Women's Aid, 2019 report, No Woman Turned Away, project, accessing a safe refuge, Every survivor should receive the right support, the first time they ask for it. The national domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid launched its No Woman Turned Away report 2019 earlier this week. Between 12 January 2018 and 11 January 2019 the No Woman Turned Away project worked with 309 women who were left with nowhere to turn as they fled domestic abuse. Leggi tutto
Flex for All, campaign, flexitime, Day 1, all jobs, all advertisements, Fawcett Society, Young Women's Trust, TUC“Allowing people more flexibility in how and when they do their work makes them happier and more productive.”Campaigners want to change the law so that employers have to publish flexible working options in job advertisements, or justify why the job can not be done flexibly – and so that if you
briefing, End Violence Against Women and Girls Coalition, EVAW, Police and Crime Commissioners, working for women and girls. sexual violence, domestic abuse, elections, 2020Does the devolution of policing power really work for women and girls?A Briefing Paper published by the End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAW) found that the 42 Police and Crime Commissioners’ responses to domestic violence, sexual violence and other forms of violence against women and
Jeremy Corbyn, speech, Corby, 19 August 2019, While Brexit is the framework of the crisis we face, the problems facing our country run much deeper.Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, in a speech in Corby earlier this week, said: I’m sure I don’t need to convince anyone here that as we look towards the return of parliament in
HomeworkersWorldwide, Manchester, textile and garment industry, study, low pay, exploitation, Leicester, We need to address the serious issues identified in this and other research into the UK’s textile and garment industry.A new study which looked into conditions in Manchester factories includes reports from workers that £4 a hour – less than half the minimum wage – is a standard rate of pay
Frank Fields, Maria Miller, Baroness Butler-Sloss, inquiry, human trafficking, sexual exploitation, England and Wales, robust laws, The problem is growing and needs to be addressed urgently.A cross-party panel, led by MPs Frank Field and Maria Miller and Baroness Butler-Sloss, has launched an inquiry into trafficking for sexual exploitation in England and Wales.The inquiry is a follow-up to the government’s commissioned
consultation, police, policing protestsThey want to ensure that they can identify good practice based on the best available evidence.A long-awaiting consultation is underway on new guidance for policing protests: three years after a commitment to review the advice to officers, the College of Policing is seeking comments on two new
Scottish Women’s Rights Centre, new specialist legal service, sexual harassment, Rosa, the TUC, the Everyday Sexism Project,“Helping to build a culture where sexual harassment is not tolerated.”The Scottish Women’s Rights Centre (SWRC) has just launched a new specialist legal service to provide legal information, advice and representation to women who have experienced sexual harassment at work, in further education
Everyone needs to take action to prevent this heinous crime.Human trafficking is a crime that exploits women, children and men for numerous purposes including forced labour and sex.Every country in the world is affected by human trafficking, whether as a country of origin, of transit, or the
Women's Budget Group, report, women and housing, renting, homelessness, purchasing power, recommendations for changeThe majority of statutory homeless people are women.Rising house prices and the gender pay gap means that there is no region in England where a single woman on median earnings can afford to rent or buy an averagely priced house, according to a new report.The report, ‘A home of her own
House of Commons Commission, Gemma White report, bullying, sexual harassment, MPs staff, statement, debate,Hansard,‘The problem of bullying and harassment is sufficiently widespread to require an urgent collective response.’In 2017, the House of Commons Commission appointed Dame Laura Cox to carry out an enquiry into bullying and harassment in the Commons Service.  The ensuing Laura Cox report was published
Women and Equalities Committee, inquiry, prostitution, inequality, harms, written submissions, closing date, 20 September 2019‘We will look at prostitution with a focus on inequalities and harm.’The Women and Equalities Committee has launched a new inquiry into prostitution.The Committee will be looking at:What harms are associated with buying and selling sex?How effective are government policies in tackling
mothers in prison, report, children's rights, maternity, sentencing, data collection, Harriet Harman, Joint Committee on Human Rights‘The harmful effects on a child of a mother going to prison start at sentencing and continue for years’.The Joint Committee on Human Rights has published its report on the ‘Right to family life: Children whose mothers are in prison’.An estimated 17,000 children each year are separated from
Maternity Action, Royal College of Midwives, duty of care, report, research, midwives, NHS charges, pregancy, vulnerable women, Home Office sanctionsWomen affected by NHS charges “are some of the most vulnerable people in our society”.Maternity Action has published the findings of its new research that examined the impact that the National Health Service’s charging policy was is having on midwives.The research, the first of its kind to
Close the Gap, women's work patterns, change, flexi-time, part-time, the right to request regulations, impact, report, Scotland,Enabling flexible working is a critical component in closing Scotland’s gender pay gap.The right to request flexible working was extended to all employees on 30 June 2014.The aim was to increase the quality and availability of flexible jobs in the UK.And all employees have the legal right
British Red Cross, Hestia Ashiana, research, report, recommendations, support, survivors of trafficking, National Referral MechanismSpecialist support would prevent them falling back into the hands of traffickers.Three charities have said they are concerned that victims of trafficking are being forced into homelessness, destitution and further exploitation due to the lack of support made available to them.New research
Northern Ireland, Department of Justice, consultation, cross examination, perpetrator, domestic violence, family courtsConsultation on prohibition of cross-examination in family proceedings launched.Northern Ireland’s Department of Justice has launched a consultation on protecting victims of domestic abuse from being cross-examined by the perpetrator in family courts.The Department particularly welcomes the
call for evidence, Ministry of Justice, family courts, rights of children, domestic abuse, “We will be engaging with victims across the country to make sure we are doing all we can to protect them further”.Survivors of domestic abuse and other harmful conduct are being invited to share their experiences of how well the family courts protects them and their children in private family
Women and Equalities Committee, report, Equality Act 2010, enforcement, equality law, no longer fit for purpose, Equality and Human Rights Commission, EHRC “Our report sets out exactly what needs to be done.”The Women and Equalities Committee has published its report ‘Enforcing the Equality Act: the law and the role of the Equality and Human Rights Commission‘ after its year-long inquiry.And has said the individual approach to enforcement of
Zero Tolerance, violenca against women, Scotland, 4-page summary, what we can do, end violence against women and girlsPrimary prevention is a long-term strategy, preventing violence from ever happening.The campaign group Zero Tolerance recently launched a 4-page summary outlining how we can end violence against women and girls in Scotland.The briefing, ‘Primary prevention of violence against women and
Big Brother Watch, report, police, the police's data investigation of victims, Digital Strip Searches, report,Digital interrogations have so far been used almost exclusively for complainants of rape and serious sexual offences.We increasingly leave a data trail everywhere we go, and such data is sought in criminal investigations.But research by civil liberties group Big Brother Watch has revealed
Latin American Women's Rights Service, LAWRS, report, employment, abuse, The Unheard Workforce, Experiences of Latin American migrant women,,cleaning, hospitality, domestic workThere is an urgent need for greater regulation and enforcement of labour legislation.The Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) has launched its latest report: ‘The Unheard Workforce: Experiences of Latin American migrant women in cleaning, hospitality and domestic work’.It presents an
House of Lords, bullying, harassment, inquiry, Ellenbogen report, House of Lords Commission“Bullying and harassment have no place in the House of Lords.”In December 2018, Naomi Ellenbogen QC was appointed to conduct an inquiry into the nature and extent of bullying and harassment – including sexual harassment and any systemic behaviours – experienced by past and present members of
school uniform, monopoly, pricing, transparency, Labour behind the Label, Trutex, petition, letter, Competition and Markets Authority, CMA, Gavin WIlliamson, School uniform monopolies leave parents in both a financial and an ethical bind.Trutex, the UK’s largest specialist school wear brand, produce uniforms and sportswear for thousands of schools throughout the UK and worldwide.Yet Trutex is failing to provide any information at all on where its
off on holiday, womensviewsonnews.org A few days off. Back on 4 September. In the meantime: there’s things to look at, read, sign, do, on our facebook page. And if you come across something you think needs covering, let us know: email us wvon2012[at]gmail.com. Thanks. Leggi tutto
Claire Waxman, London Victims Commissioner, rape review, MOPAC, University of West London, Reflections and Recommendations And we still have some way to go to dispel underlying myths and stereotypes. A comprehensive review of rape cases in London has revealed that only three per cent of rape allegations result in a conviction and that the accused is known to the victim in the vast majority of cases. Leggi tutto
Ministry of Defence, report, Inappropriate Behviours, bullying, sexual harassment, complaints, OmbudsmanThe challenge of inappropriate behaviour can only be addressed through a determined effort by the whole force.A series of new measures have been announced to address inappropriate behaviour in the British military.This follows a report on ‘Inappropriate Behaviours’ released by the Ministry of
EVAW Coalition, letter, Boris Johnson, rape trials, no charges, no trial, one in 65, Home Office figures, The collapse in rape prosecutions calls for urgent leadership.The End Violence Against Women Coalition, a coalition of over 80 specialist women’s organisations, has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking for immediate action following new Home Office statistics that show only 1.5 per
petition, Prospect, trade union, report, gender pension gap, no government policiesThere is no government estimate of the gender pension gap nor are there any policies to address it.A petition has been started calling on the government to take action to tackle gender inequality in pensions.Research by Prospect, a Trade Union that represents professionals, managers
Sexual Violence in Further Education, sutdy, NUS, report, This culture has been normalised to such an extent that unhealthy sexual behaviour has become harder to identify.Research by NUS Women’s Campaign has found that sexual harassment is rife in the lives of further education students, at their colleges, on social media and public
Scottish Parliament, elections, 2021, selecting candidates, Women 50:50, email, SNP, Scottish Greens, Scottish Labour, getting women into seatsParties do have the option to take action right now and ensure more women get in to Holyrood.Internal political party discussions are heating up as selections take place for Scottish Parliament candidates.In the 2016 election, the SNP, Scottish Labour and the Greens either met the 50 per cent
PCCs, Police and Crime Commissioners, EVAW Coalition, briefing paper, violence againt women and girls, haphazardSurvey of all 42 Police and Crime Plans found ‘haphazard’, unreliable responses to gender-based violence.A briefing paper published recently by the End Violence Against Women Coalition this week has found the 42 Police and Crime Commissioners’ responses to domestic violence, sexual violence and
Sink Without Trace, exhibition, migrant deaths at sea, P21 Gallery, Lucy Wood, Maya Ramsay,Migrant’s graves are marked with numbers not names; the majority of their bodies are unidentified. Sink Without Trace, an exhibition held at the P21 Gallery, in Chalton Street, London, presented work on the subject of migrant deaths at sea.Through drawing, painting, photography, printmaking
report, two-child limit, Universal Credit, child poverty, All Kids Count, impact of policy, Church of England, Child Poverty Action GroupThe arguments advanced for the policy fall away as soon as you listen to the testimony of people who are affected.The first detailed research on the impact of the two-child limit in tax credits and universal credit, ‘All Kids Count: the impact of the two-child limit after two years’, published