Convicted murderer Charles Rhines understands there's likely nothing he can do to save his life, according to a man who recently visited him at the state penitentiary in Sioux Falls. "I asked him how he felt about it and he said he's powerless to do anything about it. He didn't state a feeling about it, but he's kind of Leggi Tutto
Death row inmate's brother hoping for another stay of executionOct. 30 was the day Ray Jefferson Cromartie was originally set to be executed. That morning, Georgia's Supreme Court issued a temporary stay of execution - all due to a technicality."It had to all do about the legal filing, and that
Attorneys for 20-year-old Marco Perez want youthful offender status for the murderer of Mobile Officer Sean Tuder.Mobile, AL – A cop killer facing the death penalty for the murder of Mobile Police Officer Sean Tuder has applied for "youthful offender" status.Marco Perez was 19 on Jan. 20 when he
The secretary of a religious watchdog office in Iran has admitted that since the establishment of the Islamic Republic four decades ago (1979), the authorities have executed 15,000 people for drug-related crimes.The mid-ranking clergy, Jalil Mohebbi, presented the data in a session attended by
In 1981 a Catholic nun from Singapore began writing letters to a female inmate on death row. It became an exchange that would last seven years.The nun was Sister Gerard Fernandez and the prisoner Tan Mui Choo, a former student of hers who had been sentenced to death over one of the most brutal
Charles Russell Rhines is scheduled to be executed the Department of Corrections  Monday, the Department of Corrections announced.Rhines, 63, was sentenced to death in 1993 for the 1992 murder of 22-year-old Donnivan Schaeffer inside a Rapid City doughnut shop. The execution will be at 1:30 p.m
A Vermont man has been sentenced to death for his role in an attempted prison break in North Carolina that left four correctional employees dead.A jury sentenced 30-year-old Mikel Brady, who was born and raised in Randolph, to the death penalty Tuesday after a little more than an hour of
Three U.S. executions were halted on October 30, 2019, as the Georgia Supreme Court issued a day-of-execution stay to Ray Jefferson Cromartie and Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine granted warrants of reprieve to the next two death-row prisoners scheduled for execution in Ohio. The actions capped a tumultuous
A prayer ceremony was held in Yangon on the evening of October 25 for Myanmar citizens Win Zaw Tun and Zaw Linn, who have been sentenced to death for murdering British couple on Koh Tao Island in Thailand.U Htoo Chit, executive director of Foundation for Education and Development (FED) who took
2 Members of the European Parliament of the Flemish far-right political party Vlaams Belang abstained from voting for a resolution against capital punishment for LGBTQ people in Uganda.The LGBTQ blog Be Out reported that not all Belgian MP voted in favour of the resolution, in which Europe
New Delhi, Oct 31 (IANS) - The death penalty to the four remaining convicts in the Nirbhaya gangrape case will soon be carried out if not challenged before the President within seven days, Tihar jail authorities said.The Tihar Jail administration has issued a notice to the convicts in this
Less than a month before Rodney Reed's scheduled execution, a group of law enforcement officials joined a state lawmaker to make an 11th hour effort to save his life.State Representative Vikkie Goodwin of Austin is one of the many people who believe Reed could be innocent. “I’m more convinced
Less than a month before Rodney Reed is set to be executed in Texas, a former prison inmate claims someone else confessed to the murder that sent Reed to prison.Reed has spent more than 21 years on death row for the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites in Bastrop, Texas. Police say Reed assaulted, raped
SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Charles Rhine’s' execution by lethal injection is set for Monday afternoon. He's filed two separate appeals both currently circulating through courts on the grounds that the pentobarbital doesn't meet the "ultra-short acting" standard for lethal injection.He also asks
DECORAH, Iowa — South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has a message to countries with anti-gay laws on the books like Saudi Arabia and Russia: Better get used to dealing with a gay U.S. president.The gay 2020 presidential hopeful made the comments Saturday night during a town hall at Decorah High
BEIRUT (Reuters) - A Lebanese court sentenced an Uber driver to death on Friday for the murder of British embassy worker Rebecca Dykes in December 2017, state news agency NNA said.The driver, Tariq Houshieh, confessed to raping and strangling 30-year-old Dykes, who worked at the embassy in
Iran Human Rights (IHR); October 31, 2019: A man was hanged in public in the Iranian central city of Khomein Thursday. At least one child is seen in the published photos watching the scene. According to IRIB News, on the morning of Thursday, October 31, a man was executed in public in the Iranian
An Indonesian man working for an organisation which helped draft strict religious laws ordering adulterers to be flogged was himself publicly whipped Thursday after he was caught having an affair with a married woman.Flogging is a common punishment for a range of offences in the deeply
Almost nothing is known about the new leader of the Islamic State, including who he really is. The group’s announcement also warned America not to be happy.Days after the Islamic State’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and his heir apparent were killed in back-to-back attacks by United States
Tim Jones Jr. is sitting on death row for murdering his 5 children. SC taxpayers paid nearly $648,000 for his death penalty trial.Final numbers released by Lexington County officials show South Carolina taxpayers forked over $648,000 to pay for the 2-month-long death penalty trial of Tim Jones
President Sirisena hoped for the 1st hanging by the end of his term. The death penalty has been suspended for 43 years. The government has hired 2 executioners to hang drug pushers.Sri Lanka's Supreme Court has blocked President Maithripala Sirisena's attempt to resume death sentences for drug
An appeals court in Morocco has confirmed death sentences handed down to three men for the beheading of two Scandinavian tourists in the Atlas Mountains. The murders last year shocked the North African country.An anti-terrorist court in the northwestern city of Sale on Wednesday upheld the death
(THE CONVERSATION) -- Recently, several states, including Nevada, have introduced bills that cite legal costs as one of the reasons for ending the death penalty.National trends show the death penalty is being sought and imposed less frequently. There is also ample evidence that the costs for
BOISE, Idaho — The cost to kill in Idaho. That’s a number we’ve attempted to uncover here at 6 On Your Side for the last few years, regarding death row inmates here in the Gem State.On November 1, 2019, we told you the story of the longest living death row inmate currently housed in Idaho’s
✔ Click here to read this article in Arabic(Washington, DC) – Important social reforms enacted under Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman have been accompanied by deepening repression and abusive practices meant to silence dissidents and critics, Human Rights Watch said in a report released
Convicted murderer Charles Rhines may have been victim of juror discriminationAttorneys representing an out gay man on death row in South Dakota are turning to the Supreme Court yet again in a last-ditch effort to block his execution in the midst of recent evidence suggesting he may have been
HASAKAH, Syria  — They are the remains of the Islamic State, a once sprawling kingdom built by foot soldiers from around the world to terrorize and enslave those they conquered.Hollow-eyed and gaunt, the men and boys look broken. Days are spent in halting conversation with cellmates who still
A 13-year-old boy in Dalian, Liaoning Province, has been sent to a juvenile correctional facility for a 3-year term — the maximum allowed under Chinese law — after sexually assaulting and killing a 10-year-old girl last week. The brutal murder has ignited a firestorm of public anger on the
Families of several Malaysians on death row in Singapore's notorious Changi Prison have complained that they have been kept in tiny cells since September.According to Lawyers for Liberty advisor N Surendran, the cells measure only three normal paces on each side."The toilet and shower are also
PALM BEACH (CBSMiami) – Prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty for a man accused in the murder of a Boca Raton woman.Last August Police arrested Jorge Lachazo, 21, after he reportedly beat 75-year-old Evelyn Smith Udell in her home before dousing her with a liquid and setting her on
On November 13, 2019, the State of Texas is scheduled to execute Patrick Murphy for the death of Officer Aubrey Hawkins. Hawkins was killed during the robbery of an Oshman’s sporting goods store in Irving in 2000. Although Murphy was on the other side of the building acting as a lookout when the
Maria Swanenburg is arguably the greatest female serial killer of all time, so why isn’t she world famous? Here’s a look at a fearsome former Leidener, and a group of modern day residents who are keeping her macabre legend alive. How many people did Maria ‘Goeie Mie’ Swanenburg kill in Leiden
The Georgia Supreme Court granted a stay of execution to Ray “Jeff” Cromartie, who had been set to die tonight.The stay is provisional and focuses on whether the execution order was properly filed earlier this month by in Thomas County Superior Court while the Supreme Court had jurisdiction over
The state Board of Pardons and Paroles has declined to grant a stay of execution to Ray “Jeff” Cromartie, who is scheduled to die by lethal injection Wednesday for the 1994 murder of a South Georgia store clerk.The denial clears the way for the execution to move forward unless the 52-year-old