image‘Certain kinds of music have good beats’ but the videos and the message can be ‘completely repulsive’. A new campaign called ‘Rewind&Reframe’ was launched on 11 November which sees young women blogging about their views on music videos. They are also denouncing sexism and racism in many contemporary music... ‘Certain kinds of music have good beats’ but the videos and the message can be ‘completely repulsive’. A new campaign called ‘Rewind&Reframe’ was launched on 11 November which sees young women blogging about their views on music videos. They are also denouncing sexism and racism in many contemporary music videos and they have sent open letters
imageWorld Toilet Day is a UN recognised event, observed annually on 19 November since 2001. It is an international day of action aiming to break the taboo around toilets and draw attention to the global sanitation challenge. World Toilet Day has a very serious purpose: it aims to stimulate
imageUK government’s call to keep girls and women safe in crisis tested by Typhoon Haiyan. War and natural disasters are devastating enough, but for thousands of women and girls living through these hellish situations across the globe, things can and unfortunately do get worse. UN
imageWelcome to our round-up of sports news and results from British women both at home and abroad. Football: This week England captain Casey Stoney became the first woman to sit on the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) management committee. “It is an honour and a
imagePortsmouth is gearing up for the fifth of its annual Reclaim the Night events. On 22 November, hundreds of men, women and children in Portsmouth will take to the streets to protest against domestic and sexual violence. Shonagh Dillon, chief executive of local charity for victims and
imageEuropean Advertising Standards Alliance to consider new guidelines to stop sexist advertising. Research shows that exposure to images that sexually objectify or stereotype women can damage women and girls’ self-esteem and mental health, limit and shape their aspirations, and foster
imageEx-offender gets us to take another look at women in prison and the need for change. When economist Vicky Pryce admitted taking speeding points meant for her former husband, the ex-Cabinet minister Chris Huhne, she found herself convicted of perverting the course of justice. And after a very
imageThe male-dominated world of company boards is slowly but surely changing. The number of women on boards is increasing in the FTSE 100 and, crucially, in the FTSE 250. FTSE 250 companies have generally lagged behind those in the FTSE 100 when it comes to board diversity as they are less well
imageProtest against David Cameron’s attendance at Sri Lanka summit, says Tamil activist. This weekend Sri Lanka will host the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). Leaders of one third of the world’s population will attend. Among them, the UK’s Prime Minister David
imageHere are some woman-centric events for your diary going on around the UK and Ireland this week. Belfast: 17 November: OUTBURST 2013: Rosie Wilby and a day of events with Belfast Feminist Network at Black Box and Green Room, 18-22 Hill Street, Belfast from 2pm. What does it mean to be queer
imageWhite poppies are for peace, and a challenge to the continuing drive to war. The first artificial white poppies appeared in 1933 on what was then called Armistice Day but started being called Remembrance Day after the Second World War. They were sold by the Co-operative Women’s Guild
imageFamily planning is one of the most cost-effectivetechnologies for improving the human condition. Approximately 287,000 women die every year from problems caused by childbirth – and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation estimates that approximately 1 in 4 of those women could be saved
imageSign the petition now and help stop sexual abuse. Serco, one of the largest and most powerful companies in the UK FTSE 250, runs Yarl’s Wood in Bedfordshire – an immigration removal centre where vulnerable women are detained. And in some cases, allegedly raped and sexually abused
imageAttackers often aim to maim, disfigure and blind their victims rather than kill them. Acid violence is on the rise in the UK, but campaigner Shabina Begum believes it  can be eradicated if we all take a stand against it. A UK campaigner and lawyer working with victims of acid attacks
imageA report has revealed that over 80,000 children face Christmas in temporary housing. The report, by the housing and homeless charity Shelter, and based on government statutory homeless statistics and interviews with homeless families, also revealed that many women and children are in totally
imageby Leigh Kolb. Our regular cross-post from BitchFlicks. Warning: Spoilers Ahead. Throughout the last five seasons of Breaking Bad, the female characters have played key roles – from playing adversaries to aiding and abetting – yet they are often overlooked as secondary
imageDriving home the message that ‘sex without consent is rape’. I was delighted to attend the launch of a fantastic new campaign in Coventry last week: a joint initiative between Coventry City Council and the Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (CRASAC) that will focus on the needs
imageIt seems there is still confusion around HIV transmission. Of the more than 1,000 people questioned in a new survey in Scotland recently, 54 per cent were unable to correctly identify all of the ways HIV is and is not transmitted from a list of possible routes. According to the online
imageRise in complaints and lack of data convinces government to give £1m for research. Charities that provide advice and support for women experiencing pregnancy and maternity discrimination have recorded a surge in calls to their helplines. Maternity Action says that it answers
imageIntercollegiate group recommends all evidence of FGM be reported to the police. Conservative estimates put the number of girls and women who have experienced female genital mutilation (FGM) in the UK at 66,000, with an additional 15,000 girls under the age of 15 considered to be at risk
imageWelcome to our weekly bulletin of British women’s sports results from around the globe. Archery: Britain’s women won several medals at the World Archery Para Championships in Bangkok this week. The first medal came courtesy of Mel Clarke on November 5, who took bronze
imageJaine Rose would like to share with you her thoughts on knitting a long scarf. Or, as she puts it, in launching a crazy and rather wonderful direct action protest involving 7 miles of pink wool’. Back in October 2012 she hatched a plan with Angie Zelter from Action AWE to get a huge
imageA UNWomen advertising  campaign reveals profound discriminatory attitudes towards women. It was with horror and deep distress that – following on from reading the recent ad campaign run by UN Women which exposed how deep rooted sexism by looking up through Google search
imageSouth Korean women’s football in turmoil after coaches demand gender test for star striker. This week, six of the seven coaches in South Korea’s K-League asked not only that Seoul City’s striker Park Eun-Seon be tested, but insisted that she should be banned from playing
imageHere are some woman-centric events for your diary going on around the UK and Ireland this week. Edinburgh: 23 November: Starz in their Eyes at Pilrig Church, 1B Pilrig Street, Edinburgh from 7.30pm. Bringing an added touch of waistcoat sparkle to Leith Walk this November to celebrate
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imageA gaping inequality remains between men’s and women’s sport. Every week, the Guardian publishes a column called “Ask a grown-up”. Children under 10 ask a question that’s been bothering them, and the paper finds an expert to answer it. It often provides a comical
imageDomestic abuse survivor calls for address secrecy in court cases. Eve’s Law is a campaign set up by Eve Thomas and One Voice Never Silenced to ask that victims of domestic abuse should not to be forced to reveal their address in court. Eve Thomas is a survivor of domestic abuse who
imageThe new Lord Mayor of London wants to ‘raise the profile of women’ in business during her year in office. Fiona Woolf made this pledge after officially taking up her role as Lord Mayor of the City of London on 8 November. According to her CV, Woolf, a past President of the Law
imageCinemas in Sweden to use ‘the Bechdel test’ to assess how women are portrayed in films. To pass the test, a film must feature at least two named female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, all the Star Wars films and
imageBut even mascara brands without mercury sometimes use other harmful preservatives. Mercury was banned in cosmetics and soaps by a global treaty signed recently at the United Nations Environment Programme’s’ Minamata Convention for Mercury – but mascara and other eye makeup
imageA day of discussion and a host of video reports and graphics highlighted women’s issues. The BBC’s recent 100 Women conference brought together 100 women from around the world at the BBC’s Broadcasting House in London for a day of debate, discussion and live broadcasting
imagePlease help: send a message of hope to someone suffering human rights abuses. Every year during November and December Amnesty International (AI) asks people to join their Write for Rights campaign. They ask you to write a letter to send a message of hope to someone suffering human rights
imageEqual Pay Day marks the point at which women working full-time effectively stop earning each year. Women working full-time still earn almost £5,000 a year less than men, though the pay gap in some jobs is three times bigger, according to a Trade Union Congress (TUC) analysis of official