Three paedophiles were publicly shot and hanged from cranes after the group brutally raped and killed a 10-year-old boy. Shocking photos show the men, dressed in blue overalls, handcuffed and surrounded by Yemeni soldiers as crowds watched their public execution take place in city's streets. Authorities ordered the rapists to lie down on the floor, pointing Leggi Tutto
Scott Peterson is guilty of adultery but not murder, his sister-in-law said in the family's 1st comprehensive video interview with The Modesto Bee since his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, went missing nearly 16 years ago."We don't have justice yet; we're not there," Janey Peterson said. "We can't
Death penalty expert Robert Dunham says the mishandling of lethal injections for death-row inmates is more common than may be believed."The estimates are about 7 percent of all the executions by lethal injections are botched,” Dunham told Hill.TV co-hosts Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton on
Many Tennesseans followed the recent trial regarding the new lethal injection protocol including the sedative midazolam, but few people realize the immense risk of harm to corrections officials if an execution does not go as planned.  Midazolam has been used in disturbing executions in seven
gender pay gap reporting, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee , report,changes needed, select committee report, Some companies have obscene and entirely unacceptable gender pay gaps of more than 40 per cent.The UK has one of the highest gender pay gaps in Europe and pay reporting can only be the first step in closing it, the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee said in their recent report
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia executed a man by crucifixion in the holy city of Mecca on Wednesday, while it was trying to attack Canada on its human rights record.Saudi Arabia frequently uses capital punishment, which can be issued for crimes like homosexuality or anti-government activities
Authorities have decided to permanently preserve trial records of criminal cases involving the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult as part of efforts to prevent a repeat of the serious crimes committed by its members, Justice Minister Yoko Kamikawa said Friday.“Their crimes were unprecedented, and
Submitting that the accused has shown “exceptional brutality and depravity”, the prosecution on Tuesday sought the death penalty for Ayyaz Mohammed Ali Ansari, who was last month convicted by the sessions court for raping a minor girl in the city.In April 2017, Ansari (38) was convicted for
blue badge holders, government, changes, disabled charities, Disability News Service, Those who are paid to protect, defend, support and represent disabled people, should be apologisingDisability charities have helped the government cover up the reason it was forced to announce changes to rules that prevented thousands of disabled people with invisible impairments secure blue
(RNS) — With America’s next executions scheduled for Thursday (Aug. 9) in Tennessee and next week (Aug. 14) in Nebraska, there couldn’t have been a better time for Pope Francis to wholeheartedly denounce the death penalty — and for Christians worldwide to double down on their commitment to end
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Supreme Court has refused to stay Thursday’s scheduled execution of a convicted child killer while the state’s new lethal injection protocol continues to be challenged on appeal.The order brings Tennessee within days of killing Billy Ray Irick with a three-drug
Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) parliamentary group leader on Monday said the party stands opposed to the death penalty amid ongoing speculation that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) will be introducing the punishment to Turkey’s parliament in the upcoming
OGDEN — Weber County commissioners have agreed to continue covering the cost of public defenders for two Ogden parents charged with murdering their toddler in a potential death penalty case.The county's three-member commission unanimously approved new contracts for the attorneys at its Tuesday
Three prisoners were executed at Minab Prison (Hormozgan province) on the charge of rape.According to a report by Azad News Agency (ANA), on the morning of Wednesday, August 8, three prisoners were executed at Minab Prison. The prisoners, whose identities have not been mentioned in the report
SUNRISE, Fla. -- Prosecutors on Wednesday released hours of video interrogation of Florida's school shooting suspect, footage showing the young man slouching in a chair, being repeatedly urged by a detective to speak louder and punching himself in the face when he is alone.  Wednesday's release
A collage of photographs on the wall of Ben Nelson's home office shows him somber and stressed.They were taken on the night of Sept. 2, 1994, as Nelson was waiting, as Nebraska's governor, to receive word that condemned killer Harold Lamont "Walkin' Wili" Otey had been executed."It was weighing
The final two execution drugs can cause extreme pain if the prisoner is not properly anesthetized.EVANSVILLE, Ind., Aug. 7 (UPI) -- As the date for Nebraska's first execution in two decades nears, medical professionals are voicing concern over whether the drugs the state intends to use will
SAGA – The Saga District Court on Monday sentenced a 69-year-old man to life in prison for murdering a man and a woman by burying them alive in the city of Saga in 2014.In the trial, prosecutors demanded that Teruyoshi Oho be given the death penalty for killing South Korean national Ra Si-chan
LAS VEGAS (AP) — Fifteen states are siding with Nevada in a state Supreme Court fight against drug companies suing to prevent the use of their products to execute a condemned inmate.In what a national death penalty expert on Tuesday called a setup for a showdown, documents filed with the Nevada
Nebraska state officials are preparing for their first execution in two decades and first-ever lethal injection with an untried combination of drugs that includes a powerful painkiller responsible for much of the nation's opioid epidemic and a paralyzing drug that could conceal whether something
(NBC News)-- Nikolas Cruz, the teen who confessed to having killed 17 people at a Florida high school, told investigators that he heard voices in his head telling him to "burn, kill, destroy" and that he tried but failed to kill himself two months before the massacre, according to a just-released
A jury has recommended the death penalty for serial killer Anthony Kirkland.The jury -- 6 white men, 4 white women and 2 black women -- recommended that Kirkland be executed for his crimes.It was the 2nd death sentence for the convicted serial killer. He was previously sentenced to die by a jury
The Rajya Sabha [The Rajya Sabha or Council of States is the upper house of the Parliament of India.] on Monday (August 6) passed the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2018 mandating a maximum penalty of death to those convicted of raping girls below the age of 12 years.The bill had already been
He was also sentenced to life imprisonment under Section 5/6 of POCSO Act. The convict had moved an appeal against that conviction and sentence.A LITTLE more than five months after a trial court sentenced a 22-year-old man to death for raping and murdering a four-year-old girl, the Madhya Pradesh
When Pope Francis changed the Catholic Church’s position on the death penalty from permitting it in very rare circumstances to now deeming it completely “inadmissible” and violative of the “dignity of the person,” it reflected and reinforced a stunning decline of capital punishment worldwide in
fostering pets, refuges, domestic violence, animal abuse, longer sentencing, Various groups now look after pets while their owners flee domestic abuse or stay in refuges.In homes where there is violence and abuse, pets are often threatened, injured or killed by violent men to maintain control over their partners and children.In a survey of 50 women pet owners living
The Central Criminal Court of Iraq on Tuesday sentenced to death by hanging 5 persons for membership to the Islamic State (IS).The court "reviewed the cases of 5 individuals convicted of membership [to IS] who worked in several divisions of the organization," the Iraqi Higher Judicial Council's
Shura members argue no “male requirement” for appointmentManama: Saudi Arabia could soon appoint women as judges if a recommendation by Shura Council members successfully goes through the process.The 150-member council is currently in summer recess, but will in four weeks look into the
Iran Human Rights (Aug 5, 2018): Iranian political prisoner, Mohammad Mozaffari, received 74 lashes at Evin prison. Iran Human Rights (IHR) condemns the use of physical punishments, such as flogging and considers it as a violation of human rights and dignity. IHR calls on the international
HerStories project, University of Lincoln, Historic England, relisted buildings, suffragette links, deeds not words,Recording the suffragette history connected to listed buildings.100 years on from the first women in the country being granted the right to vote, women’s history is still under-represented in national records.But through its HerStories project, Historic England has been working with
The Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that the scheduled execution of Billy Ray Irick should proceed as planned on Thursday, denying his request for a stay.Shortly after the Monday evening ruling, Gov. Bill Haslam announced he would not intervene and would allow the execution to go forward."I took an
Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New Castle said he will advance legislation to permanently remove the death penalty "and its ugly stain in our history -- from state law once and for all."Cuomo, who is running for re-election to a third term, said he action is in solidarity with Pope Francis and in honor of
Incumbent president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom on Tuesday reiterated his government's commitment to enforcing the death penalty in the Maldives.Since taking office in 2013, president Yameen has been pushing to enforce the death penalty after ending the de facto moratorium that has been in place
An Iraqi court in the province of Diyala on Sunday sentenced an al-Qaeda member to death, convicted of killing 19 people in an attack on a village 11 years ago, the court announced.Last week, the same court sentenced 4 more al-Qaeda members to death who were convicted of carrying out attacks in