CPS, review, disclosure The police and the prosecutor each have clear duties to make sure that disclosure is conducted properly. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) published the outcome of its review of rape and serious sexual offences (RASSO) cases earlier this month. The CPS announced in January that its senior prosecutors were assessing all cases in England and Wales in which someone had been charged with rape or serious sexual assault. Leggi tutto
Ed Bridges, Liberty, South Wales Police, letter, automated facial recognition technology‘This sort of dystopian policing has no place in our city or any other.’A Cardiff resident launched the first legal challenge to a UK police force’s use of automated facial recognition (AFR) technology earlier this week.Ed Bridges – represented by human rights organisation Liberty – has
WNO, Lady Rhondda, Musical, Rhondda Rips It Up, suffragetteWelsh National Opera has chosen to celebrate the life of Lady Rhondda in a number of ways.Suffragette, activist and entrepreneur, Newport’s Lady Rhondda was one of many who paved the way for the equal rights for women.As well as campaigning tirelessly for women’s suffrage, she became the
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Plan UK, stigma, periods, toilet access, Menstrual ManifestoSteps need to be taken to improve young people’s experiences of having their period.The children’s charity Plan UK’s latest research shows that, around the world, girls’ experiences at school are contributing to a culture of embarrassment that they have to face, every month, when they get their
Northern Ireland, Mother and Baby Homes, forced adoption, trafficking, passports, inquiry“My baby was taken from me as soon as he was born. He was adopted against my knowledge or agreement.”Amnesty International is among those calling for an independent investigation into potential criminal activity at Mother and Baby Homes in Northern Ireland following a BBC investigation which
Equality Writes campaign, WGGB, report, Gender Inequality and Screenwriters, women TV writers, women film writers, 53 per cent ‘suggested they had seen evidence of discrimination over the course of their careers’.Only 16 per cent of working film writers in the UK are female, and 14 per cent of prime-time TV is female-written, according to a new, independent report commissioned by the writers’ union
Mayor of London, Our Time, #BehindEveryCity, women leaders“Equality won’t happen on its own. That can only change if we take proactive steps to change it.”The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has launched a new scheme to tackle the lack of women leaders.The initiative, called ‘Our Time: Supporting Future Leaders’, the first and largest-scale programme
End Violence Against Women coalition, briefing, justice, domestic abuse, migrant women and the hostile environment, DVA Bill consultationThere is clearly an urgent need to consider how to increase support and protection for migrant women.Migrant women living in the UK are disproportionately at risk from gendered violence including domestic violence, sexual violence, ‘honour-based’ violence, forced marriage, FGM and
INQUEST report, women in prison, deaths in prison, government inaction, Still Dying on the Inside“The whole system has to change so that other women don’t die.”Still Dying on the Inside: Examining deaths in women’s prisons, a new report released this week by the charity INQUEST, is calling for urgent action to save the lives of women in prison.The report documents the inappropriate use
Sex and Power 2018, Fawcett Society, report, women in business, women in the arts, quotas, flexitime“To get to where we are today, we’ve had to fight every step of the way. And we have to carry on fighting now.”For 2018, the centenary year of (some) women first getting the vote in parliamentary elections the Fawcett Society has brought together a new edition of the Sex and Power
fatal foetal abnormalities, Northern Ireland, working group, report published, abortion, Report recommends change in abortion law in Northern Ireland.Northern Ireland’s inter-departmental working group on the termination of pregnancies in fatal foetal abnormality cases published its report last week.It has recommended ‘that a change is made to abortion law to provide for
Engender, women's rights, CEDAW, Scots Law, report“Now is the time to ensure that we take every measure we can for women’s equality.”The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) is a UN Convention which was signed by the United Kingdom in 1981, and ratified in 1986.UN Conventions are signed by member
WomansPlaceUK, sex not gender, protected characteristics, model letter, local councils, gender incorrect, campaignSex is a protected characteristic.The Equality Act (2010) identifies 9 protected characteristics.They are:agedisabilitygender reassignmentmarriage and civil partnershippregnancy and maternityreligion or beliefracesexsexual orientationThese protected characteristics exist
Lush, #spycops, national campaign, The public inquiry’s Chair ‘is making the inquiry more secretive and is granting the police anonymity in secret hearings’.From 31 May to 18 June 2018, Police Spies Out of Lives and Lush will be hosting a national campaign to raise awareness of the ongoing undercover policing scandal, where
CIH, Chartered Institute of Housing, DAHA, Women's Aid, pledge, tackle domestic abuse, Signing up to put in place four commitments could make a real difference.The Chartered Institute of Housing, (CIH), the professional body for the housing sector, has launched a new campaign to tackle domestic abuse, and its president, Alison Inman, has said all housing organisations must play
Hestia, domestic abuse, sexual violence, survey, UK SAYS NO MORE, campaign, #WhatICanDo1 in 5 people didn’t do anything at all, half gave advice, 1 in 4 let the victim stay in their home.UK SAYS NO MORE is a national campaign launched by London charity Hestia in 2016 to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault across the UK.UK SAYS NO MORE seeks to unite – and
Ronald Feldman Gallery, exhibition, women in Holocaust and genocideUncovering the past to confront the present in order to include women’s stories as education for the future.The Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York recently exhibited work by more than thirty international artists who presented artistic representations of and reactions to sexual violence against
Teheran Proclamation, UNFPA, family planning, basic human right, under attackFifty years ago, it became official: Family planning is a human right.Fifty years ago, on 13 May, the world declared family planning to be a basic human right.Throughout all of human history, efforts to plan, avoid or delay pregnancy had been a private struggle endured by women and girls. But
SafeLives, Gentoo Group, report, domestic abuse, good housing response,Include perpetration of abuse as a breach of tenancy.Seven women a month are killed by a current or former partner in England and Wales and, every year, nearly 2 million people in the UK experience domestic abuse.SafeLives, a national charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse, and the
PIP and ESA, inquiry, Work and Pensions Committee report, government responseThe resistance from the Department of Work and Pensions to instituting recording is ‘bewildering’.The Work and Pensions Committee has published the government’s response to the committee’s two reports on PIP and ESA assessments.The Committee’s final report was published in February, and
Legal Aid, domestic violence victims, injunctions, costs, ‘Victims did not proceed because they were ordered to contribute to the legal costs’ and could not do so.More than 6,000 domestic abuse victims in England have been unable to get emergency court orders stopping their abusers from harming them, according to the National Centre for Domestic
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Fawcett Society, Young Women's Trust, invisible women, women and work, APPG on Sex Equality, reportWe need to see what seem to be invisible women.Over the course of 2016-2017, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Sex Equality focussed its work on understanding what can be done by government to take a more effective approach to understanding the discrimination, inequality and exclusion
abortion rights, Northern Ireland, #NowForNI,Campaign needs you to do two things…Following the referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment in the Republic of Ireland, women in Northern Ireland will soon be the only women in the UK and Ireland who cannot access abortion.In Northern Ireland, abortion is still prohibited, even in cases of rape
forced labour, exploitation, cocoa supply chains, tea supply chains, research, University of Sheffield, Ghana, IndiaEthical certification schemes are failing to combat forced labour in tea and cocoa supply chains.Labour exploitation including forced labour is endemic at the base of global tea and cocoa supply chains, according to a pioneering international study published by researchers at the University of
Women's Aid, Queen Mary University of London, report, family courts, domestic abuse, “The findings of this research are deeply concerning and require urgent attention from both the judiciary and the legal profession.”Women’s Aid and Queen Mary University of London have released a new report on domestic abuse, human rights and child contact cases in the family courts.The
honour-based violence, roadshow launch, awareness raising, Jeena, The Elm Foundation, The roadshow will conclude with a policy event in Westminster in October 2018. The 2018 Honour-Based Violence Roadshow is being launched on 30 May at an event where a range of academics, policymakers and local communities will share their experiences and work around honour-based violence and
CAP, consultation, new rule, guidance, sexual stereotyping, advertisementsTackling harmful gender stereotypes in advertising.The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has launched a public consultation on a new rule to tackle harmful gender stereotypes in advertisements, and on guidance to advertisers on how the new rule is likely to be interpreted in
#HomeToVote, London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign, Be My Yes, call your Mam, referendum, 25 May 2018Let’s do this for our sisters, daughters, mothers, wives, cousins, aunts, friends…From the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign:It’s hard to believe that long-awaited day – 25 May 2018 – is nearly here.But as we see pictures of posters and hear from concerned folks back home, we all know
Women, Peace and Security Focal Points Network meeting, Boris Johnson, funding, Network of Women Mediators, women from the CommonwealthWomen and girls are disproportionately affected by conflict but are also key to its resolution.About 150 representatives from UN Member States, regional and international organisations and civil society from around the world met in Berlin, Germany, for the annual capital-level Women, Peace and
‘Equally Safe in Higher Education’, toolkit, #EmilyTest, gender based violence, Scottish universities and colleges‘An important day for all Scottish students’.New practical guidance for universities has been published as a toolkit to help Scottish universities and colleges tackle gender-based harassment and violence on campuses.It was developed by Strathclyde University and in collaboration with a range
ISM, Dignity at Work, report, sexual harassment, bullying, music sector Gender discrimination and bullying, and high levels of sexual harassment were reported.The Incorporated Society of Musicians, (ISM), the UK’s professional body for musicians, has released its report into the level of sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and inappropriate behaviour in the
The Cumulative Impact of Tax and Welfare Reforms, EHRC, report, poverty, loss of income, Coalition, Conservative governmentWomen lose about £400 per year on average, and men only £30, for example.The final report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s research project looking at the effect of tax, welfare, social security and public spending has been released.The research looked at all of the changes