MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Alabama on Wednesday made its execution protocol public after being ordered to do so by a federal judge. The Alabama Department of Corrections filed a redacted copy of its execution procedure with the federal court following a legal fight with news outlets over the release of the information. A judge allowed the state to keep Leggi Tutto
France’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Wednesday that he plans to visit Iraq soon to discuss the possibility of putting French nationals who joined the so-called Islamic State in Syria on trial in Iraq.“The subject with the Iraqi authorities is to find a judicial system
With Kennedy gone, the Supreme Court’s already rethinking the Eighth Amendment.There probably isn’t much doubt how Mathena v. Malvo, a case the Supreme Court will hear on Wednesday, will wind up being resolved.The “Malvo” in this case is Lee Boyd Malvo, one half of the infamous pair of serial
When looking at the gruesome history of Icelandic executions, one detail stands out, and it’s unfortunately one that is echoed in our modern times: those who were executed were poor people that didn’t stand a chance. This is one of the interesting findings of professor Steinunn Kristjánsdóttir
In 2018 there were 39 new death sentences for drug-related offences in Indonesia, accounting for a staggering 81 % of all new death sentences. By comparison, only 17 % were for murder, and the remaining 2 % were for terrorism.The popular-but-hard-line ‘war on drugs’ has been vociferously
Notorious hanging judge Mohammad Moqisseh presided over the recent trial of an outed singer, according to reports from Iran. Mohsen Lorestani faced charges of ‘corruption on Earth’ stemming from a conversation on social media. The singer’s lawyer only received notification of the trial after it
They were arrested over drug-related offences and later convicted.The human rights organisation disclosed this in a report entitled: “Fatally flawed: Why Malaysia must abolish the death penalty.”It said 1,281 persons were on death row in the Asian country, adding that the inmates were being kept
A socially conservative law professor has beaten a charismatic media mogul in Tunisia’s presidential election.Rabat – Kais Saied won more than 70% of votes in the Tunisian presidential election, beating out his opponent Nabil Karoui by more than 40 points. Saied is the second freely-elected
In June 2017, Robert Melson was executed in Alabama for murder. I was there. Part 1: The clock and the condemned I was not sure when the life left his body, and for that I am still ashamed. I stared at the clock and at him, and each time the second hand moved, it startled me. Leggi Tutto
According to the statistics department of IHR, Iranian authorities have executed 212 prisoners including 2 juvenile-offenders between January 1 and October 10, 2019. This report is being published on the occasion of the 17th World Day Against the Death Penalty, which aims at raising awareness
Texas state courts have halted the executions of 2 condemned prisoners who had been facing imminent execution dates. On October 4, 2019, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stayed the October 10 execution of Randy Halprin and directed a Dallas trial court to consider his claim that the religious
These commutations were based on the President’s exercise of powers under Article 72 of the Constitution after the convicts filed mercy petitions.The President commuted death sentences to life imprisonment in at least 20 cases over the past nine years, based on the recommendations received from
The State of Texas is scheduled to execute Rodney Reed on Nov. 20 for the 1996 murder of 19-year-old Stacey Stites in Bastrop. The only direct evidence of Reed’s guilt was his semen taken from the victim’s body. Reed, however, who is black, has insisted from the outset that he had been having a
A sessions court in Lahore on Thursday handed a man two death penalties, life imprisonment and a Rs700,000 fine for raping and murdering a child.Bism Nazim was arrested for raping and murdering a seven-year-old child in 2017 and had been detained in Lahore's Kot Lakhpat jail for the past two
Gov. Greg Abbott, A man’s life now lies in your hands. Spare him.On Nov. 20, Rodney Reed is to be executed by the state of Texas for a crime we can no longer be confident he committed. Twenty one years ago, he was convicted in the 1996 rape and murder of 19-year old Giddings resident Stacey
Amnesty’s report drew on two years of research as well as interviews with death row inmates, their lawyers, families and embassy officials, the group said.Foreign nationals, account for nearly 1/2 of those on death row, Amnesty International said on Thursday.Amnesty International urged the
A 3-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has granted a stay of execution for federal death row prisoner Lezmond Mitchell to prevent the U.S. government from executing him before the court can review an on-going appeal concerning possible anti-Native American bias in his
COLUMBUS — It has been more than a year since Robert J. Van Hook went to the state’s lethal injection gurney at the Southern Ohio Correctional Institution for the brutal stabbing of David Self in Cincinnati.His execution was the last on then Gov. John Kasich’s watch.Since taking office, current
A teachable moment about capital punishment occurs in the 1992 film The Unforgiven when “Schofield Kid,” a boastful young outlaw, ingloriously guns down “Quick Mike” – who ultimately wasn’t quick enough – in an outhouse. Shaken and dejected, Schofield Kid admits to Clint Eastwood, who plays
I do not believe in coincidence. Too many of the events along my journey from death row to exoneration were filled with deeper meaning.  In 1985, I was a 24-year-old honorably discharged Marine who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to die in
On the 17th World Day against the Death Penalty, France reaffirms its opposition to the death penalty everywhere and in all circumstances and encourages all states that still apply the death penalty to establish a moratorium on it with a view to its definitive abolition.France welcomes the
✔ Click here to Google translate this story into your own languageCondamné à 19 ans de prison pour trafic de drogue, le Français Félix Dorfin va être placé dans un complexe de haute sécurité. Actuellement incarcéré à la prison de Mataram, sur l’île de Lombok en Indonésie, l’homme de 35 ans a
BANGKOK — A suicide attempt by a judge in Thailand who accused his superiors of interfering with his verdicts has highlighted questions about judicial independence and fairness.Khanakorn Pianchana, a lower court judge in the southern province of Yala, shot himself in the chest with a pistol in
A new documentary that tracks Myuran Sukumaran's final 72 hours before he was executed in Indonesia is about to be screened in Taiwan, a country that still has the death penalty.Co-writer and producer Maggie Miles says she "worked very closely with Raji Sukumaran," Mr Sukumaran's mother, in
Parliamentarians seek to resubmit bill to introduce capital sentences for gay sexMPs in Uganda are to push for new laws to make homosexual acts punishable by death.James Nsaba Buturo, an MP, said parliamentarians wanted to retable a bill ruled unconstitutional by a court in 2014 that would
Uganda will not impose the death penalty for gay sex, a presidential spokesman said on Monday, after major aid donors said they were monitoring a plan by the African nation to reintroduce a bill colloquially known as “Kill the Gays”.Uganda’s Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo last
Iran Human Rights (IHR); October 15, 2019: Two prisoners, including a woman, were hanged at Rajai-Shahr prison last week. According to IHR sources, on the morning of Wednesday, October 9, a man and a woman were hanged at Rajai-Shahr prison, near Tehran. IHR sources could reveal the man’s name as
Ronald Lee Haskell Jr. has been sentenced to death in the fatal shooting of 6 members of his ex-wife's family in 2014 — which included the execution-style killing of the 4 of the family's children, according to prosecutors.Prosecutors say Haskell, of Utah, traveled from California to Texas on a
Iran Human Rights (IHR); October 13, 2019: Man hanged at the central prison of the Iranian city of Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, last Thursday.According to IHR sources, Alem Karimi, 50, was hanged at Sanandaj prison on Thursday, October 10, 2019. He was sentenced to death 10 years ago for murder
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Oklahoma death row inmates to move out of solitary confinement, death penalty debate continues47 inmates sit on Oklahoma's death row, and now some of them will get to move out of solitary confinement.In a letter from the Department of Corrections to the ACLU, state leaders agreed to move death
KMT lawmaker calls on government to proceed with executions, premier says law will be upheldTaiwan’s Premier Su Tseng-chang on Friday (Oct. 4) expressed his support for upholding the law to carry out the death penalty for certain criminal offenses.Speaking at a Legislative Yuan hearing, Su said
✔ Click here to Google translate this story into your own languageCondamné à 19 ans de prison pour trafic de drogue, le Français Félix Dorfin va être placé dans un complexe de haute sécurité. Actuellement incarcéré à la prison de Mataram, sur l’île de Lombok en Indonésie, l’homme de 35 ans a
Death row inmate Randy Halprin has claimed that former Judge Vickers Cunningham was biased against him, and used racial slurs about his Jewish heritage. With multiple appeals pending in Texas and federal courts, he's now asked the U.S. Supreme Court to stay his Oct. 10 execution.The Texas Court