Speculation surrounding the reintroduction of the death penalty has heightened in Turkey following comments made by head of a minor Turkish party allied with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), Cumhuriyet newspaper said. Mustafa Destici, leader of the Great Unity Party (BBP), suggested a proposal to reinstate the death penalty for offences such as murder, treason and sexual Leggi Tutto
An official of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines-Commission on Prison Pastoral Care (CBCP-CPPC) said Senator Manny Pacquiao has a different understanding of the Bible.CBCP-CPPC executive secretary Rodolfo Diamante made the remarks in response to Pacquiao's justification of death
As Nebraska hurtles toward a solemn moment it has not experienced in 21 years, its public officials - and citizens - confront what may be tension between their personal views and the tenets of their religious faith.Sometimes, they conflict. Or may appear to do so.Sometimes, they require a choice
Iran Human Rights (Aug 3, 2018): A prisoner was executed at Zahedan Central Prison on murder charges.According to a close source, on the morning of Thursday, August 2, a prisoner was hanged at Zahedan Central Prison. The prisoner, sentenced to death on murder charges, was identified as Miran
Sister Helen Prejean, an anti-death penalty activist and author of the book Dead Man Walking, joins America senior editor and chief correspondent Kevin Clarke to discuss Pope Francis' revision of the death penalty teaching.Pope Francis revises Catechism, teaches that death penalty is
Iran Human Rights (Aug 2, 2018): According to confirmed reports by Iran Human Rights (IHR), the death sentences of at least 36 people were implemented in different Iranian cities in the month of July.So far in 2018, at least 133 people have been executed, among them four juvenile offenders.An
podcast series, climate justice, Mothers of Invention, Mary Robinson, Doc SocietyPodcasts aim to inspire listeners to hold governments accountable to the Paris Agreement.Doc Society has launched a new, feminist, climate justice podcast series called ‘Mothers of Invention’.It is hosted by the former ­President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, and comedian Maeve Higgins – they
Pope Francis earned a standing ovation when he told Congress in 2015 that he supports protecting human life "at every stage of its development." When he added that "this conviction" includes working to end the death penalty, the response was far more subdued."You didn't see people jumping up and
LINCOLN, Neb. — When Nebraska lawmakers defied Gov. Pete Ricketts in 2015 by repealing the death penalty over his strong objections, the governor wouldn’t let the matter go. Mr. Ricketts, a Republican who is Roman Catholic, tapped his family fortune to help bankroll a referendum to reinstate
American lawmakers – and three or four judges in particular – should be listening.When Pope Francis makes a point of saying that the death penalty is immoral under all circumstances, and adds the condemnation to the official Catholic catechism, who is he talking to? According to Amnesty
ending violence against women and girls, UK, EU, Istanbul Convention, Austrian PresidencyDisappointing lack of progress on EU and UK legislation fighting violence against women. On 13 June 2018, the first anniversary of the signature of the Istanbul Convention by the European Union (EU), the European Coalition to End Violence against Women and Girlsreported its regrets that strong
About 60 officials from prosecution, forensic science laboratory (FSL) and police departments have been invited to the chief minister’s residence on Friday for the felicitation.After becoming the first state to pass a law awarding death penalty for rape of girls aged below 12 years, the Madhya
There have been far too many cases of Indonesian pilots getting caught with illegal narcotics, but this latest case is especially worrying because it involves the capture of a person whose job is to ensure the competence of pilots in the country.On Thursday, the Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics
An anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Saturday handed Imran Ali - who is currently incarcerated and on death-row for the rape and murder of 6-year-old Zainab Amin - the death penalty on 12 more counts for the rape and murder of 3 other girls.Ali, a resident of Kasur, was involved in at least 9
Michael Graczyk has witnessed hundreds of deaths at Huntsville prison in TexasThe command is simple and direct: 'Warden, you may proceed.' With those words from a Texas prison official, the process of capital punishment in the busiest death penalty state in America begins.The colour of the room
A Bali court has sentenced a German man to 10 years prison for carrying drugs onto the Indonesian island.Siegfried Karl Achim Ruckel heard his penalty before a panel of judges in Denpasar District Court on Thursday.“The defendant is guilty of possessing and carrying drugs such as methamphetamine
The LGBTQ community has largely enjoyed mainstream acceptance in the past five years: the majority of Americans (including baby boomers) support same-sex marriage, encompassing over two-thirds of Catholics and Protestants. Republicans’ support for same-sex marriage has almost tripled since the
Ripe for Change, Oxfam report, seafood, supermarket supply chains, shareholder profit, worker povertyMajor supermarkets must do more to end human suffering in supply chains.Millions of women and men who produce our food are trapped in poverty and face brutal working conditions, despite billion-dollar profits in the food industry, a new report published by Oxfam has revealed.The report, ‘Ripe
"He is worn down and worn out" A close friend of condemned killer Carey Dean Moore said he is "preparing for any outcome." Moore, 61, is scheduled to die 10 a.m. Aug. 14 at the Nebraska State Penitentiary. "He is worn down and worn out," said Lisa Knopp, who has known Moore for Leggi Tutto
The Union Government will soon bring a bill proposing death penalty for those guilty of the crime of lynching.The information was shared by Union Minister of State for Home Hansraj Ahir when a delegation of the Nathjogi community called on him in Yavatmal, Maharashtra.Speaking on the act of
Women and Equalities Select Committee, inquiry launched, Equality Act 2010,Does it create an unfair burden on people to enforce their right not to be discriminated against?The Women and Equalities Committee has launched an inquiry into the enforcement of the Equality Act 2010 – legislation which was designed to “provide a legal framework to protect the rights of
ROME — Pope Francis has declared the death penalty inadmissible in all cases because it is “an attack” on the “dignity of the person,” the Vatican announced on Thursday, in a definitive shift in Roman Catholic teaching that could put enormous pressure on lawmakers and politicians around the
BAGHDAD : Eight Iraqis from the same family risk being sentenced to death after admitting to involvement in killing 370 people while members of the Islamic State group, the judiciary said Wednesday.The men face charges under Iraq's anti-terror legislation over the killings at Khasfah, a sinkhole
Students have been demanding changes to the country’s transport laws after two teenagers were killed by a privately operated bus last weekBangladesh’s cabinet on Monday will consider capital punishment for traffic accident deaths, a law ministry official said, as thousands of students held
Three jurors have admitted their anti-LGBTI bias during sentencingCharles Rhines, a gay man from South Dakota, was convicted in the 1992 stabbing death of a donut shop worker. But instead of facing a long prison sentence, the jury gave him the death penalty.Their reason? Since he’s gay, he would
Pope Francis has declared the death penalty “inadmissible.” This means that the death penalty should not be used in any circumstance. It also alters the Catholic Catechism, a compendium of Catholic doctrine, and is now binding on Roman Catholics throughout the world.But in spite of his definitive
COLUMBIA, MO. -- Nearly two dozen former corrections officers from across the country have filed a court brief in support of a Missouri death row inmate's claim that his medical condition could cause an unconstitutionally cruel execution.Russell Bucklew was sentenced to death in 1997 for killing
Pope Francis declares capital punishment unambiguously wrong. No exceptions.Pope Francis’s condemnation of capital punishment is simple and unambiguous: It is inadmissible. No exceptions for especially heinous crimes; no loopholes allowing execution when other lives might be in jeopardy, as in
Virginia death penalty opponents welcome pope's new teaching against executionsCatholic officials and death penalty opponents in Virginia - which has put to death more people in modern times than any other state except Texas - welcomed Pope Francis' new teaching against the death penalty on
MANILA - Malacañang said Friday it is not giving up on pushing for the reinstatement of death penalty despite Pope Francis’ declaration that it is “inadmissible" in the Catholic Church’s teachings.➤ RELATED: Pope declares death penalty 'inadmissible' in Catholic teachingsThe House of
A father from Shandong province whose newborn daughter died in a hospital has been sentenced to death for killing the doctor who treated her.Chen Jianli, 30, was convicted of the intentional homicide of pediatrician Li Baohua at Laiwu Intermediate People's Court."He stabbed the doctor to vent his
UN Women, appointment, Purna Sen, UN Women Executive Coordinator and Spokesperson on Addressing Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Discrimination, #MeToo, sexual harassmet, U, scandalIf you don’t have a culture of victim support, you do, in effect, have a culture of perpetrator support.In April Purna Sen, UN Women’s Director of the Policy Division, was appointed the UN Women Executive Coordinator and Spokesperson on Addressing Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of
ATLANTA -  A central Georgia county is tearing down an old, empty prison that was home to Georgia's first electric chair and was linked to an infamous lynching.The two-story brick building that anchored the Georgia State Prison Farm in Milledgeville is being torn down by Baldwin County, to the
Turkey could move soon to reinstate the death penalty, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said while attending the funeral of a young mother and her infant son who were killed by a roadside bomb.Turkish authorities have blamed Tuesday’s attack near the borders of Iran and Iraq on Kurdish