Natalie Bird, Liberal Democrats, LibDems, women's rights, Declaration, sex based rights, sign ‘We would like the Party to accept that there are differences that must be discussed’. Women in the Liberal Democrats party have launched their own #WomensPledge sex based rights declaration. Natalie Bird, one of the women in the LibDems who are concerned about the erosion of their sex based rights, has posted a Declaration of Women’s Sex Based Rights under her name: Leggi tutto
Katherine Stamp, inquest, conclusion, anti-psychotic drug Clozapine, The Dene, Surrey and Borders NHS Trust, INQUEST “I hope the conclusions of this inquest will be followed up to ensure the same failings are not repeated.” Katharine Stamp, known to her family as Kate, was 30 years old when she died in the care of The Dene hospital in Sussex at some point in the early hours of 26 March 2015. Leggi tutto
letter, the Guardian, Conservative party, pledge, NHS, not for sale, privatisation, campaigners, refute party comments, We Own It, Keep the NHS PublicWe urgently need new legislation that ends the privatisation of healthcare.Campaigners and activists are urging candidates from all parties who aim to be MPs to sign a pledge protecting the National Health Service from further privatisation.In a letter to the Guardian, they wrote: It is
Maternity Action, challenge, government policy, NHS charges, destitute pregnant women, vulnerable migrant women, fundraising, crowdjusticetheir children, Stop charging destitute migrant women and their children for NHS care.The charity Maternity Action has launched a legal challenge to the government’s policy of charging destitute migrant pregnant women £7,000 or more to access NHS maternity care.The charity also challenges the charging of
Charlotte Nokes, death in prison, inquest delayed, questions unanswered, family fundraising, INQUEST, Colston Reort, failings, women in prison Why was Charlie Nokes allowed to die in prison? The inquest into the death of IPP prisoner Charlotte Nokes at HMP Peterborough, due to start on Monday, has been delayed. Charlotte Nokes was 38 when she died at HMP Peterborough, a private prison run by Sodexo. Leggi tutto
TUC, analysis, new report, sick pay threshold, part-time workers, zero-hours workers, women, scrap sick-pay threshold“The government needs to get on and protect every worker if they fall sick.”One in 10 women workers do not earn enough to qualify for statutory sick pay, according to TUCanalysis published recently.Research found that 1.4 million women employees earn less than £118 a week – the qualifying
Bristol University, bullying, statement of support, Raquel Rosario Sánchez, women's rights groups, discussion,disciplinary action, trans-identified student, Concerns that University of Bristol did nothing to ensure student’s safety during escalation.Statement of Support for Raquel Rosario Sánchez:We the undersigned would like to express our support for Raquel Rosario Sánchez, a feminist writer and researcher from the Dominican Republic who is
TUC report, literature review, No Deal Brexit, impact, women's rights, workers right, the economyNew report sets out the cost to working people of crashing out of the European Union.The TUC has accused the government of trying to keep the public “in the dark” about the true impact of a no-deal Brexit.A new TUC report – published at the weekend after a review of a range of literature –
Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services, HMICFRS, report, Shining a light on betrayal: abuse of position for a sexual purpose.And more than 10 per cent of the police workforce did not have up-to-date vetting, says report.Police forces need to do more to ensure they are able to detect and root-out ‘abuse of position for a sexual purpose’ by officers and staff, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire &
Women's Aid, launch, LoveRespect website, support teenage girls, challenge myths, coercive control, “Having a bad boyfriend shouldn’t be an acceptable rite of teen passage.”Women’s Aid launched its #LoveRespect website earlier this month, set up to support teenage girls at risk of relationship abuse and to challenge myths surrounding the nature of coercive control.The new website, which
Fair Cop, open letter, Sussex Police, WPUK meeting, Brighton, discuss women's rights, police failure, aggressive mobFair Cop is deeply concerned by Sussex Police’s failure to act against an aggressive and intimidating mob.By Harry Miller, Executive Director, Fair Cop.I am writing to you as Executive Director of Fair Cop, a human rights organisation comprised of serving and former police officers
Ending sexual harassment, what will it take, UN Women, publication, cultural change, training issues, #MeToo Conference, IcelandNew publication a framework of standards to address the calls for fundamental change.UN Women has launched a new publication which aims to support the fight against – even end – sexual harassment.Entitled ‘What will it take? Promoting cultural change to end sexual harassment‘ it offers
ROFA, Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance, disabled people's manifesto, asks for first 100 days, Political parties  truly commit to co-producing policies with disabled people and their organisations.According to Age UK more than 50,000 older disabled people have died waiting – in vain – for care during the 700 days since the government first said it would publish a social care Green
women's rights, declation, Labour Women's Declaration, GRA, Labour party manifesto 2017, sex-based violence, All proposals should be audited for their effect on women and girls.Three hundred Labour Party activists and supporters, among them three MSPs and 24 Labour councillors, have launched a declaration on women’s sex-based rights — and are calling for more people to sign up.The declaration, which
National Literacy Trust, Let Toys be Toys, poster, schools, gender stereotypingGender stereotypes close down worlds for children, limit reading choices and aspirations.The National Literacy Trust has teamed up with Let Toys Be Toys to create a poster for teachers with top tips to challenge gender stereotyping through literacy, language and play in the classroom.Gender
WRDA, report, Northern Belfast Womens Voives Project, charter, women of Northern Ireland, discusion, report launch, September‘There is a feeling that certain vested interests want to keep the women divided and suspicious’.The final report of the North Belfast Women’s Voices Project – including a women’s charter for change that tackles head on some of the most challenging issues facing Northern Ireland’s communities –
open letter, Law Commissioners, surrogacy consultation, criticism of methodolgy, mother's health, child's rights ignored, pimping, grooming, abuseNo to womb rental: the risks are profound and include death.A recent consultation on surrogacy was unacceptably and illegally biased towards the predetermined outcome of allowing the exploitation of women’s child bearing through financial coercion.We cannot allow commercial surrogacy to go
RIBA, members' letter, Boris Johnson, strip honorary fellowship, “We are aware of the concerns that have been raised,” a spokesperson said.Members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), including a past president, have signed a letter calling for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to be stripped of his honorary fellowship, Dezeenreported
UNFPA report, trends in maternal mortality 2000-2017, preventable deaths, worldwide ratios, UNFPA Executive Director Dr Natalia KanemThe average annual rate of reduction in maternal mortality has been just 2.9 per cent.Data from 2017 show that approximately 810 women have died each day of preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.This is a roughly 38 per cent decline in the global maternal mortality ratio
CPS, Crown Prosecution Service, report, violence against women and girls, 2018-19, Max Hill, DPP, reivew, rape charging decisions, quarterly reports, changeA frank conversation about the reasons for the fall in referrals, charges, prosecutions and convictions is needed.The most recent figures on prosecutions involving violence against women and girls (VAWG) were released by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) earlier this month.The report
Click Off, End Abuse, campaign, pornography in the UK, letter to CPS, Crown Prosecution Service, consider pornography's role, court cases, violence against women and girlsConsider the impact of pornography on all of those involved in the process of administering justice.The campaign group Click Off Pornography and End Abuse was formed to demonstrate the links between male sexual violence and pornography and aims to raise awareness about the harms of pornography
open letter, 30 independent UN experts, curb hate speech‘The rhetoric of hatred must be countered, as it has real-life consequences.’Thirty independent UN experts have joined together to publish an open letter calling on States and social media firms to take action to curb the spread of hate speech.They warn that generalising and describing entire
Council of Europe, definition, sexism, campaign, Recommendations, hashtag #stopsexism, slogan “See it. Name it. Stop it.”And launches awareness and anti-sexism action campaigns.In March 2019, the 47-state Council of Europe Committee of Ministers adopted a new Recommendation on Preventing and Combating Sexism.Not only did this text contain the first ever internationally agreed definition of sexism, but it also
Southall Black Sisters, One Law for All, Sharia courts, Muslim marriage, Matrimonial Law, “This is not about recognising religious marriages; it is about the state guaranteeing equality to all before the law.”On 31 July 2018, Mr Justice Williams, a family court judge, decided that Nasreen Akhter was entitled to a decree of nullity of marriage, following the break-up of her 18-year, temporarily closed, family crisis,@newsaboutwomen, Twitter, facebook, news about women Womensviewsonnews is taking a few days off. Need to concentrate on sorting out a family crisis. Have a look at our facebook page, if you haven’t already. Or see what’s on our Twitter feed. Back as soon as. Leggi tutto
Young women's Trust, survey, sexual harassment at work, #MeToo, fired for reporting, reinstate Section 40, Equality Act 2010, employers' dutiesReinstate Section 40 of the Equality Act 2010.Two years on from the #MeToo movement, one in four young women say they would be reluctant to report sexual harassment at work for fear of losing their job, according to a survey by the charity Young Women’s Trust.And despite TUC research showing
BHF, coronary heart disease, myth, women's symptoms, misdiagnosis, report‘Women who have heart attacks experience the same key symptoms as men’.Stark inequalities in awareness, diagnosis and treatment of heart attacks are needlessly killing women every day in the UK.Women are twice as likely to die of coronary heart disease, the main cause of heart attack, as
letter, Priti Patel, Home Secretary, review decision, buffer zones, nationwide, abortion clinics, harassment, women's right, health issue, Was the evidence provided to the review team even communicated in full to the Minister?In the last year, 34 abortion clinics in England and Wales have had protests outside them.We know first-hand the harassment and intimidation carried out by these so-called protests.And we were
Age UK, report, domestic abuse, elderly people, report, No Age Limit, Domestic Abuse Bill, Queen's SpeechA way must be found to collect essential data from people aged 75 and over.Age UK is calling on the government to ensure the voices of older people are heard, their rights are protected and their needs included in domestic abuse legislation that it must bring forward at the earliest
Crown Prosecution Service, CPS, four convictions, 'upskirting', illegal, new legislation, April 2019, prison sentence, community serivce, sex offenders register“The CPS takes this behaviour extremely seriously and anyone engaging in it can expect to face criminal charges.”Four men have so far been convicted under the new legislation that made upskirting illegal and came into force in England and Wales in April this year, the Crown Prosecution Service
European Women's Lobby, EWL, conference, 14-18 October, week of action, ending prostitution, Nordic Model, Equality model, decriminalise prostituted people, Brussels’ Call partnersThere is still not a single country in the world where women are completely free from male violence.We have witnessed much progress on many aspects of equality between women and men, something that is inspired by women’s resilience and their fight to push for more equality all over the
John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, anouncement, free personal care, point of use, England, next Labour governmentWelcome plans, given that women bear the brunt of the current care crisis.Labour’s Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced that the next Labour government would make personal social care free at the point of use as part of the expansion of Labour’s proposed Universal Basic
EVAW Coalition, short report, Let's Talk About Sex, YouGov, survey, calling for discussion, attitudes, gatekeeing“This report shows how far we’ve got to go in changing outdated ideas about women as sexual gatekeepers.”A coalition of UK women’s groups published the results of a YouGov survey and a short report on British adults’ views on sexual practices recently.The survey revealed widely held views
Women's Aid, 2019 report, No Woman Turned Away, project, accessing a safe refuge,Every survivor should receive the right support, the first time they ask for it.The national domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid launched its No Woman Turned Away report 2019 earlier this week.Between 12 January 2018 and 11 January 2019 the No Woman Turned Away project worked with 309 women