emergency, can't talk, call 999, silent solution, press 55, There is a lack of public awareness of the Silent Solution system. Did you know there is a system which helps a person in imminent danger but unable to speak phone the police? It is known as the Silent Solution system, and it means a 999 mobile caller who is too scared to make a noise, or speak, can, after calling 999 and in response to the responders questions, press 55 when prompted to do so – which informs the police they are calling in a genuine emergency. Leggi tutto
RCOG, FSHC, Alliance for Choice, abortion, Northern Ireland, COVID-19, petition, two pills, home medication, proper contraception, CEDAW“Allowing home use will avoid unnecessary and risky visits to healthcare facilities.”The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) are calling on Northern Ireland’s health minister, Robin Swann, to temporarily permit
GMB, trade union, care workers, protective clothing, PPE, sick pay, Jeremy Corbyn, letter, Borish Johnson, The UK’s sick pay system is “manifestly inadequate”.The GMB, ‘the trade union for everyone’, has warned that the UK’s care system is in danger of “total collapse” because of the coronavirus health crisis, and has issued five demands to the government to support care workers.The GMB has
COVID-19, sick pay, discrimination, women, BAME workers, low pay, letter, government, IWGB, We “cannot stand by while our members are exposed to unnecessary risk or driven into destitution.”The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) is taking legal action against the government over its failure to protect the wages and jobs of millions of workers during the Covid-19
Political Declaration, adopted, by Member States,CSW64, women's rights, UNWomen, UN Secretary General, reportLeaders also identified specific means for tackling the gaps and challenges.In a Political Declaration adopted by Member States commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women, held in Beijing in 1995, leaders pledged to ramp up efforts to fully implement the Beijing
OUP, Oxford Dictionary of English, offensive, derogatory, definition of woman, petition, open letter, change neededAn institution like the Oxford University Press   should not portray women this way.‘Bitch, besom, piece, bit, mare, baggage, wench, petticoat, frail, bird, bint, biddy, filly’ – these are the words which the Oxford’s English Dictionary online tells us mean the same as ‘woman’.And it gives
Domestic Abuse Bill 2020, First Reading, EVAW Coalition, children's rights, migrants women, Istanbul ConventionFurther improvements must be made in order to address the needs of all survivors.This week saw the return of a Domestic Abuse Bill to Parliament for its First Reading. It failed to complete its legislative passage when the General Election was called late last year.A series of factsheets
TUC, British workers, official statistics, unpaid overtime, Work Your Proper Hours Day, 28 February, Brexit, Working Hours Directive, Frances O'Grady, 2 billiob hoursToo many bosses are getting away with stealing their workers’ time.UK employers claimed £35 billion of free labour last year because of workers’ doing unpaid overtime, according to new analysis of official statistics published last week by the TUC.More than 5 million people put in an average
Forgotten Victims, report, survey, British people, Roma, Sinti, victims of Holocaust, Mengeles, concentration camps, history, YouGov“I’m afraid that Europe is forgetting its past and that Auschwitz is only sleeping.”According to YouGov research carried out for Friends Families and Travellers, 55 per cent of the 2162 British adults surveyed were unaware that over 500,000 Roma and Sinti people were killed in the Holocaust by
International Womens Day 2020, I Stand WIth Her, UN campaign, #ChangeTheStory, Join the campaign: challenge harmful content you see on the web.Twenty-five years ago, the Beijing World Conference saw an extraordinary mobilisation of women’s rights defenders. Their commitment led to significant shifts and the adoption of a visionary roadmap to achieve gender
womens sexual health, study, Natsal, poor reproductive health, poor sexual health, BMC Public Health, RCOG, The UK’s women are being failed by a fragmented system.Almost half of British women experience poor sexual and reproductive health, a much higher number than men, with many also experiencing a larger range of issues, according to new research.This is one of the findings from a major new study
Brexit, domestic abuse, EU Settlement Scheme, papers, evidence, Women's Aid, We need to make sure the EU Settlement Scheme is accessible to survivors of domestic abuse.Brexit could mean that some survivors of domestic abuse in the UK may be left unable to access refuge services.Survivors of domestic abuse who have to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme could be denied
Step Up Migrant Women coalition, domestic abuse, immigration, COVID-19, lock-down, NHS charging, No Recourse to Public Funds, helpEnsure victims are treated as victims first: prioritise safety before immigration status.More than 20 BME specialist frontline services, migrant and human rights organisations have written to the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, calling for emergency support to help migrant victims of domestic
Women and Equalities Committee, inquiry, government policy, COVID-19, effects of policy, women, protected characteristics, collecting evidenceWe need to understand the present and future effect on those who may already be marginalised.The Women and Equalities Committee wants to hear about the different and disproportionate impact that the Coronavirus – and the measures being taken to tackle it – is having on people with protected
police forces, policing colleagues, domestic abuse, sexual offences, Centre for Women's Justice, CWJ, super complaint, Police InspectorateLoyalty towards fellow officers may be getting in the way of justice for women who report abuse.The Centre for Women’s Justice (CWJ) has submitted a super-complaint to The Police Inspectorate highlighting systemic failures women are experiencing when reporting domestic abuse perpetrated by
seven Nolan Principles, public office, open letter, the Committee on Standards in Public Life, High standards ‘should be not only consistently observed but also demonstrably valued’.In September 2019 the Committee on Standards in Public Life published an open letter to all public office holders on the importance of maintaining high standards and of implementing the seven Nolan
Zero Discrimination Day, 1 March, UNAIDS brohucre, action, women's rights, stigma, education, health, equal pay“We need to transform our societies so that no one is second class.”This year on Zero Discrimination Day, which is commemorated every year on 1 March, UNAIDS called for an end to discrimination against women and girls and for them – us – to have for equal rights, opportunities and
Young Women's Trust, report, unpaid work, young women, survey, cooking, cleaning, childcare, financial services sector,Young women’s unpaid work worth £140 billion to the UK economy.Analysis of recent data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) by the Young Women’s Trust has found the unpaid work of young women aged 18-30, such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of children, contributes at least £140
Citizens Advice, research, domestic abuse, perpetrators, intercepted post, BEIS, Addess and Collect, addresses revealed, ICOPeople in unsafe or untraditional living situations need safe access to their post.Citizens Adviceresearch has found that half of survivors of domestic abuse have their post intercepted by the perpetrator and they face significant harm because their post is not secure and their address is
childcare survey, childcare costs, Coram Family and ChildcareNot only the cost: many parents struggle to find any childcare at all.The first National Women’s Liberation Conference, which took place at Ruskin College, Oxford, in February 1970 was conceived by Sally Alexander and fellow historian Sheila Rowbotham as an event to look back at women’s
Human Rights Council, Geneva, February 2020, Michelle Bachelet, commemorating Beijing, speech, women's rights, threats to women's rights Women’s rights “cannot be an optional policy subject to the changing winds of politics”. The United Nations Human Rights Council holds no fewer than three regular sessions a year. Its 43rd Regular Session, the first of the three this year, runs from 24 February 2020 until 20 March 2020. Leggi tutto
sexual harassment, workplace, project, Rosa, #MeToo Time's Up, project, Fawcett Society, WRDA, Close the Gap, Chwarae Teg, “If we are to end sexual harassment, we need widespread cultural change.”Four women’s organisations, one each from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, have come together to collaborate on a project which aims to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace.Funded by Rosa, the UK fund
RCN, Royal College of Nursing, Oxford Brookes University, study, nursing, university graduates, pay, old-fashioned view, women caring, , ‘Old-fashioned’ perceptions persist of nursing as a job carried out by women for whom caring is ‘natural’. Nine out of 10 nurses in the UK are women. Their weekly pay is on average £15.42 per hour, which is less than a third of that of doctors and dentists. Leggi tutto
COVID-19, joint call, 50 signatures, women and girls, government measures, Coronavirus, Fawcett Society, event series,Caroline Criado Perez, Womens Budget Group, Southall Black Sisters Taxpayers’ money is being spent without consideration of the specific challenges women are facing. A wide range of women’s organisations have signed a joint call for women and girls to be made visible, to be heard and have their needs met during the Coronavirus crisis response. Leggi tutto
LabourList, low-skilled workers, brightest and best, Corona virus pandemic, Covid-19, frontline staffOur country is relying on workers deemed as ‘low-skilled’.By Kelly GrehanOver the last few days, we have entered a world that feels very different to that which we unknowingly enjoyed just weeks ago.It seems like a lifetime ago now – but just a month ago headlines were concerned with Home
racial disparities, women's healthcare, poor outcomes, policy statement, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, RCOG, recommendations, government action, medical training“We need to pinpoint the exact causes of these disparities in order to tackle them.”The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) has called for the government to tackle the issues related to racial disparities in women’s healthcare in the UK.And it said swift action is needed
National Audit Office, report, DWP, deaths by suicide, letter, Stephen Timms, Chair, Secretary of State, “…it is entirely possible that opportunities to prevent further deaths or harm have been missed.”The Chair of the Work and Pensions Committee, Stephen Timms MP, has written to Thérèse Coffey MP, who is the Secretary of State at the Department for Work and Pensions, about the Department’s
conception, abortion, #stateofchildhealth, RCPCH, report, health inequality, The UK still falls behind comparable high income countries in Europe and beyond.The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) published its State of Child Health 2020 report this week.This is the largest ever compilation of data on the health of babies, children and young people
Health Visiting in England, Institute of Health Visiting, survey, health visitors, budget cuts, The government’s pledge to give every child the best start in life left in tatters after cuts.Many health visitors in England are no longer able to protect vulnerable families after devastating cuts to public health budgets.Public health budget cuts which have left health visiting services
Endometriosis UK, AllParty Parliamentary Group on Endometriosis, inquiry, NICE guidelines regarding minimum care ‘have yet to be implemented’.Everyone with endometriosis is being urged to respond to a call for evidence after MPs have launched an inquiry into endometriosis.The inquiry will see patients and healthcare practitioners share their first-hand experiences
Solicitor General, Michael Ellis QC MP, coercive and controlling behaviour, Court of Appeal, lentient sentence, prison sentence, Joshua Dalgarno, violence, pregnant partnerSolicitor General intervened “to send a message that cases of domestic abuse are treated seriously.”A man who used abusive and violent behaviour to control his partner has had his sentence increased following intervention by the Solicitor General, the Rt Hon Michael Ellis QC MP, who presented
asylum-seeking women, fearful, at risk, destitute, Home Office, rape, torture, Women for Refugee Women, report, #SistersNotStrangers, IWD2020Immediate steps should be taken to ensure the safety of women experiencing – or at risk of – violence.Women for Refugee Women, together with their regional partners Women Asylum Seekers Together Manchester, Coventry Asylum and Refugee Action Group and Women with Hope Birmingham, have launched
Court of Appeal, Attorney General, religious marriage, abusive husbands, Southall Black Sisters, One Law for All, Akhter v Khan, Decision leaves minority women exposed to deception by abusive husbands.In what can only be described as a sad and distressing judgement, the Court of Appeal has ruled that women who are unable to register their marriage in accordance with the law are not entitled to financial remedies on the
Nottingham, Consent Coalition, Do you get consent, resources, consent, survey, posters, support, sexual abuse, rape, Your Journey, “No one should have to experience sexual violence or abuse.” Did you know that removing a condom during sex without getting the consent of your sexual partner is rape? Did you know that you need to get consent for sexual activity even from the person you are in a relationship with? Leggi tutto