GERMAN Jihadi bride Linda Wenzel has been jailed for six years in Baghdad for her role as an Islamic enforcer with terror group ISIS. Wenzel, 17, who last year sobbed on TV “I have ruined my life,” could have faced the death penalty. German media reported that a German embassy representative in Iraq was in court yesterday to witness Leggi Tutto
More than a thousand residents of Madaya township in Mandalay joined a protest march on February 17 demanding the death penalty for child rape.The protest followed the rape and murder of a 2-1/2-year-old child last week in Madaya in which a man has been charged.The protesters, numbering some
Gambian President Adama Barrow announced on Sunday a suspension of the death penalty in his country, in a break from the former regime of the dictator Yahya Jammeh.Barrow, a onetime security guard in London who was elected president in December 2016, signed a UN treaty on the abolition of capital
The 17 counts of premeditated murder against Nikolas Cruz are the type of case “the death penalty was designed for,” according to the Florida prosecutor in charge of trying the confessed school shooter.But Michael Satz, the longtime Broward state attorney, said his office has not yet decided what
There's an important new lethal-injection resource online: The Lethal Injection Resource Center's new website.The Lethal Injection Information Center is a hub for manufacturers, distributors, and stakeholders interested in preventing the misuse of medicines in lethal injections.The Lethal
The Washington state Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would ban the death penalty, leading the state one step closer to ending the practice for good.As the Seattle Times reports, the bill passed the Democratic-led Senate with bipartisan support. The measure would strike the death penalty from
He poured acid on her body in front of three of their children.A husband, who was accused of killing his wife by throwing acid on her because the woman wanted to divorce him, has been sentenced to death.The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance handed down the verdict to the Emirati man
The execution for Alabama death row inmate Doyle Lee Hamm is back on after an appeals court vacated a lower court's stay. Records show the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals granted the state of Alabama's emergency motion to vacate Hamm's stay, which was issued earlier this month by U.S. District
The teenager accused of killing 17 people at a Florida high school on Wednesday has confessed to the shooting, police say.Nikolas Cruz, 19, said he arrived on campus and began shooting students before abandoning his weapon and escaping, according to a court document.He has appeared in court
Judges at Medan District Court in North Sumatra handed down on Wednesday the death penalty to Udo Tohar for controlling the distribution of drugs from behind bars at Tanjung Gusta Penitentiary in Medan.The death sentence imposed on Tohar was in line with the sentence demand by the team from the
Florida lawmakers usually criticize judges for being too lenient, but when it comes to hundreds of death cases, a legislative committee thinks the state's Supreme Court Justices are being too harsh.Just over a year ago, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that about 1/2 of the people on death row
A gunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. The victims included students and adultsThe authorities on Thursday charged a 19-year-old man who is suspected of gunning down students and adults at his former high school with 17 counts of premeditated murder.The
SAITAMA – Prosecutors on Monday demanded the death penalty for a 32-year-old Peruvian man accused of killing six people, including two girls, after breaking into their suburban homes north of Tokyo in 2015.Lawyers defending Vayron Jonathan Nakada Ludena at the Saitama District Court argue he is
How "active shooter" drills became normal for a generation of American schoolchildren."Are you kids good at running and screaming?" a police officer asks a class of elementary school kids in Akron, Ohio.His friendly tone then turns serious.“What I don’t want you to do is hide in the corner if a
Imprisoned Iranian researcher Ahmadreza Djalali has been granted Swedish citizenship, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Sveriges Radio on Saturday.Djalali, a resident in Sweden, was arrested during a trip to Iran in April 2016. He was found guilty in October 2017 of passing information about
Karachi, Pakistan (CNN) - A Pakistani man was sentenced to death Saturday for the rape and murder of a 7-year-old girl whose killing last month led to widespread protests.Imran Ali, 24, was found guilty by a court in Lahore on four counts of murder, abduction, rape and sodomy of a minor.Zainab
The Tennessee attorney general wants the state Supreme Court to schedule 8 death sentences before June 1, when the availability of lethal injection drugs would become "uncertain."The proposed ramp up in Tennessee executions signals a potentially massive shift for a state that hasn't put someone
We don’t allow private citizens to own surface-to-air missiles capable of downing an airliner, so why do we let them own assault rifles designed not to shoot targets or game but to kill human beings in large numbers?Don’t tell me the issue is mental health. Save the nonsense about “good guys”
Thomas Whitaker is up for execution next Thursday, Feb. 22. Whitaker, 38, was convicted of capital murder for conspiring to kill his brother and parents in December of 2003. He had arranged for his family to go out to dinner. When they returned home, a gunman was set up in their house.Chris
Nikolas Cruz, the suspect in the mass shooting at a Florida high school on Wednesday, has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder.If guilty, Cruz's actions could constitute a capital crime, and the sentencing jury can recommend the death penalty under state law.Nikolas Cruz, the
Wednesday morning, Feb. 14, 2018, at least 6 prisoners were executed in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj.The names of 2 of them are Farnam Farinam and Morteza Shafaghi. 1 of the executed was an Afghan citizen.3 prisoners who were taken to solitary confinement for execution were again temporarily
Gopu Jaya Raman, a 32-year-old Malaysian man of Indian origin escaped the death row in Singapore for possessing drugs as he was acquitted by the country's Apex Court. The judgment released yesterday stated that Gopu Jayaraman was not aware of the hidden illicit drugs in the motorcycle which he
With his son's execution 9 days away, Kent Whitaker met Tuesday in Austin with the chairman of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles to personally request mercy for the child responsible for ripping his life apart.Thomas "Bart" Whitaker was sentenced to death for arranging the 2003 ambush that
AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A Texas man who survived a deadly domestic attack hatched by his son is pushing the state to grant clemency to the condemned man, although it has never spared a death row inmate solely at the formal request of the victim’s family.Thomas “Bart” Whitaker is set to be put
Press Release: The Botswana Prison Service wishes to inform the public that the execution of the death penalty passed on Joseph Poni Tselayarona, 28 years, of Magokotswane ward in Molepolole, was carried out today, Saturday February 17, 2018 at Gaborone Central Prison in the early morning
The European Union wants to see the death penalty abolished in Barbados and the rest of the Eastern Caribbean. It is therefore putting its money behind the work of civil society organisations in the region that are working towards this goal, as well as supporting those seeking to protect the
(CNN) Florida gunman Nikolas Cruz is willing to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty and spare the community from reliving the massacre in a trial, his public defender said.Cruz is charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder for the Wednesday shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
In a situation where the waves of nationwide uprising and the wave of social protests shake, the foundations of the mullahs' regime, and the Iranian people unanimously demand overthrown of this criminal and ominous system, Khamenei is trying to delay his doomed regime by intensifying killings and
On June 18, 2010, convicted double-killer Ronnie Lee Gardner was strapped into a chair in a special room on the grounds of a Utah state prison with his head held by a halo brace while a prison employee pinned a white, circular target over his heart.Minutes later, a firing squad of law-enforcement
A San Antonio killer this month was handed his 4th execution date in less than a year.Juan Castillo, who was sent to death row for his role in a 2003 lovers' lane slaying, is now slated to die by lethal injection on May 16, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Last year, his
Earlier this month, defense lawyers claimed Texas was botching its executions with old drugs. Now, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has stalled the release of information on how many lethal doses the state has and when they expire.The cloud of secrecy surrounding Texas executions has
A woman and 2 men were forcibly disappeared, ill-treated and given a patently unfair trial before being sentenced to death by a court in the Huthi-controlled Yemeni capital Sana'a for allegedly aiding an enemy country, Amnesty International's research has found.The organization said the case was
It is easier if death row inmates accept fate, says monk who counsels them'No one is born evil or bad to the bone. There are just people making mistakes. I strongly believe that all people can change for the better, no matter who they are -- drug kingpins, notorious hitmen, thieves," says Phra
The 33-year-old man was sentenced to death last November after he was found guilty of rape and murder.The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal will reconvene for the second time to consider the appeal of the death penalty verdict issued last year to a 33-year-old Pakistani man.The 33-year-old man was