COLUMBUS—A former Lima man facing execution for the killing of a teenager during a 2002 drug-related robbery won an eight-month reprieve Wednesday from Gov. John Kasich. Cleveland R. Jackson, who’d been scheduled to die by lethal injection on Sept. 13, is now set for execution on May 29, 2019. At the same time, Mr. Kasich, Leggi Tutto
FIFA continues to defend its choice to host the World Cup in Qatar, which follows antigay Sharia Law.Qatar, a nation where gay sex can be punishable by death, has been censoring recent New York Times coverage regarding LGBT rights.Pictures shared with ABC News reveal entire articles swiped from
A missionary group that exposes Christian persecution has warned that new changes to Mauritania's apostasy law means that the death penalty will now be an unavoidable punishment for all people who are found to have blasphemed against Islam, even if they repent.Todd Nettleton of The Voice of the
Time moves slowly for 37-year-old Julius Jones as he sits and waits on death row in Oklahoma.Each day for the past 19 years, Jones moves closer to being executed for a murder many believe he did not commit. Now, a key piece of evidence that was never tested before could give Jones a shot at
Nearly 26 years after a woman was beaten and stabbed to death in her Miami-Dade County home, Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday said her murderer should die by lethal injection on Aug. 14.Scott signed a death warrant for inmate Jose Antonio Jimenez, who was convicted in the October 1992 killing of
Iranian defense attorney Nasrin Sotoudeh has been detained in Evin Prison under national security charges since June 13, 2018.Iran received yet another international rebuke for its persecution of lawyers trying to defend citizens' rights and the rule of law in Iran with the open letter by the
With Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement, the national fight to abolish capital punishment will have to go local.When the Supreme Court revived capital punishment in 1976, just four years after de facto abolishing it, the justices effectively took ownership of the American death penalty and all
Prosecutors on Tuesday demanded the death penalty for a man who allegedly murdered a man and a woman by burying them alive in the city of Saga in 2014 in an attempt to avoid paying back a debt.Teruyoshi Oho, 69, is alleged to have suffocated Ra Si Chan, a 76-year-old South Korean national, and
The Court of Appeal on Tuesday upheld a primary court ruling sentencing to death a 36-year-old former village headman for murdering an 18-year-old schoolgirl during a rape attempt in Kalasin's Kamalasai district in 2015.The ruling also included an order for Ban Si Than former village headman
Saudi Arabia had the third highest execution rate in the world in 2017, after China and Iran, according to Amnesty International. Saudi Arabia has executed 73 people this year, 150 in 2017.Saudi Arabia on Tuesday executed seven death row inmates who had been convicted of murder and drug
The next person executed by Tennessee will almost certainly suffer symptoms similar to drowning, if the state uses the lethal injection drugs it intends to purchase, attorneys for 33 death row inmates argued Monday in court. An expert medical witness testified in Davidson County Chancery Court
Christopher Young was executed for the 2004 murder and robbery of a San Antonio convenience store clerk. A Texas prisoner was executed Tuesday evening for the fatal shooting of a San Antonio convenience store owner after courts turned down appeals that the state parole board improperly rejected
Oklahoma has a notorious reputation for its frequent use of the death penalty and for the excruciating and drawn-out deaths that numerous executions have resulted in there, leading to a suspension of the practice since October 2015.Oklahoma was the 1st jurisdiction in the world to adopt lethal
Court blocks state from using never-tried combination of drugsLAS VEGAS — Nevada twice has come close to carrying out its first execution in 12 years. And twice it failed.Condemned killer Scott Raymond Dozier says he wants to die, but the state has no clear path forward after courts blocked it
Tribunal convicts them of committing genocide in Moulvibazar in 1971The International Crimes Tribunal-1 yesterday found four Moulvibazar men guilty of committing genocide during the Liberation War and handed down death penalty on all of them.The 4, who were members of notorious Razakar force
KARK reports that the state Correction Department has temporarily stopped searching for midazolam, 1 of the drugs used in executions. That likely means no further executions until the law can be changed in 2019 to provide more secrecy in the drug acquisition process.The legislature meets in
John Bercow, Constance Markievicz, MP, portrait, Irish women, Irish politics, 1918 election, The Irish parliament is celebrating Irish women in nineteenth century politics and public life.Along with women in England, Scotland and Wales, 1918 was the first time any Irish women were permitted by law to vote and stand in parliamentary elections.To mark the centenary, the Houses of the
Public anger over harsh sentences in land dispute case persuades state to reconsider evidenceActivists have welcomed the Vietnamese president's order to review the case of farmers given severe sentences including the death penalty for murder over a land dispute.The President's Office announced on
On the night of September 14, 2009, Sonam mixed some sedative in the dinner ('rotis') and milk of her family members and strangled them with rope with the help of Navin after they fell unconscious.Terming them "monsters", a Punjab and Haryana high court on Tuesday upheld the death sentence of a
Lawyer says president must grant amnesty or expect more unrest as man acted in self-defense amid illegal, violent land grabActivists and religious followers have asked the Vietnamese government to respect private property ownership after several farmers received severe sentences including the
Recent mass shootings in the United States have tended to confirm Canadians' sense that such events can't happen here. Similar events in Canada are not numerous, but those that have occurred are not well known. In particular, the biggest mass murder in Canada before Air India is almost unknown
Southeast Asian authorities are not shy about doling out the death penalty to punish drug traffickers, and yet narcotics abuse has not abated. If anything, it is on the rise, which begs the question of whether the region's war on drugs is working.The latest report on global trends from the United
A young man was publicly flogged in eastern city of Kashmar, in Razavi Khorasan Province, the state-run Young Journalist Club website reported on Tuesday.The young old victim, identified by the state media as M.R was sentenced to 80 lashes for drinking alcohol beverages 10 years ago at the age of
A prisoner was executed at Mashhad Prison on murder charges.According to a report by Khorasan Newspaper, on the morning of Monday, July 16, a prisoner was executed at Mashhad Prison. The prisoner, identified as GholamAli, 41, was convicted of murder during a fight at a wedding.According to the
NAIROBI: A Kenyan court has sentenced a 24-year-old beauty queen to death for murdering her boyfriend by stabbing him 25 times, drawing criticism from rights groups who called the punishment "inhumane".Ruth Kamande, who won a prison beauty pageant while awaiting trial, slashed her partner Farid
"I discovered the biggest obstacle to getting justice for our State's crime victims was neither the federal case nor the difficulty obtaining drugs: it has and continues to be your unwillingness to proceed with any executions". That's part of what the Louisiana Attorney General wrote in a letter
The Bill to award the death penalty for those convicted of raping girls below the age of 12 will be introduced in the monsoon session of Parliament, the Cabinet decided on Wednesday.The decision was taken at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad
Christophe Fevrier, a businessman and father of 4 from the small town of Chateau-Gontier in northwest France, decided in 2014 that there was something he must have: a guillotine.He had seen one offered at auction in Paris. It was 10 feet tall, with an oak frame and a few dents in the blade, and
A former senior member of the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult that perpetrated the deadly Tokyo subway sarin attack in 1995 said just moments before his execution last week that he did not foresee such an ending, but remained calm and thanked his parents, an informed source said Friday.“I didn’t
Convicted killer Robert Van Hook executed at Lucasville prisonConvicted of the horrific murder of a Cincinnati man, Robert Van Hook died by lethal injection on Wednesday in Ohio's 1st execution in more than 10 months.The 58-year-old Van Hook was pronounced dead at the Southern Ohio Correctional
The complicity of state-affiliated doctors in Iran in facilitating the execution of young prisoners in the country has been condemned by the World Medical Association.This follows the execution last month of 19-year-old Abolfazl Chezani Sharahi who was sentenced to death in 2014. The WMA says his
The secrecy surrounding executions in Japan, including the opaque procedure leading up the decision on whom on death row to hang and when, is a problem that was once again highlighted in the July 6 execution of Aum Shinrikyo founder Shoko Asahara and 6 other former members of the cult convicted
A string of cases in which missing children were found dead has reignited calls to reinstate the death penalty in Turkey, but some see political motives behind the outcry.The Turkish media in recent weeks has been awash with stories of missing children, some of whom have met a tragic end. On July
The General and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Mazandaran Province announced that a prisoner had been executed in Sari Prison, reported the state-run ILNA news agency on July 5, 2018.Younes Hosseini Alami said that the convicted person, identified as L.M., was sentenced to death for murder, and was