friday (2
The initiative follows the terrible news that a father who raped and murdered his one-year-old child in the southern city of Puerto Montt, was given life imprisonment.A group of far-right lawmakers asked Chile's recently elected President Sebastian Piñera to pass a bill that would restore the
The authorities in Kabul on Sunday hanged the kidnappers and killers of a 12-year-old boy who was murdered in the city in a kidnap for ransom case last year.Informed security sources said three individuals were hanged to death in Kabul's Pul-e-Charkhi prison earlier today. The sources further
When it comes to imposing the death penalty, the United States has long outpaced North American neighbors Canada and Mexico, according to the director of the ACLU Capital Punishment Project.Cassandra Stubbs, speaking Friday at the 2018 ABA Midyear Meeting in Vancouver, told the audience of "A