Since the Supreme Court legalized capital punishment in 1976, Harris County, Texas, has executed 126 people. That's more executions than every individual state in the union, barring Texas itself. Harris County's executions account for 23 percent of the 545 people Texas has executed. On the national level, the state alone is responsible for more than a third of the Leggi Tutto
GENEVA — The United Nations said Friday that it was appalled by a mass execution of prisoners in Iraq and called for an immediate halt to executions, citing flaws in the country’s criminal justice system.Iraq’s Ministry of Justice said 38 prisoners were executed on terrorism-related charges in
An Ashdown, Arkansas man is freed from death row after two decades of maintaining his innocence in the murder of a Little River County couple and attempted murder of their child.Timothy Howard was released from prison 20 years to the day that Brian and Shannon Day were discovered at separate
For the second time in the last three years, Riverside County has produced more new death row inmates than any other county in the United States.California accounted for 28 percent of all the new death penalty sentences across the country in 2017, according to a new report by the Death Penalty
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For the first time in Fresno County Superior Court history, a defense attorney has filed a rare motion, arguing a death penalty qualification on a jury panel for an African American defendant will deprive them of equal protection.Attorney David Mugridge's client, Leroy
The mere idea of Republicans sponsoring death penalty repeal bills in great numbers was once considered an unlikely notion. However, Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty recently released a report revealing how Republicans are championing measures to end capital punishment at
The Alabama Supreme Court on Wednesday set an execution date for a man who has spent 30 years on the state's death row.Doyle Lee Hamm, 60, is scheduled to die on Feb. 22, 2018, according to Wednesday's order. Hamm has been at Holman Prison since December 1987 after being convicted in the murder
The Supreme Court will on Thursday deliver a judgment on the constitutionality of the death sentence.Death row convicts Francis Karioko Muruatetu and Wilson Thirimbu Mwangi, who have been in jail for the last 14 years since 2003, had filed the case at the apex court while seeking that the
The Criminal Court yesterday sentenced former Kuomintang fighter Lao Ta Saenlee, 77, to life imprisonment, and his son to death, for selling about 20 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine, or ya ice, to undercover agents in Chiang Mai province last year.Lao Ta was known formerly as an aide to
The certainty of apprehension, not the severity of punishment, is more effective as a deterrent. So argues Daniel S. Nagin (pictured), one of the nation’s foremost scholars on deterrence and criminal justice policy, in his chapter on Deterrence in the recently released Academy for Justice
Aiming to limit incidences of rape and kidnapping against women and children, Member of Parliament Mona Monir has suggested amendments to Egypt's main penal code including the death penalty for perpetrators of such crimes.Egypt Independent obtained a copy of the draft law on Tuesday.The 1st
Ministry of Justice, legal aid, domestic abuse, Women's Aid, Changes to make sure that vulnerable women and children get legal support, and are properly heard in court.The current 5-year time limit on abuse evidence in the family courts is to be scrapped, and the range of documents which can be accepted as evidence of abuse will be widened to include
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is calling for the death penalty for anyone convicted of killing a police officer.Trump, while speaking at the FBI National Academy in Virginia on Friday, pledged to support law enforcement officers and condemned those who attack them.During the presidential
Twenty years ago, Lucy Wilke was the prosecutor who sent Jeff Wood to Texas’ death row, even though he never killed anyone. Now, according to the Texas Tribune, Wilke, along with several other state officials, is asking the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles to recommend that Wood’s death
PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday signed documents for the release of the 61 inmates who were on death row, a day after pardoning a total of 8,157 prisoners during the Uhuru fete in Dodoma on Saturday.Among pardoned prisoners sentenced to life in jail were musicians Nguza Viking alias Babu Seya
Commenting after the Kenyan Supreme Court declared mandatory death sentencing unconstitutional, Oluwatosin Popoola, Amnesty International’s Adviser on the Death Penalty, said:“This landmark judgment is a significant step towards complete abolition of the ultimate cruel and inhumane form of
Public Support for Death Penalty Drops to 45-Year Low as 4 More Death-Row Prisoners Exonerated in 2017Executions and death sentences remained near historically low levels in 2017, as public support for the death penalty fell to its lowest level in 45 years, according to a report released today by
Texas executed more people than any other state this year, but fewer new death sentences has led to a shrinking death row population.The number of inmates on Texas' death row dropped again this year, continuing a decades-long trend.The decline is caused largely by fewer new death sentences and
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Fentanyl drove another record year of overdose deaths in Ohio. Two states want to put the drug's potency to another use: capital punishment.But Nebraska and Nevada face opposition from death penalty opponents as they push for the nation's first fentanyl-assisted executions, The Washington Post
ISM, Incorporated Society of Musicians, survery, sexism, interim report, discrimination, music sector, troubling resultsCalls for a change in the culture across the whole sector.The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM), the UK’s professional body for musicians, released an interim report recently setting out its findings regarding discrimination and inappropriate behaviour in the music sector.Founded in
5 prisoners were executed at Kermanshah Central Prison on murder charges.According to a close source, on the morning of Monday December 11, 5 prisoners were executed at Kermanshah Central Prison (Western Iran). All of the prisoners were sentenced to death on murder charges.1 of the executed
grenfell fire, six months on, letter, John Healey, Prime Minister, cladding, re-housing, And the government must act now to prevent Grenfell – “an entirely avoidable human disaster” – from being repeated.In the week of the six month anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, John Healey MP has written to the Prime Minister setting out
COLUMBUS (WCMH) — For the fourth time in a row, State Rep. Nickie Antonio, from Cuyahoga County, has introduced legislation at the Statehouse that would abolish the death penalty.Her three previous attempts have been relatively fruitless in starting a debate about the issue at the Statehouse.This
Public support for the death penalty dropped to its lowest level in 45 years in 2017, and the number of death sentences and executions is the second-lowest in a generation, succeeded only by last year’s record lows.That’s according to the Death Penalty Information Center, which released its
No new death sentences in 2017DURHAM — North Carolina juries rejected the death penalty in 2017, refusing to impose death sentences at any of the four trials where prosecutors sought them and making this year the third since 2012 with no new death sentences.Juries in Wake, Granville and Guilford
bpas, letter Francis Ingham, best campaign, objection, abortion, Northern Ireland, human rights‘Judges in the Public Affairs Awards evaluate entries based on the quality of the work delivered, and on nothing else’.An organisation called ‘Both Lives Matter’ was shortlisted for a “best campaign”  in the Public Affairs Awards due to take place on 14 December for its work campaigning to
Jurors on Wednesday voted for the death penalty for a man convicted of fatally torturing his girlfriend's young son - a savage slaying that led to sweeping reform within Los Angeles County's child-welfare system.The verdict ended a murder trial in which jurors heard and saw disturbing evidence
Iraq hanged 38 extremists belonging to Daesh (ISIS) or al-Qaeda for terrorism offences Thursday in the southern city of Nasiriyah, provincial authorities said.It was the largest number of executions in a single day since Sept. 25 when 42 people were put to death in the same prison."The prison
Beirut’s First Investigative Judge Ghassan Oueidat Tuesday called for the death penalty in the case of a 14-year-old boy who killed three people, including his father, and attempted to murder four others.Oueidat justified the decision on the basis that the scale of the crime was sufficient to
A court in India has sentenced six people to death for the brutal killing of a man belonging the country's Dalit caste, formerly known as "untouchables," after he married a woman of a higher caste. The bride's father was among those convicted for his role in masterminding the attack.The case
Capital punishment is considered a deterrent by some, but judges have little guidance for deciding what can merit such a sentenceThe death-penalty sentencing process in India is broken, and now there is fresh research that reiterates this fact. In pathbreaking work carried out by the National Law
sexism in schools, report, It's just everywhere. NEU, UK Feminista, recommendationsReport backs ongoing calls for urgent action to challenge sexism and sexual harassment in schools.New research commissioned by UK Feminista and the National Education Union (NEU) from the University of Warwick has shown precisely how widespread sexism in schools is – and why.The title of the
Declaration of Human Rights, Stand Up 4 Human Rights, 70th anniversary, UN, year-long campaignBy supporting the human rights of others, we also stand up for our own rights and those of generations to come.The United Nations has kicked off a year-long campaign to honour the foundational human rights document, which marks its 70th anniversary next year.Human rights are rights inherent