A German medical firm is suspected of illegally shipping several tons of a solution that is used to euthanize animals to the United States. The solution contains an ingredient also used to execute prisoners. The prosecutor's office in the northern town of Oldenburg is investigating German veterinary pharmaceutical company VET Pharma Friesoythe GmbH for shipping a liquid drug used Leggi Tutto
An Egyptian court on Thursday sentenced 11 members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood to death over charges of killing policemen, the state-run Ahram newspaper reported.The case dated back to 2015 when the 11 convicts killed 3 policemen and burnt their vehicle.The court referred the sentence to
Last week 2 prisoners were secretly executed at Gorgan Prison on murder charges. One of the executions was followed by an act of revenge by the family of the prisoners on the victim's relatives.According to a close source, on the morning of Saturday, June 30, 2 prisoners were executed at Gorgan
More than four decades after the guillotine was last used in an execution in France, a 150-year-old replica of the device made famous in The Terror that followed the French Revolution has sold at auction for the equivalent of $9,355.The 10-foot-tall guillotine, described as having "a few dents on
(LAS VEGAS) — A state trying to execute its first inmate in 12 years using an untested combination of drugs is heading back to planning stages, and a twice-convicted killer who wants to die will return to death row, after a court postponed his lethal injection to allow a drug company to argue
A 150-year-old guillotine with "a few dents on the blade" will go under the hammer in Paris today.The 10-foot (3-metre) tall instrument of execution which was used to dispatch criminals in France until 1977 is in working order. But the Drouot auction house insisted that the model was built as a
The Sri Lanka govt approves capital punishment for drug offencesColombo, Jul 11 (PTI) The Sri Lankan Cabinet has unanimously approved a move to bring back capital punishment for drug-related crimes, a senior minister has said.Gamini Jayawickrema Perera, Minister of the Buddhist Order said that
US President Donald Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, setting the stage for a bruising confirmation battle.In a primetime announcement at the White House, Mr Trump praised his pick as a "brilliant jurist".The nominee, a District of Columbia appeals court judge, is a
TOKYO - The body of executed Aum Shinrikyo cult founder Shoko Asahara was cremated in Tokyo on Monday and his remains will likely be kept at a detention house in the capital for some time as it remains undecided to whom they will be handed over, sources familiar with the matter said.Who will gain
Top court pronounced its judgement on the review petition filed by 3 out of the 4 convicts handed death penalty.India's Supreme Court has upheld the death sentence in the 2012 New Delhi bus gang-rape case, a crime that sparked widespread protests leading to stronger anti-rape laws.The country's
Death penalty supporters and opponents both say that Kentucky's capital punishment system is too expensive, lengthy and in need of reform.Kentucky has had a moratorium on the death penalty since 2010, but state prosecutors still pursue capital punishment in more than 50 cases every year.During a
Iran Human Rights (Jul 5, 2018): According to the Iranian state media, Tehran Prosecutor General Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi, announced that cases of 1700 of the prisoners sentenced to death or life imprisonment for drug-related crimes in Tehran have been reviewed, while there are 1300 more requests
Japan has carried out executions of 83 death-row inmates since 2000. The standards used to decide whom to execute are not clear and seem to reflect the particular outlook of the justice minister serving at the time.Seven leading members of the religious cult Aum Shinrikyō, including its founder
OGDEN, UTAH — A couple accused of murdering their 3-year-old daughter and trying to conceal her injuries with makeup will face the death penalty if convicted, the state of Utah announced Tuesday.Miller Costello and Brenda Emile are accused of fatally beating their daughter, Angelino Costello
July 12, 2018 (LBO) – Sri Lanka must pull back from any plans to implement the death penalty and preserve its longstanding positive record on shunning this cruel and irreversible punishment, Amnesty International said.The Sri Lankan President, Maithripala Srisena, is pressing ahead with plans to
Remembering Srebrenica, genocide, rape, Rape Crisis, Srebrenica Memorial Day, cards‘We cannot truly stand up to hatred unless we stand up to misogyny in our society.’In the course of just one week in July 1995, 8372 mostly Muslim men and boys were murdered by Bosnian Serb forces in an act of genocide at a place called Srebrenica.This was the final act in a genocidal plan
The high court upheld the February 19 order of the Mahila court, awarding death penalty to S Dhasvanth, an engineering graduate.Chennai: The Madras High Court on Tuesday confirmed the death sentence awarded to a 23-year-old techie by a lower court for the rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl
LAS VEGAS — A twice-convicted killer scheduled to be executed Wednesday night in Nevada by an untried three-drug lethal injection is steadfast in his desire to be put to death, but a final-hour lawsuit by a drug company could halt the execution.Pharmaceutical companies have resisted the use of
Last Rights, Mytilini Declaration, the Dignified Treatment of All Missing and Deceased Persons and Their Families as a Consequence of Migrant JourneysA declaration of intent.Every year global cross-border movements continue to exact a devastating toll on human life both on land and at sea.But while some of the dead have been counted, many more are missing.And the names of most of the dead and missing are not known; their families have
"The problem is the desperation to get out, and the willingness of the district attorney to use us."For the last 2 decades, Curtis Flowers has been on death row in Mississippi for a 1996 quadruple murder. He has consistently maintained his innocence and appealed his case 6 different times on
More than a decade ago, Ismail Saleh says, a neighbor wanted to marry one of Saleh's cousins. Following the custom of their clan in northern Iraq, she was meant to wed Saleh, so the family refused. And thus, he says, a feud was born.Saleh now sits on death row in Baghdad, sentenced to hang after
Debate on capital punishment has been re-ignited and is now an election issue after a number of brutal murders occurred over the past 2 monthsWhether or not the Taiwanese authorities should execute those who are sentenced to death has been hotly debated over the past couple of months, due partly
8 prisoners who were sentenced to death over the Isis attacks on Tehran's parliament and the shrine of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini were executed today. Some of them were not directly involved in the attacks.According to IRNA news agency, on the morning of Saturday, July 7, eight prisoners who
BANGKOK: The Appeal Court today upheld the death sentence for a Spanish man convicted of murdering and dismembering the body of a fellow Spaniard two years ago.Artur Segarra Princep, 38, was given the death penalty by the Criminal Court last year.He was convicted of the premeditated murder of
A Chinese court sentenced a man to death Tuesday for a knife attack that killed 9 children and wounded another 11 as they returned home from school in northern China.Zhao Zewei, 28, was arrested in April following the killings that he said were in response to a long-held grudge against the
The 2012 barbaric Delhi rape case has come close to its end, with the Supreme Court dismissing the review petitions of the accused. Even though the case went through a fast track court, accelerated by the mood of the nation, it took 6 years to reach its closing stage.There are at least 477
LAS VEGAS -- A Nevada judge is halting the use of a drug in the execution of twice-convicted killer Scott Raymond Dozier hours before he was scheduled to die by a first-of-its-kind lethal injection mixture. Clark County District Court Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez ordered the delay Wednesday morning
MONTGOMERY, Ala. — A lawsuit challenging Alabama’s lethal injection process took an unexpected turn Tuesday after eight inmate plaintiffs asked to be put to death by the state’s new execution method: inhaling nitrogen gas.The Alabama attorney general’s office and lawyers for inmates submitted a
RCOG, FSRH, WHO, early abortion, misoprostol, at home‘There can be no justification not to act unless the aim is to punish women having a legal abortion.’Women in England should be allowed to take misoprostol – the second drug used to effect an early medical abortion – just like our peers in Scotland and Wales, argue healthcare leaders, in an
petition, violent men, British Transport Police, skewed statistics, female erasureWhen men commit crime, arrest, charge, record and report them as men.British Transport Police are at present arresting males and allowing them to self-identify as female.The crime is then recorded as a female crime and reported as such to the press.As Jean Hatchet says in the petition she
Scott Dozier's final 48 hours will be tightly controlled, much like the last decade of his life. They will include limited time on the prison yard, his final shower and, of course, his last meal.Each of his steps will be followed by a team of prison officers, some of whom will record the steps
"So many legal questions"Opponents of the death penalty fear the next month will become a "media circus" as the state prepares for its first execution in over 2 decades.On Thursday, the Nebraska Supreme Court set Aug. 14 as the execution date for condemned killer Carey Dean Moore, the
Letters sent from prison by some of the executed AUM Shinrikyo doomsday cult members expressed regret for committing heinous crimes and a wish to atone.But their letters sent to civic groups also included those calling for abolition of capital punishment and requests for amnesty, showing their
The Catholic Church is calling on the Mia Mottley-led Government to abolish the death penalty, arguing it is not justified under any circumstance.In a statement of support for a ruling by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), which declared the mandatory death sentence for a conviction of murder