sexual harassment, public spaces, select committee, inquiry A problem that seems so routine in women’s lives, and yet has received very little attention in public policy. The Women and Equalities Committee is currently holding an inquiry into sexual harassment of women and girls in public places. Following the emergence of widespread allegations in the UK and US about sexual assault and harassment across a wide range of sectors, the Committee held a one-off evidence session on women’s experiences of everyday sexism and sexual harassment in December 2017. Leggi tutto
Left to Chance, report, nursing shortage, RCN, UCAS, EU right to stay, bursaries, fair pay‘The government knows that when there aren’t enough nurses, patients can pay the very highest price.’The number of students starting nursing degree courses is likely to fall again this year unless the government takes urgent action, a report from the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has
Good Work, Taylor Review, modern working practices, 7 prinicples,Good work matters.An independent review has been published which considers the implications of new forms of work on worker rights and responsibilities, as well as on employer freedoms and obligations.The work of this review was based on a single overriding ambition: all work in the UK economy
DWP, PIP, ESA, “She said that I had no difficulty reading with my glasses yet I do not wear glasses to read.”In September 2017, the Work and Pensions Committee put out a call for evidence on the medical assessments for disability benefits PIP and ESA carried out for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)
Welsh Women's Aid, #Future40, 'Forty Voices, Forty Years', end violence against womenSharing stories enables us to hear the voices of those who have often been omitted from the history books.Women’s memories, voices and lives have often been written out of Welsh national heritage, so this year a project aims to capture this hidden history, celebrating Welsh Women’s Aid’s 40th
Angela Richter, Sarah Harrison, Renate Avila, Women Whistleblowing Wikileaks, bookNew book is a crucial intervention in the ongoing debate around digital activism.The most controversial activist organisation of the 21st century, WikiLeaks has attracted strong, divergent opinions from across the political spectrum.Lauded by its supporters for its indispensable role in
End Hunger UK, report, skipping meals, not eating, government inaction, Emma Lewell-Buck MP, ‘It is clear that the time for action is now and urgent’.Shocking figures released by End Hunger UK gives us a glimpse of the extent of hidden hunger in the UK and shows why the government should measure holiday hunger.Over 1 in 10 adults and almost 1 in 4 parents with children aged 18 and
Ruhama, Andreeas project, Dublin, sex-buyers, videoVery few of them were in any way concerned about her circumstances or her plight.Ruhama, Ireland’s only dedicated national frontline NGO supporting women affected by prostitution and sex trafficking, has released a short video about their ‘Andreea’ campaign and what it exposes about the views
buffer zones, abortion clicnics, consultation opens, Home Office, Amber RuddThe review is assessing if more needs to be done to protect those seeking medical assistance.The Home Office is seeking views from interested parties about alleged harassment and intimidating behaviour near abortion clinics in England and Wales.It is the latest step in the review, announced
Karen Ingala Smith, Femicide Census, report, 2016, women killed by menOver the last ten years on average two women have been killed by their male partners or former partners each week.The first Femicide Census report for 2016 was published recently.It revealed that 113 women were killed by men in England, Wales and Northern Ireland between 1 January 2016 and 31
Young Women's Trust, survey, Employers, outdated views, ambition, sexismOne in eight large employers admit workplace sexual harassment has gone unreported in their organisation.A YouGov survey for Young Women’s Trusthas found that UK employers think men are more ambitious than women – despite nearly half of young women saying they would one day like to be the boss
Shelter, Fit for Human Habitation Bill, 19 January 2018, 100 MPs, contact yours‘Residents in Grenfell Tower repeatedly raised safety concerns which were ignored’.Last week Parliament published the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation and Liability for Housing Standards) Bill ahead of its Second Reading, due on Friday, this week.For the Bill to pass, it is crucial that
Womens and equalities committee, inquiry opens, sexual harassment in the workplace, written submissions‘We need to change workplace culture, keep women safe and provide effective legal remedies.’The Women and Equalities Committee has launched a full inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace – and is now inviting submissions of written evidence.Following its one-off evidence session of 31
Valentine’s Day, gold and diamonds, human rights abuses, #BehingTheBlingMost jewellery brands can’t guarantee their products aren’t tainted by human rights abuses.People spend billions on jewellery each year, and many people make Valentine’s Day extra special by buying a ring or necklace.But does your favourite jeweller know where their gold and diamonds come
Jeremy Corbyn Dawn Butler, women's votes, women's equality, #TheNextStepOne hundred years later the struggle for equality continues.Jeremy Corbyn has marked the centenary of women’s suffrage by staging a special meeting of the shadow cabinet at the Museum of London as he launched #TheNextStep, Labour’s year-long campaign for women’s equality.Corbyn, Dawn Butler
rape trials, disclosure failures, CPS, Metropolitan police, review, recommendationsReview of rape cases has started.The Metropolitan Police Service (‘MPS’ or ‘the Met’) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have published the findings of the joint review carried out into the disclosure failures in the case of R vs Allan, which was dropped at trial in December 2017.The
Vera Baird QC, Harriet Harman QC MP, s41, complainant's sexual history, rape trials, report, campaign, Seeing is Believing'In one trial the defence barrister said that use of Section 41 was to show that “she is an adulteress”.Pressure is mounting on the government over unfair questioning of rape complainants in court after a campaign was launched led by two former Solicitor Generals – eminent lawyer Dame Vera Baird
women's region consoritum, rural women, disadvantaged women, paper, outlining priorities, Pressing concerns and important priorities require urgent attention from policymakers.A paper exploring women’s perspectives on what policies the government should prioritise to address the persistent disadvantage of women in NI was published recently.The overall aim of the paper – Policy
Southall Black Sisters, Domestic Violence Bill, rights for migrant womenThe current state of affairs renders women even more susceptible to destitution, harm and exploitation.The forthcoming Domestic Violence Bill must prioritise safety, equality, dignity and liberty for migrant women.Anything less is discriminatory, unjust and completely antithetical to a
cervical cancer, awareness week, survey, why women don't go, smear testPlease don’t let uncertainty about your body stop you going for what could be a life-saving test.Across the UK, one in four eligible women – aged 25-64 – do not take up their smear test invitation.This rises to one in three among 25-29 year-olds and is even as high as one in two in some areas
FPA, guidance, relationships and sex education, consultation, schools, department of EducationParents have a historic opportunity to transform the relationships and sex education their children will receive.Parents, whose children currently face a postcode lottery when it comes to getting the best relationships and sex education, have been asked to respond to a government consultation
mental health foundation, report, gender government strategy, women and girls in crisisFifteen years ago there was a government mental health strategy for women and girls. Today … gender is almost entirely unmentioned.Services specifically targeting the mental health of young women have become almost invisible in government policy in spite of evidence of a growing crisis, a new
21 January 2018, Time's Up, rally, London, justice and equality, Women's March LondonOne year on, come together to say Time’s Up.On the anniversary of the Women’s March London, join the rally on 21 January 2018 to say Time’s Up and to renew the struggle for equality and justice.Time’s Up on gender based violence, sexual harassment and abuse.Time’s Up on the systematic and
UNFPA, Dr Natalia Kanem, Worlds Apart, sexual health services, population 2017, pregnant women and girls, Women and girls don’t stop getting pregnant or giving birth in times of crisis.Unless inequality is urgently tackled and the poorest women empowered to make their own decisions about their lives, countries could face unrest and threats to peace and development, according to The State of World
petition, government, Axe the Safety Tax, 20 per cent VAT, fire safety goods, services, save livesMake residential safety products more affordable – and save more livesResidential safety products and services – smoke alarms, annual gas safety checks, fire assessments and carbon monoxide detectors for example – are currently taxed at 20 per cent VAT.There is a strong ethical argument for
Fawcett Society, survey, gender balance, Parliament, quotas, action needed, We must take proactive steps now to address women’s under-representation.New research from the Fawcett Society shows that although today marks 100 years since the first women won the vote, less than half of young women think equal representation in Parliament will be achieved in their
Refuge, Women's Aid, domestic violence, government cuts, supported housing, Government proposals mean an estimated that four out of 10 refuges will have to close.The single biggest threat to the future of refuges for abused women and children is this government’s proposed changes to funding for supported housing.More than 50 per cent of refuge funding comes from
help, justice, spycops victims, Scotland, undercover policing inquiry, As it stands now, people in Scotland have no recourse to truth or accountability.The Scottish establishment is inexplicably stalling investigations into political secret police in the country, but you can help.Most of the known spycops were active in Scotland, including many who had deceived
est end women's museum, new home, 2018 programmeA new museum of women’s history is set to open in a permanent home at the end of 2019.The East End Women’s Museum was established in 2015 in response to the Ripper Museum which opened on Cable Street, but it has since operated – without a building – by organising events, workshops, and pop up
#HerNetHerRights, EWL, report, online violence against women, resourcesThe gendered nature of online violence deserves to be addressed in research, policy and prevention.From April to November 2017, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) led a six-month project that aimed at analysing the current state of online violence against women and girls in Europe.In order to
judge, quashed, 2017 Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Regulations,The testing ‘had not looked at whether the basis for treating those with psychological distress differently was sound or not’.High Court judge Mr Justice Mostyn has allowed the claim in the case of RF v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.The High Court found that part of the rules
Department of Education, guidance, sexual violence in schools, EVAW, The problem of sexual violence in schools, particularly against girls, is widespread and persistent.The Department for Education has published guidance for schools on how to prevent and respond to rape and sexual violence by children towards their fellow pupils.This long-overdue guidance
open letter, legal rights experts, Charter of Fundamental Rights, EU (Withdrawal) Bill, We need legal guarantees about the kind of society we want to be after Brexit.More than 20 organisations and human rights legal experts have signed an open letter on the importance of the Charter of Fundamental Rights ahead of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill returning to Parliament this week.The
Norther Ireland, department of Health, research, mother and baby homes, Magdalene laundries, forced adoption, inhumane treatment, Amnesty International‘Pregnant women and girls appear to have suffered a range of serious human rights abuses’.Northern Ireland’s Department of Health has commissioned research to be carried out into mother and baby homes and the Magdalene Laundries in Northern Ireland.The research will be undertaken over 12