Nordic Model Now!, collecting signatures, open letter, Brighton University, Freshers' Week, prostitution, grooming, buying sex, Was this grooming young women and suggesting buying sex an acceptable option for young men? Nordic Model Now! are collecting signature for an open letter to be sent to Brighton University next week in response to the presence of a stall run by the Sex Workers’ Outreach Project (SWOP) at the university’s recent Freshers’ Week. Leggi tutto
letter, protest, women silenced, discussion, gender recognition act, consultation, sex self-ID, trrans activism, women's rightsHarassment of those organising, speaking at or even attending meetings is now routine.Nearly 200 prominent figures signed an open letter that outlines concerns that public and private bodies are helping close down discussion about government plans to reform the law regarding ‘gender
SaveLives, domestic abuse, radical rethink, response, strategy, The Whole Picture,The current response plays a waiting game; we need to stop it happening in the first place.National domestic abuse charity SafeLives has called for a radical rethink in the response to domestic abuse, stopping it before it starts rather than waiting for harm to happen.Domestic abuse becomes a
Level Up, petition, IPSO, new editor's code, domestic violence deaths, lurid headlines, It’s time for better reporting of domestic violence deaths.Every week in the UK, two women are murdered by a partner or ex-partner.Some of these deaths attract media attention, yet, due to a lack of guidance, domestic violence deaths are often reported in a way that compromises the dignity of
Fawcett Society, #MeToo, awareness, report, sexual harassment at work, Section 40, Employers should have a duty to protect women employees from clients, contractors, or patients who harass.New research from the Fawcett Society has found that one year on from the outpouring of #MeToo stories, there has been a significant shift in attitudes to sexual harassment.According to
FPA, consent, survey, worrying results, sexual health week, It’s really worrying that people of all ages think that it’s not OK to withdraw consent.A survey by sexual health charity FPA revealed that deeply concerning attitudes about sexual consent seem to be prevalent in all age groups in the UK.FPA is now calling for high-quality relationships and
Conservative conference 2018, no fracking, open letter, Claire PerryShale gas ‘is not needed to ensure the UK’s security of supply’.On Monday dozens of women dressed as Suffragettes are expected to travel from across the country to a rally outside this year’s Conservative party conference in Birmingham to highlight public opposition to fracking and the proposed
TUC, Equality Audit 2018Women, BME workers and young workers are all under-represented in union positions.In their Equality Audit 2018, the TUC has looked at the practical steps trade unions are taking to ensure they reflect the diversity of the workforce.The result has provided examples of how unions are recruiting
Health Profile for England 2018; PHE, Public Health England, UK women’s health ranked 18th lowest out of 28 EU member states for premature death.‘Health Profile for England: 2018‘, published earlier this month by Public Health England (PHE), summarises the health of people in England in 2018 and provides an update to the first Health Profile for England
Young Women's Trust, annual report, 2018, It's (still) a rich man's world, sexual harassment, gender pay gap, debt, discrimination, action neededMany young women still have more limited opportunities than their male counterparts.The Young Women’s Trust’s 2018 annual survey, It’s (still) a Rich Man’s World, once again shows that young women remain more likely than young men to be affected by job insecurity, money worries and debt.Leggi
back nect week, The editor is going off-line for a few days. So WVoN will be quiet for a few days. Aiming to be back online Tuesday next week. Our facebook page always likes being visited and liked… Leggi tutto
#PENNYPOST, Penny Morduant, Alliance for Choice, letter, abortion law, Northern Ireland, Those needing an abortion after being raped could face a longer prison sentence than their attacker.Alliance for Choice launched a social media campaign last week asking people in Northern Ireland to write to the Minister for Women and Equalities, Penny Mordaunt, urging her to support abortion
The Women's Environmental Network, Environmental Week, #Period Action, eco-friendly periods, end period povertyWe need to change social and cultural attitudes towards menstruation.The Women’s Environmental Network, (WEN), a UK charity working on issues that link women, health and the environment, is in the throes of its first ever Environmenstrual Week of Action – and taking #PeriodAction to make
Plan Interational UK, street harassment, UK girls, school uniform, sexual harassment, #IayItsNotOKDespite harassment happening to girls in public places people did not step in to help.In September a survey by girls’ rights charity Plan International UK revealed that 66 per cent of girls in the UK had experienced unwanted sexual attention or unwanted sexual or physical contact in a public
Supreme Court, ruling, civil partnerships, heterosexual couples, Scottish government, consultationScottish government launches consultation on civil partnerships for heterosexual couples.Theresa May recently announced that civil partnerships will be available to all couples in England and Wales, not just same-sex couples.Civil partnerships were originally created in 2004, and offered
Close the Gap, women and poverty, gender pay gap, equality, Scotland, Poverty Action Week, Challenging poverty means challenging women’s inequality at work.Guest post from Close the Gap.One of the key messages of this year’s Challenge Poverty Week is that poverty affects us all. At Close the Gap, we know that it affects women. We know this because the evidence shows that poverty in
foreign national women, UK prison, anti-slavery laws, hostile environment, Prison Reform Trust, Hibiscus Initiative, new report Women face possible removal or deportation to a country where they have no connection and leaving family behind.Foreign national women in the criminal justice system, including trafficking victims, are facing inappropriate imprisonment and the threat of deportation with insufficient
H&M, Clean Clothes Campaign, Behind the Label, poverty, overtime, living wage, scandalSince its 2013 promises of hope, H&M has reworded its commitment to workers.In November 2013, H&M – one of the world’s largest retailers, with 4,801 shops worldwide – announced that all “H&M’s strategic suppliers should have pay structures in place to pay a fair living wage by 2018
Fair Play For Women, report, single sex services, violence against women and girls, sex self-ID, Access to male-free services is essential: a woman’s trauma response doesn’t care how someone identifies.The UK government is currently asking the public whether it should expand the terms of the Gender Recognition Act in ways that would allow any male who says he feels he is a woman to gain a
climate change, warning speech, UN Secretary General, António Guterres, 10 September 2018, ‘We stand at a truly “use it or lose it” moment.’Amid record-breaking temperatures in parts of the world, and with the past two decades the warmest on record, on 10 September the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, delivered a major address at the UN’s headquarters in New
house of lords, economic affairs committee, social care, England, call for evidence, inquiryThe Committee would like to hear from as diverse a range of views as possible.The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, chaired by Lord Forsyth of Drumlean, has launched an inquiry into the social care system in England and invites written contributions to its investigation.The Committee
Hands Off My Rights, Fair Play for Women, campaign, Gender Recognition Act, consultation, awareness, sex self-ID, “It was clear though that nobody knew about the proposals.”With less than seven weeks to go until the deadline for responses to thegovernment’s consultation on changing the Gender Recognition Act 2004, Fair Play For Women‘s volunteers hit the streets up and down the country last weekend to, holiday We are off on holiday for a few days. There’s loads to look at on our facebook page. Thanks for your compnay this far! Leggi tutto
Shelter, National Housing Federation, campaign, stop DSS discrimination, indirect discrimination, women, disabeld peopleStop DSS Discrimination: end prejudice against renters on benefits.Five of England’s leading letting agents actively discriminate against tenants on housing benefit, according to a report by Shelter and the National Housing Federation (NHF).In an undercover investigation carried out by
open letter, Daily Telegraph, 8 October 2018, environmental groups, government proposals, fracking‘If approved, these proposals would be as shocking as they would be harmful.’Earlier this year, the government announced two proposals that a coalition of environmental groups have spoken out against.The first would treat non-hydraulic shale gas exploration as ‘permitted development’ –
Manifesto, against the trade in women's bodies, 25 November, petitionPublicly denounce the impunity of perpetrators and the governments’ lack of commitment.Spanish feminists have created a campaign and Manifesto Against the Trade in Women’s Bodies.We are called upon to sign and share widely, Sisters.They are seeking support, and collecting signatures, with
Girlguiding, Girls Attitude Survey 2018, girls and young women, views, fears, The percentage of girls and young women feeling unsafe outside is alarmingly high.Shortly before the furore broke out about Girlguiding’s questionable approach to safeguarding other people’s female children and disregarding parental duties of care, Girlguiding released the results of their now
Women's Budget Group, WBG, Women Count,Policy makers often do not take women’s needs into account, leading to policies that don’t work for women.Women throughout the world –  still – face inequality throughout their lives. Social expectations about gender roles effect the roles and opportunities for both women and men.These
EVAW, CPS, report, rape, cases, charged, numbers drop, What changed in CPS policy and practice over the last 18 months?The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) put its annual report on prosecuting crimes of violence against women and girls out yesterday – although you wouldn’t know it, because there was no media statement, no spokesperson…What’s in
end surrogacy, United Nations General Assembly, signatories, feminist organisationsIn developing countries the womb-rental industry uses the same criminal strategies as human trafficking networks.British women’s groups have started adding their signatures to those of women’s human rights organisations from 18 countries who have released an international statement to request a
RSA, poll, report, experiment, Basic Income, ‘Basic Income is increasingly seen as one plausible response to modern economic insecurity.’The public now backs Basic Income experiments in local areas by more than two to one, a new poll has found.It also found that 40 per cent of the public would welcome Basic Income experiments in their
Foreign Secretary, CGHQ, Privacy International, closed hearings, The Investigatory Powers Tribunal, personal customer information, telecommunications companies‘The history of the case is living proof of the dangers of closed hearings.’The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) has held that, for a sustained period, successive Foreign Secretaries wrongly gave the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) unfettered discretion to collect vast
police staff, sexual harassment, report, UNISON, National Police Chiefs’ Council, police chiefs, pledge, LSE, University of Surrey report‘Keeping quiet was easier than complaining’ and ‘nothing would be done if they did complain’.Police chiefs have pledged to act over high levels of sexual harassment among police staff working for police forces in England and Wales which were set out in a combined report published last month by
UNA-UK, killer robots, LAWS, Lethal Autonomous Weapons, Convention on Certain Conventional WeaponsCall for the UK to join the growing number of states supporting a ban on killer robots.Next week, the UK will join more than 70 countries at the sixth international meeting of the group of governmental experts (GGE) in Geneva on the issue of Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWS), or as they have