An 83-year-old Nevada prison inmate serving 2 life terms, including 1 for  a fellow prisoner, has died 3 decades after his case resulted in a U.S. Supreme Court decision that spared him the death penalty. Raymond Wallace Shuman died at Carson Tahoe Medical Center in Carson City on Friday, nearly 60 years after he was committed to his 1st Leggi Tutto
New Mexico abolished the death penalty in 2009, and it is not coming back this year.A legislative committee on Saturday quashed a bill that would have reinstated capital punishment for the murders of children, police officers and correctional officers.The 3-2 party-line vote was no surprise, but
Alleging the state of Texas botched the year's first two executions by using too-old drugs, lawyers for a death row inmate filed last-minute claims to halt a Thursday night death date for a Dallas man who killed his two daughters. A federal judge denied the claim just an hour before John
rape trials, disclosure failures, CPS, Metropolitan police, review, recommendationsReview of rape cases has started.The Metropolitan Police Service (‘MPS’ or ‘the Met’) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have published the findings of the joint review carried out into the disclosure failures in the case of R vs Allan, which was dropped at trial in December 2017.The
Vera Baird QC, Harriet Harman QC MP, s41, complainant's sexual history, rape trials, report, campaign, Seeing is Believing'In one trial the defence barrister said that use of Section 41 was to show that “she is an adulteress”.Pressure is mounting on the government over unfair questioning of rape complainants in court after a campaign was launched led by two former Solicitor Generals – eminent lawyer Dame Vera Baird
help, justice, spycops victims, Scotland, undercover policing inquiry, As it stands now, people in Scotland have no recourse to truth or accountability.The Scottish establishment is inexplicably stalling investigations into political secret police in the country, but you can help.Most of the known spycops were active in Scotland, including many who had deceived
William Rayford, a 64-year-old death row inmate convicted in the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend, is hoping 2 previous U.S. Supreme Court cases will be the key to stopping his execution Tuesday.William Rayford's lawyers are hoping 2 recent U.S. Supreme Court cases will stop his execution set for
Israel has confronted terrorist attacks for many decades, but in all of those years, the Knesset and the public have not seriously considered whether the justice system should sentence convicted terrorists to death. Instead, despite allowing punishment by death for a narrow range of crimes that
TALLAHASSEE — After issuing another batch of 10 rulings Friday, the Florida Supreme Court this week rejected a total of 40 death-penalty appeals on similar legal grounds. The 40 appeals all were filed on behalf of Death Row inmates who received their sentences before June 2002, though the Supreme
APA News - Two Nigerians convicted of drug offenses in Saudi Arabia have been executed, the Vanguard reports on Saturday, quoting prison sources in the kingdom.Local news reports suggest that since Ibrahim Ciroma and Maimidu Issah were executed by hanging last week, a sense of trepidation has
Some detainees arrested in the protests that broke out in Iran's Hamadan and Khuzestan provinces in December 2017 are facing charges that are punishable by death, the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) has learned."Some of them have been investigated, interrogated and charged with
5 death row inmates sued Pennsylvania prison officials on Thursday, challenging a policy that keeps the convicts isolated most of the time and calling the practice degrading and inhumane.The federal lawsuit asks the court to end mandatory, indefinite solitary confinement for the 156 men on death
Sister Helen Prejean learned early on that opposing the death penalty in the age of President Trump would be a different kind of challenge.The long-time activist and author of “Dead Man Walking” has encountered hundreds of death penalty supporters over the years, including American presidents, so
An Alabama Death Row inmate, set to die later this month, was granted a stay of execution.Assistant Alabama Attorney Generals yesterday argued in federal court that Doyle Lee Hamm, who has been on death row for more than 30 years, should be executed on Feb. 22-- the date the Alabama Supreme Court
Refuge, Women's Aid, domestic violence, government cuts, supported housing, Government proposals mean an estimated that four out of 10 refuges will have to close.The single biggest threat to the future of refuges for abused women and children is this government’s proposed changes to funding for supported housing.More than 50 per cent of refuge funding comes from
Amnesty International is outraged by reports that the Iranian authorities have executed a young man convicted of murder who was only 15 years old at the time of the crime.The organization learned that 22-year-old Ali Kazemi was hung earlier today in prison in Busher province. His execution was
End Hunger UK, report, skipping meals, not eating, government inaction, Emma Lewell-Buck MP, ‘It is clear that the time for action is now and urgent’.Shocking figures released by End Hunger UK gives us a glimpse of the extent of hidden hunger in the UK and shows why the government should measure holiday hunger.Over 1 in 10 adults and almost 1 in 4 parents with children aged 18 and
Iran Human Rights (Jan 29, 2018): At least two prisoners were hanged at Urmia Central Prison on murder charges.According to a close source, on the morning of Sunday, January 28, at least two prisoners were executed at Urmia Central Prison (Darya). The prisoners were sentenced to death on murder
women's region consoritum, rural women, disadvantaged women, paper, outlining priorities, Pressing concerns and important priorities require urgent attention from policymakers.A paper exploring women’s perspectives on what policies the government should prioritise to address the persistent disadvantage of women in NI was published recently.The overall aim of the paper – Policy
For 19 years, I directed the masters in public policy program at University of Northern Iowa. Our goal was to give students the skills to analyze complex public policy issues. However, there are some issues that don’t require advanced analytical skills to evaluate — just a good dose of common
A little-known S.C. law, on the books for nearly a decade, exempts the state from performing an autopsy on a death-row inmate who has been executed.That means if a lethal-injection execution doesn’t go according to plan, the state is not required to conduct an autopsy, a procedure that could shed
We are all terrified that it could happen to us and that our children are not safe in their schools, homes or even on the streets. What happened to that beautiful little girl is everyone's worst nightmare - and for her parents, an excruciating reality.There are no words. But there is anger. Anger
William Rayford faces his 1st execution date on Tuesday, Jan. 30, for the 1999 kidnapping and murder of ex-girlfriend Carol Hall. The 64-year-old Dallas native was on parole at the time, as part of a 23-year sentence for murdering his wife.Last week, Rayford's attorney Bruce Anton asked that the
Governments have gone to great effort to keep the sources and methods of their death penalty regimes secret.In November, the Omaha World-Herald sent a simple records request to the Nebraska state government. Along with several other news outlets, the paper wanted to know the source of the drugs
John David Battaglia went out with a joke and a grin.Battaglia, 62, offered no apologies and showed no remorse for killing his daughters at his Deep Ellum loft in 2001.He seemed jovial, strapped to a gurney while witnesses arrived to watch his execution at the state's Huntsville Unit.As they
Angela Richter, Sarah Harrison, Renate Avila, Women Whistleblowing Wikileaks, bookNew book is a crucial intervention in the ongoing debate around digital activism.The most controversial activist organisation of the 21st century, WikiLeaks has attracted strong, divergent opinions from across the political spectrum.Lauded by its supporters for its indispensable role in
Dallas man put to death for murder committed while on parole for earlier slayingA Dallas man who was already on parole for the murder of his estranged wife when he stabbed and strangled his ex-girlfriend in 1999 begged for forgiveness and thanked God with his final breaths before his Tuesday
Anthony Graves was convicted in 1994 for killing 6 people in 1992. He was exonerated in 2010 after having served 18 1/2 years in prison, 16 of which were spent in solitary confinement and 12 of which were on death row. The prosecutor in Graves' case was eventually disbarred for misconduct, and
A Malaysian couple who were on death row for starving their Cambodian maid to death saw their sentences reduced to 10 years in prison last week, according to Malaysian rights organisations.Chin Chui Ling and her husband, Soh Chew Tong, were initially convicted of homicide in 2013, but the appeal
Kirk Bloodsworth, the 1st person to be exonerated from a death sentence by DNA testing in the United States, spoke to an audience at the Emmanuel Apolistic Church in Bremerton on Saturday about his experiences being imprisoned as an innocent man.In 1984, Bloodsworth was arrested for the rape and
PARIS (Reuters) - France would intervene if a French jihadist were condemned to death in Iraq or Syria, the country’s justice minister Nicole Belloubet said on Sunday.The possibility of such an event has arisen after an Iraqi court this month sentenced to death a German woman of Moroccan origin
Egypt must stop executions until it has reviewed all death sentences and retry any convictions that are found to rest on unfair trials, 5 independent U.N. human rights experts said on Friday.Egypt's mission to the United Nations in Geneva did not immediately comment on the appeal, but Egyptian
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The attorney for a man facing the death penalty was removed from the case after a judge said he was unprepared and inexperienced.Nikos Nakos, the defense attorney in the state of Indiana’s murder case against Marcus Dansby, was removed as counsel by Allen Superior Court
Authorities in the central province of Henan on Thursday rejected an appeal from a man sentenced to death for killing a police officer who was forcibly escorting him home from a petitioning trip in the Chinese capital.Veteran activist Xu Youchen and his wife Zhang Xiaoyu were initially both