Grenfells Tower, letter, Theresa May, end deregulation of health and safety regulations, “We believe it is vital that this disaster marks a turning point…” In an open letter to Prime Minister Theresa May, over 70 leading organisations and figures from the UK’s safety and health profession have jointly called for a political sea change in attitude towards health and safety regulation and fire risk management following the Grenfell Tower blaze in London on 14 June 2017. Leggi tutto
Nazi spies memorial stone Washington DCA team of power company workers was trudging through a seldom-visited thicket in Southwest Washington when they spotted something odd in a ditch.Protruding from the grass was a rectangular slab of granite.They looked closer, and an inscription on the surface came into focus. What they saw Leggi
Morva is Hungarian-AmericanThe Hungarian Government and European Union are trying to stop the execution of a Virginia inmate.William Morva is set to be executed on July 6.Morva was convicted of killing Montgomery County Sheriff's Deputy, Corporal Eric Sutphin, and security guard Derrick
Someone was trying to kill him. William C. Morva was certain of it.He couldn’t breathe and he was withering away, he told his mother in a jailhouse call.“Somebody wants me to die and I don’t know who it is,” he said. “They know my health is dwindling, okay?”He sounded paranoid. His voice Leggi
Click hereto Google translate the following text into English (or into your own language).« La guillotine rend tout dérisoire.» - Robert BadinterLes locaux de la Folie-Regnault, moins fréquentés que les abords de la Roquette un jour d'exécution, n'en furent pas moins visités à de nombreuses
Attorneys for an inmate accused of strangling his cellmate have asked a judge to declare Nebraska's death penalty unconstitutional.Concerns over the recently reinstated capital punishment that was repealed in 2015 are among the 11 arguments in a motion filed Monday by Todd Lancaster and Sarah
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth — a life for a lab book?In the past few months, China has announced two new crackdowns on research misconduct — one of which could lead to executions for scientists who doctor their data.Scientists have been sounding alarms for years about the Leggi Tutto
California's death chamberCalifornia's death chamberThe biggest lie about Proposition (“Prop”) 66, California’s poorly drafted new death penalty law – only missing another “6” in numbering to be properly identified as the devil’s spawn – is speed.Pro-death penalty zealots, special interest groups, and prosecutors hell-bent
Patrick SchroederPatrick SchroederTECUMSEH, Neb. — A recent change in lethal injection procedure intended to enable Nebraska to carry out executions has been challenged by an inmate facing a potential death sentence.Concerns over the new drug protocol are among the 11 arguments in a motion filed this week by
Mohammed bin SalmanMohammed bin Salman is the new crown prince and heir to the Saudi throne.King Salman of Saudi Arabia has appointed his son Mohammed bin Salman as crown prince and heir to the throne in an attempt to deflect criticism of his increasingly brutal regime.The new crown prince has repeatedly Leggi Tutto
Inmates Ricky Dubose (left) and Donnie Russell RowInmates Ricky Dubose (left) and Donnie Russell RowA Putnam County Superior Court judge denied bond for two men accused of escaping from a prison bus last week after killing two corrections officers.Rick Dubose and Donnie Rowe entered the courtroom in orange prison jump Leggi Tutto
Bali's Kerobokan PrisonBali's Kerobokan PrisonJAKARTA: Bali police continued a search for four foreign inmates who escaped from a high-security prison on the Indonesian resort island of Bali after digging a 15m-long tunnel under the prison’s walls.Prison guards and local police officers found the tunnel on Monday. It
Tyrone NolingTyrone NolingCLEVELAND, Ohio - Sentenced to death for murders he says he did not commit when he was 23, Tyrone Noling, now 45, and his attorneys believe one way to find "the actual perpetrator" is through state-of-the-art DNA testing.For nearly 9 years, lower courts have blocked Noling's access to
China TV Series"The TV series corrupt officials can never escape the long reach of the law"The execution of a former senior Chinese Communist Party official last month could have been lifted straight from the plot of "In the Name of the People", the hugely successful anti-corruption drama that is currently
Speculation is swirling that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy could announce his retirement as early as this term, The Associated Pressand CNN reported Saturday.Kennedy is considered the most pivotal justice on the Supreme Court, often known for casting the tie-breaking vote in key
In 2014, Dennis McGuire of Montgomery County was executed. The process did not go as planned.Witnesses reported McGuire struggled against his restraints and made choking noises before finally dying after 26 minutes, an unusually long time for that process.No executions have happened in Ohio
ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN — An Indian man on death row in Pakistan after a military court sentenced him on charges of espionage, sabotage and terrorism has appealed to the country's army chief for clemency.India had earlier appealed to the International Court of Justice, the highest legal body under the
Supreme Court, abortion appeal, Jeremy Hunt, Northern IrelandJeremy Hunt has the legal authority to grant women resident in Northern Ireland NHS-funded abortion care in England.A Supreme Court appeal challenging the UK government’s refusal to provide NHS-funded abortion care in England for women resident in Northern Ireland but who travel to England
Abu SalemAbu SalemSalem cannot get a death term or any jail-term over 25 years as per the terms of his extradition agreed upon by India and Portugal.Mumbai: A special TADA court convicted extradited gangster Abu Salem for his alleged role in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts on Friday, on charges including
A divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that an Alabama death-row inmate was denied his constitutional right to an independent mental health expert to help the defense team in his murder trial.James Edmund McWilliams Jr. challenges his death sentence for robbing, raping and killing convenience store
RCN, public sector pay cap, Summer of Protest, Queen's SpeechThe Prime Minister failed to announce scrapping the public sector pay gap.Responding to the Queen’s Speech, an occasion which normally outlines a new government’s plans, based on their manifesto, the chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing, Janet Davies, said the lack of focus on the
Rangoon, MyanmarThe self-proclaimed 'exorcist' who beat 3 children to death has been handed the death sentence, a court ruled earlier today.After pleading guilty to the murder charges last November, the perpetrator, Tun Naing, was tried under Sections 302 and 325 for committing grievous harm and murder.Today
World Refugee Day, Verso Books, booklist, Kate Evans, Christine Delphy, Hsiao-Hung Pai The refugee crisis may have slipped from the media spotlight this year, but it has not disappeared.World Refugee Day – 20 June – is an international day dedicated to raising awareness about the 22.5 million people around the world who have fled their homes due to famine, violence and
SOUTH DAKOTA - The Pennington County Public Defender's Office is asking the county for about $350,000 to help defend a man facing the death penalty for the alleged murder of his ex-girlfriend.The Rapid City Journal reports that the extra costs in Jonathon Klinetobe's case involve expert
In the past year, two states have seen their lethal injection drugs expire — forcing state officials to search for new drugs or scrap executions altogether.It’s possible Alabama could soon face a similar hurdle.A number of factors — the pace of executions, new information about the state’s last
(CNN) - TV kliegs lit up live shots in one corner of the parking lot, where protesters prayed, preached and crowded onto the scene. Midnight, January 5, 1994, was coming fast.I rushed to clear the first gate and head down the empty, well-lit walkway past B Block, a close supervision wing at
Arizona's death chamberArizona's death chamberA U.S. judge accepted on Thursday major revisions to Arizona's death penalty procedures, such as eliminating paralytic drugs in lethal injections and giving witnesses more access to watch prisoners inside the death chamber, a lawyer for the death row inmates said.The changes
Public execution in IranAround the end of May, 2 prisoners were reportedly hanged on drug related charges - 1 at Maragheh Prison (East Azerbaijan province) and the other at Minab Prison (Hormozgan province).According to close sources, the execution in Maragheh Prison was carried out on Friday May 26. The prisoner has
Angelina Jolie, Kenya visit, female peacekeepers, SGBV training, sexual violence in conflictThe only way to begin to address the problems: work nation by nation to raise standards and increase effectiveness.Angelina Jolie, the Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and co-founder of the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative (PSVI), visited
ManamaThe court sentenced a second suspect to life in prison for his role in the explosion that shocked the nationManama: A court in Bahrain on Monday sentenced to death a defendant accused of planting a bomb that killed a Bahraini woman and injured three children in June last year.The court sentenced
Texas' death chamberSupport for the death penalty is at a 4-decade low among the American public, but that may be of little consequence in the struggle over the future of capital punishment. That's because the death penalty is the practice not of the nation, but rather of a handful of states. Leggi Tutto
William Charles Morva's attorneys are asking that the convicted murderer's execution - scheduled for July 6 - be halted by Gov. Terry McAuliffe.In a petition filed Tuesday, the Virginia Capital Representation Center says that Morva has mental illness that was never adequately taken into account
Jennifer DalquezFilipina maid has been acquitted from the murder charge, sentenced to 5 yearsThe Filipina domestic worker sentenced to death in Al Ain for killing her employer has been saved from death row, a Philippine envoy said.Jennifer Dalquez, 30, a domestic worker, was given the death penalty by the Al Ain
The European Parliament has criticised Pakistan's human rights record, and squarely reminded Islamabad that it has grossly erred in handing down capital punishment for those allegedly violating the nation's blasphemy law, in the excessive of military courts and in denying India consular access to