A court in this district of Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday sentenced a man to death for raping a minor girl. Additional District Judge Sudhanshu Saxena awarded the capital punishment to Naresh Parihar (40), said assistant prosecutor P L Rawat. The prosecution examined 24 witnesses, he said. The judge, while pronouncing the verdict, said Leggi Tutto
The Supreme Court has annulled the death penalty on student Asim Omar, a member of a student opposition party at the University of Khartoum. He has to remain in prison for the death of a policeman.Omar is a member of the Independent Student Congress Party, student party of the Sudanese Congress
Alan Levit, who immigrated to Israel in 1991, is suspected of robbing and murdering a man in Minsk in 1993; German authorities arrest him in Frankfurt due to Interpol arrest warrant; lawyer tries to bring him back to Israel to face trial, where he won't face capital punishment.An Israeli man was
Six men were pushed before the watching eyes of countless men, women, and children — they were thieves and murders, and they were set to be executed in public. The style of execution? Beheading.One might expect such a scene from medieval England or ancient China, but this particular anecdote
Two women who say they were tricked into killing the half-brother of North Korea's Kim Jong-un will go on trial.Siti Aisyah and Doan Thi Thuong are accused of smearing the toxic nerve agent VX on Kim Jong-nam's face in Kuala Lumpur airport last year.But they deny murder, saying they were told
The UK’s opposition to the death penalty has come under question over the case of alleged Isis terrorists, but many other Brits have already been told they will be executed, reports Etan SmallmanNicholas Ingram declined the offer of a final meal of his choice. Earlier, he had eaten a tiny
“The reason that the state moved toward fentanyl had nothing to do with the unique properties of the drug.”Tuesday, something happened in Nebraska that could represent a sharp change in direction for conversations about capital punishment. Carey Dean Moore, a 60-year-old, convicted of killing two
LINCOLN, Neb. — Prison officials in Nebraska used fentanyl, the powerful opioid at the center of the nation’s overdose epidemic, to help execute a convicted murderer on Tuesday. The lethal injection at the Nebraska State Penitentiary was the first time fentanyl had been used to carry out the
Iran Human Rights (Aug 13, 2018): A prisoner was executed at Tabriz Central Prison on drug-related charges last Wednesday.According to a close source, on the morning of Wednesday, August 8, one prisoner was executed at Tabriz Central Prison. The prisoner, sentenced to death on drug-related
A man who pleaded guilty to the 2011 killing of a South Dakota prison guard is set to be executed in the fall, the state's attorney general said Wednesday.Attorney General Marty Jackley said in a statement that Rodney Berget, 56, is scheduled to be executed between Oct. 28 and Nov. 3. Jackley's
Saudi Arabia continues use barbaric methods of execution claiming they are justified by the Quran and its traditionsSaudi Arabia has some of the most barbaric and bizarre punishments in the world. Public beheadings, amputations, eye for an eye retribution and flogging all form part of the justice
Nebraska's official death penalty procedure says this week's execution of Carey Dean Moore will be accomplished by the injection of substances in a quantity sufficient to cause death without the unnecessary and wanton infliction of pain.If a federal appellate court doesn't halt Moore's execution
Harshi Sudarshani, a Sunday school teacher in Negombo, and her younger brother have faced strained relationships with their friends since their father was arrested on a drug charge.The fisherman was arrested after packets of heroin were found on the boat in which he spends long periods at sea in
Saudi Arabia remains committed to the death penalty despite the kingdom moving towards social reforms, according to a new report published by a human rights group.The European Saudi Organization for Human Rights (ESOHR) said 146 people were executed in Saudi Arabia in 2017, making it the third
The pope’s revision to the Catechism calls capital punishment “inadmissible.”A group of 75 Catholic clergy members and scholars have urged Pope Francis to backtrack on his decision to declare the death penalty “inadmissible” in Catholic teaching.Earlier this month, Pope Francis authorized a
A Malaysian drug dealer dubbed the "Iceman" was sentenced to death Thursday (Aug 16) by a court in Thailand after he was convicted of running a narcotics network that funnelled huge profits into legitimate businesses.Tun Hung Seong was arrested in April last year after a tip-off that he had hired
A Jordanian immigrant was sentenced to death in Texas on Aug. 14 for his “honor killings” of his son-in-law and daughter’s close friend.Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, 60, was found guilty of capital murder last month for the 2012 fatal shootings of his daughter’s new husband, Coty Beavers, 28, and her
“The death penalty is not about whether people deserve to die for the crimes they commit,” as Bryan Stevenson, executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, frequently explains. “The real question of capital punishment in this country is, ‘Do we deserve to kill?’” For those of us who are
Death row inmate Moore executed by lethal injectionNebraska carried out its 1st execution since 1997 on Tuesday. Carey Dean Moore was executed Tuesday morning for the 1979 shooting deaths of 2 Omaha cab drivers.Officials said at around 9:15 a.m. Moore was read an execution order. At 10 a.m. the
Nebraska was scheduled today to carry out America's first execution employing the opioid fentanyl as part of a four-drug combination that has never before been used.The powerful synthetic painkiller -- a key cause of death in America's opioid and heroin abuse epidemic -- was to be the second
‘The US capital justice system is fundamentally broken’ - Kristina RothAmnesty International is urging the authorities in the US state of Nebraska to cancel plans to carry out its first execution in 21 years.Prison authorities in the state have scheduled the lethal injection execution of Carey
The Home Ministry drafted Criminal Law (Amendment) Act stipulates stringent punishment for perpetrators of rape, particularly of girls below 16 and 12 years.NEW DELHI: President Ram Nath Kovind has given assent to the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018, that provides for stringent punishment
On the surface it sounds like a sick joke. The German drug manufacturer Fresenius Kabi is suing to block an execution in Nebraska — not because it opposes capital punishment, but because it would be bad for the company’s public relations for its drugs to be used to kill. It’s not the first time
August 16, 2018 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese prosecutor submitted an appeal against a five-year sentence and a fine and requested the constitutional court to reinstate a death penalty for Noura Hussein a 19-year old girl murdered her husband after a forced marriage.Last May, a court had sentenced
Tallahassee, Fla., Aug 13, 2018 / 04:41 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The Catholic bishops of Florida have asked for continued prayers for an end to the death penalty following the stay of an inmate’s execution. They had previously asked Gov. Rick Scott to commute the inmate’s death sentence and cited
The years between 18 and 21 are a sort of societal limbo period when, in most states, you can't drink, but you can smoke—and get sentenced to die.When 15-year-old Luis Cruz joined the Latin Kings in 1991, he was a child by almost any measure: he couldn’t legally drive, drop out of school, or buy
In 1976, after an impassioned, last-minute speech by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the House of Commons narrowly passed Bill C-84, abolishing the death penalty in Canada. It was abolished after a decade of fierce debate. Sister Helen Prejean writes Dead Man Walking and narrates the movie of the
Iran Human Rights (Aug 14, 2018): A prisoner was executed at Ardabil Central Prison on murder charges.According to a close source, on the morning of Monday, August 13, a prisoner was executed at Ardabil Central Prison. The prisoner, sentenced to death on murder charges, was identified as Moslem
Drug companies have made it clear that they don’t want states using their products to carry out death sentences. They’ve imposed strict limits on who can buy the drugs used for lethal injections, asked states to return some chemicals and, in one case, completely stopped making a drug to keep it
On the brink of Carey Dean Moore’s Aug. 14 lethal injection — Nebraska’s first execution in over two decades — it’s worth revisiting how, three years ago, World-Herald columnist Erin Grace exposed Gov. Pete Ricketts’ hypocrisy for advancing Catholic teachings as a reason to resume executions.In a
Drugmaker: No more appeals in Nebraska executionA German pharmaceutical company says it won’t ask the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene after losing an appeal in a case that threatened to block Nebraska from carrying out its first execution since 1997. Drug company Fresenius Kabi recently filed a
In 1985, Billy Ray Irick committed a hideous crime in Tennessee. Last week, the state of Tennessee responded in kind.NASHVILLE — On Thursday morning, The Knoxville News Sentinel published a front-page story by Matt Lakin about the imminent execution of Billy Ray Irick. The inmate had been on
A federal judge on Friday rejected a drug company’s request to block Nebraska from using what the company believes are its products in an execution next week, clearing the way for the state to carry out its first lethal injection and the country’s first execution using the powerful opioid
Carey Dean Moore, who faces the death penalty next week for killing 2 taxi drivers in Omaha in 1979, has stopped fighting his looming execution. But his life may be extended by a German drugmaker that says it produced 2 of the drugs that are to be injected into Mr. Moore's veins.Fresenius Kabi