The Oregon Department of Corrections is expected to announce Friday that it will close death row and reassign the 27 men who live there to other housing in the state prison system. The agency has considered the move since 2016, when a prominent prison reform group recommended that the unit be emptied to lessen the potential psychological harms associated Leggi Tutto
civil partnerships, marriage, digital regristation, pandemic, COVID-19, financial security, legally recognised relationship, petition, Priti Patel, Myrtle LloydLegal recognition of a relationship is important, especially during a pandemic. Mixed-sex civil partnerships were first allowed to take place in England and Wales on 31 December 2019.This was just over five years since Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan tried to form a civil partnership at
The father and son who are accused of murdering 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery, who was shot dead while reportedly out jogging, are allegedly being isolated from other prisoners for their own safety.  Arbery was shot dead by Travis McMichael, 34, on February 23 while his former cop father, Gregory
women, keyworkers, anxiety, low income, WBG, Fawcett Society, COVID-19, coronavirus pandemic, two-child limit, benefit cap, risking lives, Boris Johnson, back to workThe government needs far greater inclusion of women and gender experts in key advisory groups.New research published last week revealed the stark reality of the coronavirus pandemic for parents and keyworkers.The research, carried out by the Fawcett Society, the Women’s Budget Group, and
The mother of Ahmaud Arbery, the 25-year-old black man who was shot dead earlier this year, says she fully supports an-eye-for-an-eye type of justice. During an interview with TMZ on Tuesday, Wanda Cooper-Jones was asked what she believes is the appropriate punishment for the men who've been
In the May 2020 edition of Discussions with DPIC, veteran capital defense lawyer Kelley Henry, who is representing several Tennessee death-row prisoners facing execution dates in 2020, speaks with DPIC Executive Director Robert Dunham about the unprecedented challenges of litigating death-penalty
On Saturday, Iranian regime’s President Hassan Rouhani acknowledged that in one Iranian prison, 100 out of 120 inmates became infected with Covid-19 before authorities were even able to recognize that the coronavirus had been introduced to the population. It was a shocking admission coming from a
As Walter Barton’s May 19 execution approaches, three jurors who voted to convict him of murder say findings that contradict the state’s strongest evidence would have influenced their consideration of his guilt.One of them, the foreman, said had he heard testimony countering to state’s
Angela Rayner MP, Boris Johnson, speech, 10 May 2020, return to work, Coronavirus, pandemic, safety at work, join a union This is the text of the email sent from Angela Rayner to Labour members this afternoon. Last night I sat shocked on my sofa as Boris Johnson spoke to our country. Workers who can’t work from home were encouraged to go back to work – but given no guidance on how to stay safe. Leggi tutto
Lawyers call on the government to reinvestigate the case of death row inmate Ho Duy HaiActivists and lawyers have called on Vietnam’s government to reinvestigate a highly disputed murder case of a death row inmate after the Supreme Court confirmed his death sentence.A 17-member jury led by Chief
The justices of the Supreme Court of California reviewed a direct appeal from the appellant, Alfred Flores, III, who was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to death, and upheld the Superior Court’s conviction.In 2001, defendant Flores was arrested and tried for the
WEST YELLOWSTONE, Mont. — Gallatin County prosecutors filed paperwork seeking the death penalty for the grandmother of a murdered West Yellowstone boy.NBC Montana confirmed Friday the Gallatin County Attorneys Office submitted the request to seek the death penalty for Patricia Batts.Batts is
Once again, incarcerated people are being treated as if they are somehow not part of the human community. - DPNTALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday the state has not had a “huge spread” of COVID-19 in the prison system, even as corrections officials reported 120 more cases among
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Human rights monitor Amnesty International on Tuesday  called on Iranian authorities to “immediately” reveal the  truth about the fate and location of four death row prisoners from various minority groups.Hossein Silawi, Ali Khasraji, Naser Khafajian, and Hedayat
The execution by lethal injection, in its current formulation, was publicly presented on May 11, 1977 by an American doctor from the state of Oklahoma, Jay Chapman, as a more “humane” alternative to other types of executions, such as electrocution or hanging, and today is the most common form of
OGDEN, Utah (AP) — Attorneys in a Utah homicide case have urged a judge to declare the death penalty unconstitutional arguing the sentencing portion of the law shifts the burden of proof to defendants.An attorney representing Miller Costello, 28, said in a motion filed last month that aggravating
The evolution of civilised behaviour, indicating a retreat from barbarism, has become a distinctive feature of most modern western democracies, but America often disappoints, retaining practices that shock, sadden, and in my case, nearly made me physically sick.My visit to death row at McAlester
China's top court demanded on Monday that all courts should keep giving timely and harsh punishments with "zero tolerance" to those harming medical workers as a move to protect public health and promote development of the healthcare industry.Given that a few doctors have been seriously attacked
A Palm Desert man could face the death penalty if he's convicted of killing his 1-year-old daughter who was thrown into a ravine off Highway 74.Adam Slater, 49, was charged Monday with multiple counts, including murder, following a series of events that left the child dead and two adults injured
Boris Johnson, speech, 10 May 2020, workers, return to work, safety at work, COVID-19, pandemic, Section 44, Employment Act 1996, TUC, union advice, Shelly AsquithThe relevant law is Section 44 of the Employment Act 1996 and it covers all workers.By Shelly Asquith, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Officer in the TUC Organisation, Skills and Services Department.Last night, the prime minister encouraged workers who can’t work from home and who don’t work in
In January 1998, Corey Williams was in his neighborhood in Shreveport, Louisiana, when a pizza delivery driver was fatally shot. Williams—a black 16-year-old with a severe intellectual disability—ran home after he learned of the shooting. When police located Williams and brought him in for
Locals in Kopung County, where the execution took place, say it was the 1st public execution they've ever witnessed in the areaThe head of a local forest management office in Chagang Province was recently executed for removing saplings from state-owned land and planting corn in their place, Daily
The Iranian regime is currently in the process of re-opening business activities despite still being amid the worst coronavirus outbreak in the Middle East. Questions about the official infection rates and death tolls leave open the possibility that Iran’s outbreak is among the worst in the
During the protest, held outside of IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv, protesters piled stones painted in red to show that throwing stones can kill.Parents who lost their sons and daughters during army service and Im Tirzu activists held a joint protest on Wednesday outside IDF headquarters in Tel
This was also true of 42% of cases in Madhya Pradesh and 51% of cases in Maharashtra during the same period, according to the study.Seventy-two per cent of all cases in which Delhi trial courts awarded the death penalty from 2000 to 2015 cited “collective conscience of the society” as an
On May 19, Missouri will conduct the first American execution since the COVID-19 crisis began. The state intends to put Walter Barton to death for killing an 81-year-old mobile home park manager nearly three decades ago.Last month, the state Supreme Court denied Barton’s request to delay the
NEW DELHI: A criminal found guilty of sexual violence is more likely to hang now than four years earlier as trial courts in some states have an increasing propensity to award death for such crimes, suggests a new report. In 2016, Madhya Pradesh gave death penalty in 33.3% of such cases; this rose
Amidst the coronavirus devastation, it’s important not to overlook the fact that, at the end of April, two federal appellate judges called out the U.S. government for continuing to dishonor the Navajo Nation – the largest Indigenous tribe in America – through its pursuit of the death penalty for
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – A notice of execution has been signed for a sniper who killed one Pennsylvania state trooper and wounded another in a nighttime ambush outside their barracks 5 1/2 years ago, although the notice will have no immediate effect due to the governor’s moratorium on
May 11 (UPI) -- Capital punishment is still widespread in North Korea, but public executions and other forms of severe punishment could be receding, according to a South Korean report.State-owned think tank Korea Institute for National Unification said Monday in its annual white paper on North
(CNN) -- The US Justice Department is "assessing all of the evidence" in the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery to determine whether federal hate crime charges are appropriate, and is considering the request from Georgia's attorney general to investigate the handling of the case, agency spokeswoman
A family of eight killed a 16-year-old girl in Bantaeng, South Sulawesi, police say, after the girl allegedly brought dishonor to the family by getting intimate with a man out of wedlock.According to local police, on Saturday, a 50-year-old man identified by his initials DA stabbed his
A father and son were arrested in connection with the Feb. 23 killing of Mr. Arbery, which had led to protests and 2.23-mile runs to show support under the hashtag #IRunWithMaud.BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Law enforcement officials in Georgia said on Friday there was more than sufficient probable cause to
Ruling did not weigh merits of controversial tactic in death row caseA Texas court has denied the death row appeal of inmate Charles Don Flores, who argued he was improperly convicted in part due to evidence gleaned through hypnosis.In an order issued Wednesday, the Texas Court of Criminal