BHOPAL: The Shivraj Singh Chouhan government on Tuesday postponed taking a decision on a bill with provisions of capital punishment for rapists.  It was on the government's agenda when the cabinet met for its weekly meeting on Tuesday morning.  Sources in the state government said that the government wants to pass a bill in the assembly Leggi Tutto
One of the foremost critics of the death penalty had some harsh words for South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster Monday.Sister Helen Prejean didn't mince words, calling out McMaster after his news conference announcing that South Carolina's 1st scheduled execution in 6 years will not be carried
The 11 Taiwanese sentenced to death for drug crimes in Indonesia are a new record highTAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As the Indonesian government intensifies its crackdown on illegal drugs, there are currently 11 Taiwanese that have been sentenced to death for drug offenses, a new record high, according
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Officials said Monday that they can’t carry out South Carolina’s first death penalty in more than six years because the state can’t get the drugs needed for lethal injection, but remaining appeals make it unlikely the execution could have moved forward as scheduled
The majority of citizens in the United States still support the death penalty, but the amount of people who support the punishment has decreased in past years, according to research studied by University of Nebraska professors.Criminology and criminal justice professor Amy Anderson from the
The famous appellate judge Richard Posner once wrote, “A civilized society locks up [criminals] until age makes them harmless, but it does not keep them in prison until they die.” The state of Ohio apparently hasn’t heard of Judge Posner, as they went one step further and tried to execute an
Nevada prisons official said Friday the state is refusing pharmaceutical company Pfizer's demand to return a drug it manufactured and not use it in a planned lethal injection execution.Nevada received a letter Oct. 4 similar to one received by officials in Nebraska and reported by the Omaha
For Nevada's 1st execution in more than a decade, state officials are turning to a never-before-tried combination of drugs, including a powerful painkiller that is fueling much of the opioid epidemic and a paralyzing drug that could mask any signs of trouble.If the state's highest court approves
Ohio tried and failed to execute Alva Campbell. The state shouldn't get a second chance.The pathos and problems of America's death penalty were vividly on display yesterday when Ohio tried and failed to execute Alva Campbell. Immediately after its failure Gov. John Kasich set June 5, 2019, as a
Nevada Department of Corrections officials have released a detailed manual laying out how they plan to conduct the state’s first execution in 11 years.The 57-page document, dated Nov. 7 and unsealed by a judge last week, has been sought by groups anxious to ensure the state’s rare use of the
Alfred Dewayne Brown was condemned to death in 2005 after his conviction for killing a Houston police officer and a store clerk in a botched robbery in Texas. He spent a decade trying to prove his innocence, but it was only when an attorney named Brian Stolarz took his case and helped uncover the
The state of Ohio, ladies and gentlemen.If all goes to plan, and we’ll get to the insanely detailed plan in a moment, the state of Ohio—John Kasich, moderate Republican, governor—will execute a 69-year-old man named Alva Campbell for a 1997 murder that was admittedly heinous, and also was the
Frenchman Anthony J Lambert has been sentenced to five years in Bali prison over drug possession.The 23-year-old French student was found guilty of bringing marijuana into Indonesia from Malaysia in Denpasar District Court on Tuesday.Lambert was arrested in June 2017 upon arrival in Bali at the
The Federal Court, in finding that a trial judge had acted as prosecutor and asked a prosecution witness incriminating questions, reduces murder charge and sentences contractor to 20 years’ in jail.PUTRAJAYA: A contractor who stabbed to death his relative after a drinking session today escaped
The justices on Tuesday will consider whether to hear a case questioning if the Alabama Supreme Court failed to follow the high court's precedent prohibiting race- and gender-based discrimination in jury selection.The Supreme Court will consider a petition from Alabama on Tuesday featuring the
IT WAS COLD outside the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility on the morning of November 15, where some two dozen people formed a circle in the parking lot. They had traveled to Lucasville from various parts of the state, wearing heavy jackets and carrying handmade signs. A large banner read: “We
The authorities in Jessore Central Jail have executed death sentences of 2 for murdering freedom fighter Monwar Hossain 23 years ago.Senior Superintendent of the jail Kamal Hossain told reporters that the executioners hanged the convicts, Golam Rasul Jhorhu, 75, and Abdul Mokim, 60, at 11:45pm on
Ohio's failure to execute a condemned killer with poor veins despite multiple claims by the state that the veins were accessible will lead to new challenges of the state lethal injection process, death penalty experts predict.Each new problem with executions adds to the question of whether Ohio
A major pharmaceutical company demanded in a letter a month ago that the State of Nebraska return any lethal injection drugs it might have that were manufactured by the company or its affiliate.Pfizer adopted a policy in 2016 banning the use of its products in an execution as a "misuse" of drugs
PHOENIX - A Phoenix man was sentenced to death Thursday in the 2011 death of a 10-year-old girl who was locked in a storage box in sweltering summer heat.Jurors in Maricopa County Superior Court deliberated for only a few hours before deciding that John Allen should get the death penalty.The jury
Hilton Butler experienced the history of US executions like few others, assisting with Louisiana’s portable electric chair and then overseeing executions as the Warden of Angola, the state’s largest penitentiary. In 2002 I interviewed him at the Angola Prison museum for my documentary series The
Nevada has temporarily called off its 1st inmate execution in 11 years. Scott Dozier, sentenced for the 2002 murder of his 22-year-old drug associate, Jeremiah Miller, was to be put to death on Nov. 14. Dozier instructed his lawyer in August not to file any more appeals.On Thursday, Nov. 9
Ohio started final preparations Tuesday for executing a sick inmate who will be provided a wedge-shaped pillow to help him breathe as he’s put to death this week.Death row prisoner Alva Campbell appeared to be out of options, with the U.S. Supreme Court refusing on Tuesday afternoon to stop the
RICHMOND, Va. — A Virginia death row inmate who had his sentence commuted to life in prison more than two decades ago has been granted parole.The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports the Virginia State Parole Board on Monday approved Joseph Giarratano for release.Board chairwoman Adrianne Bennett says
Charles Manson, who ordered the murder of nine people in 1969, has died of natural causes at age 83. But how was it that the infamous cult leader was allowed to live out his days in prison, having been sentenced to death in 1971?Manson and his accomplices in “the family” escaped execution in the
Doing so could land you in serious trouble with the local authoritiesDid you know – medications that are commonplace in the UK are strictly banned in countries abroad.Some legal drugs are even illegal to fly over certain countries with and they could get you into serious trouble once you land
South Carolina has scheduled its 1st execution in more than 6 years.The State Department of Corrections said Friday it had received an order from the state Supreme Court setting a Dec. 1 execution date for 52-year-old Bobby Wayne Stone.Stone has been on South Carolina's death row for 20 years
Showing repentance will no longer prevent the death penalty from being applied for blasphemy and apostasy, Mauritania said on Friday, as the conservative Muslim nation hardens up its religious laws.The decision follows the release on November 9 of a blogger previously condemned to death for
A day after another failed execution in Ohio, Gov. John Kasich's office says the state's capital-punishment protocol doesn't need to change.Meanwhile, civil-rights advocates say the latest failure could be used as evidence in future challenges to the constitutionality of Ohio's death-penalty
On Monday, the Supreme Court will decide whether to hear a case with the potential to end this nation’s abominably long and freakish experimentation with the death penalty. That’s right, drum roll, please. Because, if it grants certiorari in Hidalgo v. Texas – a case Harvard law professor
Artworks Bali Nine drug smuggler Myuran Sukumaran painted in the days before he was executed will go on show in Bendigo in an exhibition dedicated to the death penalty and human rights. Mr Sukumaran faced an Indonesian firing squad alongside fellow Australian Andrew Chan in 2015 after they were
After an hour of failed attempts, prison officials could not find a suitable vein in Alva Campbell’s arms.  His lethal injection has been "called off."Alva Campbell execution has been delayed indefinitely.MORE SOON.Source: Twitter, November 15, 2017⚑ | Report an error, an omission, a typo
CARSON CITY — Scott Raymond Dozier, who wants to be executed for a Las Vegas murder, has threatened to kill himself if the state does not carry out his death sentence, Gov. Brian Sandoval said today.Sandoval said Dozier has been placed on a suicide watch, with guards observing him around the
Iran Human Rights (Nov 13 2017): A prisoner was executed at Bandar Abbas Central Prison on drug related charges and four were executed at Urmia Central Prison on murder charges.Execution in Bandar Abbas (Southern Iran)According to a close source, on the morning of Monday November 13, a prisoner