Two US states plan to use untried drugs to execute prisoners The New Year may bring a new era in state executions in the US – and fresh controversy to the debate over the death penalty. As stocks of drugs for lethal injection have been exhausted in several states, authorities are looking for alternative methods to carry out the Leggi Tutto
By a bare majority, the Knesset has given preliminary approval to a bill sanctioning the death penalty for terrorists. This bill should be pulled and further legislative stages waived, seeing as how it has now fulfilled its political mission and done its duty by those chanting “death to
Iran Human Rights (Jan 3 2018): Official sources reported that the number of executions at Mashhad Central Prison on Sunday has risen to two.According to Mashregh News, a young man who was arrested and sentenced to death for murder at the age of 19 was hanged at Mashhad Central Prison on the
Experts say it is possible this man is responsible for overseeing 'countless' deaths of gay men in IraqAn ISIS executioner captured by Iraqi security forces tortured and executed gay men, according to reports.Abu Omer (pictured, left), known under his alias White Beard, was caught on camera
The Ohio General Assembly should pass a bipartisan bill forbidding Ohio to give a death sentence to someone convicted of aggravated murder - but also found to have a serious mental illness. He or she would instead be sentenced to life imprisonment, which is far more reasonable and
The longtime defense attorney vowed to "exercise power with restraint."Larry Krasner, a longtime defense attorney with no prior prosecutorial experience, was sworn in Tuesday as Philadelphia District Attorney and immediately vowed to make reducing the city's high incarceration rate a
Iran's Supreme Leader has accused his country's enemies of meddling in recent protest rallies, as the reported death toll reached 20.Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's website quoted him as saying enemies of Iran have used various means including money, weapons, politics and intelligence apparatuses "to
Hilda Vasquez was a newcomer to the party, a first-timer.She didn't know what to expect, but she took in the decorations, the snacks, the table full of ornaments.A pair of skates, wind chimes. A wooden snowman. A teddy bear. A picture of a little girl.She nestled hers - a picture Leggi
Mass protests by citizens of Bahrain continue to grow, as people take to the streets to protest against the regime of the Khalifa dynasty.Local sources report heavy crackdowns on demonstrations all over the country, adding that people chanted slogans which called for an end to the Khalifa
Oklahoma holds one of the busiest death chambers in the US, but for the third year in a row, it has not carried out an execution.The state—one of more than 30 in the US that has the death penalty—isn’t dialing back on the number of inmates it condemns to death. Instead, prison officials and state
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AUSTRALIAN authorities are assisting a Sydney grandmother held in Malaysian custody after being cleared in Malaysia’s High Court of drug trafficking charges as local prosecutors consider mounting an appeal.Maria Elvira Pinto Exposto,54, was found not guilty of attempting to import more than a
As the death penalty reaches its lowest support in decades, pharmaceutical companies have become reluctant open participants in executions. Unfortunately, an increasing number of shield laws may stand in the way.Bobby Wayne Stone shot and killed a sheriff’s deputy, then was sentenced to death in
Here are the most important places to keep an eye on.Only a little more than a year ago, many opponents of the death penalty were cautiously optimistic that the U.S. Supreme Court - perhaps with a Clinton appointee or 2 - might strike down the punishment for good. Then came President Donald
Blaine is 1st county to pull out of state defense fundThe Blaine County commissioners took a local stance against the death penalty Tuesday, resolving to withdraw from Idaho's Capital Crimes Defense Fund in the hope of stymying county prosecutors from pursuing execution in capital cases.Created
Despite refusal of haredi MKs to join coalition for vote, bill making it easier for courts to condemn terrorists to death passes first vote.A bill which would make it easier for both civilian and military courts to sentence terrorists found guilty of murder to death passed its first reading in
By at least 1 important measure, the Trump administration's simplistic get-tough-on-crime rhetoric did not move the country backward in the president's 1st year: The death penalty, which Americans once favored at near-consensus rates, was a historically rare punishment. For those of us who would
Egypt has hanged 4 men convicted by a military court of killing 3 military students in a bombing in 2014, security sources said on Tuesday.It was the 2nd reported multiple execution of convicted Islamist militants in a week. A week ago Egypt hanged 15 men accused of deadly attacks in the Sinai
This article was originally published by the New York Times in March 2017.“The trick is to place the knot just behind the left ear and above the jaw.” Those instructions on how to carry out a “humane” hanging are given early in the Singaporean film “Apprentice” by Rahim (Wan Hanafi Su), the chief
'We have to collectively save our society from criminality'A court here sentenced a convict to death for raping and murdering a minor girl at Mehjoor Nagar area here in 2005.In the judgment, 2nd additional sessions Judge Srinagar, Tahir Khurshid Raina, holding that it as a rarest of rare cases
Alva Campbell was supposed to die on Nov. 15. That was the date chosen by the State of Ohio, which had convicted and condemned Mr. Campbell for murdering a teenager, Charles Dials, during a 1997 carjacking in Columbus.Inside the death chamber that morning, prison officials spent more than an hour
Dallas County twice tried to condemn killers but didn't send anyone to death row in 2017. It hasn't for three years — and neither has Harris County.Both were once leaders in a state known for putting convicted killers to death. And although Texas remained the national leader in executions in 2017
BAGHDAD: The two Turkish men shuffled into the courtroom, their closely cropped hair, clean shaven faces and chubby waistlines hardly the look of fearsome fighters of Daesh.Appearing in court for the first time since being arrested in August on charges of belonging to Daesh, they professed their
The Maldives is ready to carry out executions, local media has reported a government minister as saying, ending a six-decade moratorium on capital punishment.Home Minister Azleen Ahmed told Raajje TV that work has been completed on building a place to carry out the death penalty and that
Iran Human Rights (Jan 2 2018): A 30-year-old prisoner was hanged at Mashhad Central Prison on murder charges.According to Rokna News Agency, on the morning of Sunday December 31, a prisoner was hanged at Mashhad Central Prison. The prisoner was identified as Ali H., 30.He was sentenced to death
Former Illinois death-row prisoner Gabriel Solache, a Mexican national whose death sentence was one of 157 commuted by Governor George Ryan in January 2003, was exonerated on December 21, 2017 after twenty years of wrongful imprisonment, but immediately seized by agents of the U.S. Immigration
Sky News reporter Ian Woods was present three times for Richard Glossip's scheduled, but aborted, executions. He has written a book on why he believes he's innocentThe phone call that Belfast-born Sky News reporter Ian Woods took as he waited for the arrival of Martin McGuinness' funeral cortege
From assassinations to space missions, 1968 was a year of radical firsts in American history. But amid all the commemorative ruckus over the 50th anniversary of that seminal year, one of the most striking precedents it set has been largely forgotten: 1968 was the 1st year in the history of the
Two years since the Saudi authorities carried out a mass execution of 47 people, human rights organization Reprieve has warned of fresh repression in the Kingdom under the new Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman.On 2nd January 2016, Saudi Arabia executed 47 people in one day. Among them were
I knew the bomber as “Tim,” my father’s death penalty client. 15 years after his execution, he haunts us stillWe’re re-running this story as part of a countdown of the year’s best personal essays. Read all the entries in the series.It was a sunny afternoon in 1995, a week after the Oklahoma City
There were just 23 executions carried out in the U.S. in 2017, a slight uptick from 20 executions in 2016, but far below the 98 executions states carried out in 1999. While 31 states still have a death penalty, sentences and executions have been trending downward for a generation.Today, states
This story is a part of Ask Alabama, where you ask the questions, you vote to decide which questions we answer, and then we investigate.  This week we're answering a question submitted by a reader from Hamilton who asked: How does the state of Alabama decide the next death row prisoner to
The death penalty was again on the decline in 2017, but the problems that accompany the finality of capital punishment remain.This year, 23 people were executed—the second fewest executions in the past 25 years, coming in just behind the 20 inmates who were put to death in 2016. Since 2009, the
With both arms strapped to a gurney convicted cop-killer Torrey McNabb raised both middle fingers and told the state of Alabama "I hate you mother****ers" just before he was shot up with a lethal combination of drugs on Oct. 19.Whether it was from the execution chamber at Hollman Correctional