campaign launch, end sex for rent, housing issues, Wales, Housing Women Cymru, Shelter Cymru, end no fault evictions Offering accommodation in return for sex is a criminal offence. A campaign launched recently by Housing Women Cymru aims to raise awareness and end the offering of accommodation or reduced rent in return for sex or sexual acts. Shelter Cymru’s survey of private tenants carried out by YouGov in 2017 found that 3 per cent of female private tenants and 2 per cent of male private tenants in Wales had been offered sex for rent by a landlord within the previous five years. Leggi tutto
YouGov survey, EVAW Coalition, report, consent, rape, stealthing, CPS, prosecution figures, “These figures are alarming.”The results of YouGov survey just published, asking around 4,000 British people about their attitudes to rape and sexual violence, has shown that far too many people are still unsure what is actually rape.A third (33 per cent) of those surveyed said they thought
Bangladesh Accord, Rana Plaza, building collapse, tragedy, garment workers, Bangladesh, letter campaign, 6 December deadline, Letter campaign calls on the Prime Minister to support allowing Accord to continue.Five and a half years ago, after the deadliest manufacturing disaster ever – the Rana Plaza building collapse that killed at least 1,134 garment workers in Bangladesh – unions, NGOs, and consumers came together
Yarl's Wood, hunger strike, appalling conditions, stop charter flights, Home Office, end deportations, Stanstead 15, ‘The Home Office has been refusing evidence and documents and want to send us back without even looking at our cases.’Over 40 women in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre near Bedford have been on hunger strike this week protesting against a charter flight due to take traumatised women back
single ums, challenge, univversal credit working allowance, assessment day, High Court, London, 27 NovemberClaimants are unable to change the dates of their work allowance assessment period.Four single mums are in court this week to challenge the government over the Universal Credit (UC) payment system which is inflexible and doesn’t reflect reality.Danielle Johnson, 25, is a single mum who works
Amrit Wilson, book, republished, Finding a Voice, south Asian women, in Britain, gendered racism, The first text to document Asian women’s resistance to gendered racism in Britain.Amrit Wilson wrote Finding a Voice: struggles of South Asian women in response to institutional racism and a heightened awareness of gender inequality.First published in 1978, and winning the Martin Luther King
The Anti-Defamation League, report, When Women are the Enemy: The Intersection of Misogyny and White Supremacy, MRAs, incel, alt right, violence against women, feminism To fully comprehend either white supremacy or misogyny, we have to attempt to understand both. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) – a Jewish NGO based in the USA which fights antisemitism and all forms of bigotry – considers misogyny a dangerous and underestimated component of extremism. Leggi tutto
Fawcett Society, report, women candidates, women MPs, selection committees, ambition, money, Westminster culture, sexismStories of discrimination within political parties completely unacceptable.In the month of the 100-year anniversary of women winning the right to stand as MPs, a study published by the Fawcett Society found that women still face obstacles at every stage on the way to Parliament, particularly
Professor Philip Alston, official visit, extreme poverty, human rights, prostitution, NordicModelNow!, government policy‘Prostitution should never be considered an acceptable solution to women’s poverty’.The United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Professor Philip Alston, is undertaking an official visit to the UK from 6 to 16 November 2018.He is investigating the interlinkages
RSE, consulation, Draft RSE guidance, EVAW Coalition, letter, letting girls down, DfE, petition, rapeThis is not what was promised and you ‘could do better’.Last year the law was changed to make Relationships and Sex Education (‘RSE’) compulsory in all schools in England.The government consultation on a ‘Draft RSE Guidance’ document which sets out what all schools should cover in these
new manifesto, European coalition, Citizens for Science in Pesticide Regulation, conflicts of interest, pesticides regulatory systemrisk management system‘Major conflicts of interest exist in the pesticides regulatory system’.European regulators are letting the citizens of the EU down by allowing the use of harmful pesticides in agriculture and public green areas based on an ‘unfit for purpose’ risk assessment regime that relies on pesticide
CALM, Isle of Man, abortion bill, buffer zones,The first jurisdiction in the British Isles to decriminalise abortion.The Isle of Man’s Campaign for Abortion Law Modernisation (CALM) has delightedly announced that the Isle of Man’s House of Keys has voted to pass Dr Alex Allinson MHK’s Abortion Reform Bill 2018.Once the three new
Gibraltar, abortion consultation, women's rights, Supreme Court judgement, Northern Ireland, The UK’s Supreme Court judgement on the abortion law of Northern Ireland also affects Gibraltar.At present, abortion in Gibraltar is a criminal offence and prohibited in almost all circumstances, and people seeking abortion must travel, usually to Spain or the UK, for abortion care.Abortion
Sir John Gillen, review, judiciary, Northern Ireland, rape trial, Ulster Rugby players, preliminary report, 220 recommendations, public consultationThe consultation will remain open until Friday 15 January 2019Following the controversy surrounding the rape trial in Northern Ireland of two Ulster Rugby players earlier this year, Sir John Gillen was tasked to lead a major review into how serious sexual crimes are handled by the judicial
petition, guidelines, editors code, reporting domestic violence deaths, Level Up, IPSO, It is vital for the safety of women that domestic violence myths are not perpetuated.Every week in the UK, two women are murdered by a current or former partner.But when domestic violence deaths are reported in the media it is most often in a way that compromises the dignity of the deceased
16 Days, 25 November, 10 December, end violence against women and girls, UNiTE, world-wide campaign, #HearMeTooAnd stop violence against women and girls.For far too long, impunity, silence and stigma have allowed violence against women to escalate to pandemic proportions – for example that one in three women worldwide experience gender-based violence.The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based
Alliance4Choice, form, Select Committee, inquiry, abortion law in Northern Ireland, dAs many individuals as possible need to submit to this inquiry before 9 December.The UK Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee’s inquiry looking into abortion law in Northern Ireland is seeking evidence on the following questions:What are the views of the general public, women and
The Femedic, survey, women and contraception, ‘More time and money should be invested in developing forms of contraception to be taken by men’.Many people take one form or another of hormonal contraception for years and experience few, if any, bothersome side effects. For others, however, the side effects can be devastating or even
Leeds City Council, debate, Save Our Eyes, prostituted women, primary school children, pimps, drug dealers, Managed Approach to Prostitution, Holbeck and Beeston Hill residents “A ‘dirty man’ asked me for sex at a bus stop. I’m 13.” According to Leeds City Council’s own figures, over 9000 used, discarded condoms have been collected from the streets and parks of Holbeck and Beeston Hill so far in 2018. Leggi tutto
The Staunch Book Prize, inaugral shortlist, thriller novel, no female victim, Bridget Lawless, Doon Mackichan , Body Count RisingThe shortlist for the inaugral Staunch Book Prize has been announced.The Staunch Book Prize was founded by Bridget Lawless in order to create an alternative to the “overload of violence towards women in fiction”.It will be awarded to the author of a novel in the thriller genre – crime
Engender, disabled women, women's rights, contraception, parenting, report, Our Bodies Our Rights, conference‘We hope this report is the start of a conversation which will lead to real change’.Disabled women still face huge barriers in the realisation of their rights in Scotland when it comes to sex, reproductive health, parenting and parenting support, a new report just launched has said.In 2017
Kickstarter, Angela and Luchia, Invisible Women, lesbians, documentary, Manchester, distribution costs, The women’s story, particularly the story of regional working-class women, has largely been ignored.Invisible Women is a short documentary aiming to tell the untold story of the North West of England’s LGBTQ past over the last 50 years through the lens of two women’s incredible journey of
NICE, draft guidelines, MumsNet, Sling the Mesh, surgical mesh, stress urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapseRecommendations offer a range of options for treatment that don’t involve the use of surgical mesh/tape.After all the horror stories about surgical mesh/tape and months of awareness-raising campaigning, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has now come up with a draft
FTSE 100, UK's Modern Slavery Act, The Business and Human Rights Resource Centrereport, Over 40 million people are victims of modern slavery and human trafficking.In 2015, the UK government introduced the Modern Slavery Act (MSA), which requires certain companies to publish an annual statement detailing what steps they have taken to tackle modern slavery, both in their operations
Cathy Come Home, Homes for Cathy, Inside Housing, housing association groups, 9 committments, housing shortage, end homelessness, Shelter, Crisis, rough sleeping, B+BNational housing shortfall means one in every 200 people in Britain are homeless.In the spring of 2016, a small group of housing associations that were formed in the 1960s and early 70s came together to mark the 50th anniversary of film ‘Cathy Come Home’ and to highlight the continuing needs of
Young Women's Trust, pay, apprenticeships, hardship, travel costs, bullying, discrimination, employment prospects, reportRidiculously low pay and bullying, harassment and discrimination rife.The Young Women’s Trust is calling for a significant increase in the apprentice minimum wage – or for it to be scrapped altogether and apprentices to be put on the same rates as everyone else.This comes after the latest
Oxford Handbook, women peace and security, discount offer,To save 30 per cent on the book’s cost, order online by December.Passed in 2000, the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 and subsequent seven Resolutions make up the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) agenda.This agenda is a significant international normative and policy framework
World Toilet Day 2018, UN Water, Toilet Twinning, public health, safety, women and girls, SDC 6, water and sanitation The problems generated by open defecation go beyond the issues of disease and indignity. World Toilet Day, celebrated on 19 November, is about taking action to ensure that everyone has a safe toilet by 2030. This is part of Sustainable Development Goal 6: sanitation and water. Leggi tutto
Insuring Women's Futures, #MomentsthatMatter, CII, women’s pensions, women's financial resilience‘There is much to be done to improve women’s pensions and financial resilience generally’.Insuring Women’s Futures is an initiative established by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) as part of the its ‘Insuring Futures’ programme, bringing together the insurance and personal finance
petition, End Hunger UK, 10 Downing Street, fix Universal Credit, good food, prevent hunger, ‘Universal Credit payment levels fall far below the actual cost of a decent standard of living in the UK’.A national petition calling on the UK government to fix Universal Credit was presented at 10 Downing Street earlier this week.The petition, organised by the End Hunger UK campaign, has
Agenda, report, Beginning a conversation crucial if we are to do a better job supporting women experiencing multiple disadvantage.The women’s charity Agenda has published a ‘discussion paper’ which looks at how place-based approaches to change could improve the lives of women experiencing multiple
Paradise Papers, one year on, Tax Justice, women and tax justice, global days of action, multinationals, #TaxJustice is when taxes are fairly raised and fairly spent. Women need #TaxJustice now.The first week of November 2018 marks the one year anniversary of the release of the Paradise Papers – yet another high profile tax scandal that highlighted the human impact of global tax dodging, exposing
environmental group, Extinction Rebellion, declaration, Parliament Square, government inaction, Business as usual is no longer an option.Environmental group Extinction Rebellion (XR) has officially announced its nonviolent uprising against what it sees as criminal inaction by the British government on the climate emergency and ecological crisis.Extinction Rebellion believes it is a
English Heritage, blue plaques scheme, London, Agnes Anber, suggest womenLondon’s blue plaques scheme relies on public nominations, and English Heritage need your help.London’s blue plaques scheme, currently run by English Heritage, celebrates the links between notable figures of the past and the buildings in which they lived and worked.English Heritage has run