House of Lords, bullying, harassment, inquiry, Ellenbogen report, House of Lords Commission “Bullying and harassment have no place in the House of Lords.” In December 2018, Naomi Ellenbogen QC was appointed to conduct an inquiry into the nature and extent of bullying and harassment – including sexual harassment and any systemic behaviours – experienced by past and present members of the House of Lords and their staff, and administration staff employed by the House of Lords. Leggi tutto
report, two-child limit, Universal Credit, child poverty, All Kids Count, impact of policy, Church of England, Child Poverty Action GroupThe arguments advanced for the policy fall away as soon as you listen to the testimony of people who are affected.The first detailed research on the impact of the two-child limit in tax credits and universal credit, ‘All Kids Count: the impact of the two-child limit after two years’, published
UN Women’s Executive Director, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka , Call to Action, Annual Summit of the Women Political Leaders, women in politics, Beijing Platform for Action Women and girls around the world continue to face an unprecedented set of challenges.At the Annual Summit of the Women Political Leaders (WPL) at the House of Representatives in Tokyo, Japan, UN Women’s Executive Director, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka launched a Call to Action to ensure that
letter, Theresa May, ban fracking, ‘…we consider a complete and outright ban the only responsible decision’.In a letter delivered to the Prime Minister earlier this week, a group of 143 doctors, nurses and health specialists has called on Theresa May to ban fracking in her final fortnight in office.The group – Concerned Health
EVAW Coalition, 30 women's groups, letters, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, leadership candidates, support policies, end violence against women and girls, pledge, end sexual violence, domestic abuse, Violence against women and girls deserves political attention and leadership because of the damage it does.Over 30 women’s groups have written letters to the two Conservative Party leader candidates Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson asking them to make specific pledges to tackle domestic and sexual
UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, Philip Alston,report, poverty in the UK, 50 signatories, open letter, demand action, end poverty, ‘Deep cuts to public services do not work and work does not pay for too many people’.Last week, the UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, Philip Alston, presented his report on UK poverty in front of the UN Human Rights Council.In his summary he said: ‘although  the 
Ella Daish, plastic-free period products, petition, Plastic is clearly not needed in period products.Conventional period products contain up to 90 per cent plastic and are constantly being manufactured, are used for between 4-8 hours, then disposed of.They then take over 500 years to break down – meaning that if Jane Austen had used them hers
Boris Johnson, row, weekend news, call the police, Cressida Dick, women's groups, open letterAsk if they are ok. Tell someone. Call the police.On New Year’s Day 2019 Karen Ingala Smith recorded the 1,000th woman killed by a man on the website Counting Dead Women which she started seven years ago.As of 15 June 2019 at least 47 women in the UK have been killed by men – or a man is the
Letter, child poverty, First Minister, 70 signatories, kids can't wait, new income supplement Kids can’t wait for new income supplement: we must act sooner than 2022.More than 70 leaders and organisations and academics from Scottish society have joined together to call on the First Minister to speed up the introduction of a new income supplement to tackle child poverty.Women’s groups
letter, The Guardian, 17 June 2019, police, domestic extremists, secret files, peaceful protest, political opinionUK law ‘is too vague to provide adequate protection against the arbitrary use of police powers’.Over the last eight years the Network For Police Monitoring, (Netpol), has campaigned to highlight the increasing evidence that the police are categorising campaigners as ‘domestic extremists’
CWJ, DPP, CPS, voyeurism, Emily Hunt, crowdfunder, Unless we take the CPS to court, this will continue. And it needs to not continue.The Centre for Women’s Justice launched a second judicial review this week against the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), this time on behalf of Emily Hunt – who has waived her anonymity – to challenge the
The continued lack of funding “reflects the deeply entrenched inequalities of power”.It is estimated that on average less than USD2 is allocated to each woman or girl at risk of gender-based violence – or male on female violence – in crisis and conflict settings by gender-based violence (GBV)
Goernment Equalities Office, UK government, consultation, sexual harassment at work, employers duties, current law, Equality Act 2010, Do the current laws on this issue provide the protections they are supposed to?Sexual harassment has been against the law for decades, and strong, clear laws against it are set out in the Equality Act 2010.Sexual harassment can include sexual comments or jokes; physical behaviour, including
Clare's Law, your right to ask, the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse Scotland, domestic abuse, partner is at risk, disclosure, record of violence, police, informed decision, You have the right to ask the police if you think your partner or a friend’s might be dangerous. The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme – known as Clare’s Law – is intended to provide information that could protect someone from being attacked. Leggi tutto
Remember Srebrenica, Sebrenica Memorial Week 2019, Rape Crisis England and Wales, origami, roses, lilies, genocide, sexual violence, Greater Serbia We must highlight the importance of standing up to hatred and division. The name Srebrenica has become synonymous with the dark days in July 1995 when, in the first ever United Nations declared safe area, thousands of men and boys were systematically murdered and buried in mass graves. Leggi tutto
men, petition, rape accused, anonymity, women's groups, protest, naming vital, other victims, Witnesses who came forward did so because they saw there were other accusations, and it was not just them.Earlier this week a group of well-known men launched a petition calling for anonymity for sexual offence suspects, renewing a debate that women’s rights groups have had to argue before.DJ
abortion rights, US news, heartbeat, embryo, electric current, letter, BBC, “Now more than ever, we must stand up to dangerous misinformation.”The BBC has said it will not stop labelling attempts to ban abortion after six weeks as “heartbeat bills” – despite conceding that the phrase is biased and medically inaccurate.A coalition of four leading reproductive
TUC alliance, campaign, petition, government, make employers responsible, sexual harassment at work, #ThisIsNotWorking“It’s shocking that in 2019 so many people experience sexual harassment and assault while at work.”The TUC, women’s rights organisations and charities have launched a joint campaign calling on the government to introduce a new law to make employers responsible for protecting their staff from
INQUEST, inquest, narrative conclusion, Lisa Skidmore, probation office failures, police failures, rape, murder, arsonUntil violence against women is taken seriously by authorities the deaths will continue.The inquest into the homicide of Lisa Skidmore concluded recently with the jury returning a narrative conclusion finding multiple failures by the police and the probation services more than minimally
The Women and Equalities Committee, report, non-disclosure agreements, NDAs, harassment, discrimination, bullying‘A convenient vehicle for covering up unlawful activity with legally sanctioned secrecy’.The Women and Equalities Committee’s report on the use of non-disclosure agreements in discrimination cases, published recently, shows unequivocally that in many cases signing a non-disclosure agreement is
Women’s Budget Group, Surviving Economic Abuse, End Violence Against Women Coalition, report, social security systems, failures, protect women and girls, abuse and violence, recommendations, government action‘This report reveals that the current system sets the scene for domestic abuse’.Social security systems throughout the UK are failing survivors of violence and abuse when they need help the most, according to a new report launched recently by the Women’s Budget Group, Surviving Economic Abuse
'same roof rule', Criminal Injuries Compensation, child sexual abuse, sexual and violent offences, abolished, 13 June 2019‘It was ridiculous to expect children to take responsibility for their own abuse like that’.The so-called ‘same roof rule’, which has unfairly denied many victims and survivors access to the Criminal Injuries Compensation they deserve following child sexual abuse and other sexual and violent
Joint Committee on the Draft Domestic Abuse Bill, report, Draft Domestic Abuse Bill, recmmends amendments, domestic abuse victims, Domestic Abuse Commissioner, provisions extended to Northern Ireland,Committee makes detailed and wide-ranging recommendations that affect many aspects of the Bill.The Joint Committee on the Draft Domestic Abuse Bill has published its report on the government’s proposed Domestic Abuse Bill – and has called for it to be amended to give greater protection to
UNFPA, State of World Population 2019, the reproductive rights movements‘The cost of inaction is simply too high: more women and girls dying… more unsafe abortions…’The global reproductive rights movement that began in the 1960s transformed the lives of hundreds of millions of women, enabling them to govern their own bodies and shape their own futures.But despite
Rachel Reeves MP, Citizens' Assembly, climate change, letter, Philip Hammond, series of questions, net zero 2050, UN IPCC report, 1.5C, Greta Thunberg,“The job now” is to get on with mapping out the path to achieve a net-zero target for carbon emissions by 2050.Rachel Reeves MP, Chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee wrote to Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, recently, with a series of questions
Fawcett Society, research, women councillors, women in local government, 2019 elections, maternity leave, Local government has a disproportionate impact on women’s lives so needs to have women’s voices heard.New data from the Fawcett Society, following the 2019 local government elections, has found that women make up just 35 per cent of councillors throughout England.After 8,410 councillors were
Ministry of Justice, Law Commission, review, image-based sexual abuse, report, Professor Clare McGlynn, Dr Kelly Johnson, Professor Erika Rackley, EVAW‘Urgent legal changes needed to protect victims of image-based sexual abuse.’The Ministry of Justice launched a Law Commission review of the law around the non-consensual taking, making and sharing of sexual images last week.Justice Minister Paul Maynard and Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright
Boris Johnson, 22 June 2019, Don't Be Bystander, domestic abuse, not a private matter, call the police, Domestic abuse kills over two women a week in England and Wales: don’t do nothing.In England, since reports of Boris Johnson’s behaviour on the weekend of 22 June, you’d not be mistaken for thinking we have returned to a time where ‘what happens behind closed doors’ is private, a family matter
Scottish government, new law, enhance protection, women and girls, at risk, Female Genital Mutilation, FGM, taking evidence“Female Genital Mutilation is a deeply abhorrent practice”The Scottish government published its ‘Female Genital Mutilation Bill’ last month, aimed at enhancing protection for women and girls who are at risk of Female Genital Mutilation.Female Genital Mutilation, (FGM), a procedure which
Violence and Harassment Convention 2019, Violence and Harassment Recommendation 2019, International Labour Conference, 108th session, Centenary Conference “The next step is to put these protections into practice.”A new Convention and accompanying Recommendation to combat violence and harassment in the world of work have been adopted by the International Labour Conference  (ILC), the UN’s agency dealing with world of work issues.Conventions are
Unison, survey, public workers, sexual harassment, sexual assault, NHS staff, colleagues, superiors, patients, Section 40, Equality Act 2010Staff should never have to face any kind of abuse, let alone sexually motivated insults and attacks.Nurses, care assistants, cleaners and other NHS staff have suffered lewd sexual insults, groping and even rape while at work, according to research published by UNISON, the trade union for people
Fixing fashion report, Government Response, Environmental Audit Committee, Labour Behing the Label, Modern Slavery, Leicester factoriesThe government ‘is content to tolerate practices that trash the environment and exploit workers’.The Environmental Audit Committee has published the Government Response to its report ‘Fixing Fashion Report: Clothing Consumption and Sustainability‘.The Committee’s report, published in February
open letter, Conservative leader candidates, abortion reform, OAPA, #NowForNI, London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign, Repeal Sections 58 and 59 of the Offences Against the Persons Act.Following the referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment in the Republic of Ireland last year, women in Northern Ireland will soon be the only women in the UK and Ireland who cannot access abortion when they need to.In Northern
End Violence Against Women Coalition, EVAW, crowdfunding, legal challenge, CPS, rape cases, covert change in policy, dropping casesThe failure to prosecute and deter rape makes us all less safe.The End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAW) has begun legal action against the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) claiming that the CPS has covertly changed its policy and practice in relation to decision-making on rape cases –