Taiwan executes six; prisoners were anaesthetised then shotTaiwan has executed six prisoners, the second time in six months a group of six has been put to death.The ministry of justice said the prisoners were anaesthetised and then shot. Reports said most of them were responsible for multiple killings.Anti-death penalty group the World Coalition said it was "horrified".The activists said in a statement...Read more http://deathpenaltynews.blogspot.com/2013/04/taiwan-executes-six-prisoners-were.html
Life on death row: ‘They had no idea they were going to be executed’Yahya JammehSocial activist and former Minister of Information, Amadou Janneh, was found guilty of treason and sentenced to life imprisonment in January 2012 for printing and distributing T-shirts made by the NGO ‘Coalition for Change – The Gambia (CGG),’ calling for an end to “dictatorship” in the
Iran executes five for drug trafficking, rape, murderShiraz, April 16, 2013Iran Human Rights, April 17: Five prisoners were hanged in three different Iranian prisons today, Wednesday April 17.One prisoner hanged in the prison of Zarand (Southeastern Iran):According to the Iranian state media one prisoner was hanged in the prison of Zarand (Kerman
Teng Biao: In China, courts are told what decision to make in important cases, including on the death penalty.Speaking out against the death penalty in China can be a risky business as it can be perceived as a challenge to the state's authority.The Asian giant executed more people than the rest of the world put together in 2012 -- although the true number of executions may never be known as it remains a
Iran executes nine for armed robbery, murderIran on Tuesday executed nine people convicted of armed robberies, murder and abduction in the southern province of Fars, the authorities said.Six were hanged in public, while the rest were sent to the gallows in prison, the judiciary in Fars said on its website, identifying the convicts only by
Puerto Rican jury rejects death sentence in police killingA Jamaican man was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of an undercover policeman in Puerto Rico after a jury rejected federal prosecutors' request to impose a death sentence.Puerto Rico has not executed anyone since 1927, and it abolished the death penalty under the constitution it enacted
Taiwan compensates trio after 11 years on death rowApril 10, 2013: Taiwan will pay a total of Tw$15 million ($500,000) compensation to three men who spent more than 11 years on death row before their acquittal in one of the island's most controversial murder trials, a court said.Su Chien-ho, Liu Bin-lang and Chuang Lin-hsun will each receive about
Florida executes Larry Eugene MannLarry Eugene Mann in 1980STARKE — Larry Eugene Mann, who abducted and killed 10-year-old Elisa Nelson in 1980 in Palm Harbor, was executed at 7:19 pm Wednesday at Florida State Prison.Mann, 59, had been on death row for 32 years for the crime, which ranks among the most notorious and shocking in
Mississippi set to add terrorism to death penalty lawMississippi is set to add terrorism to the list of crimes that could lead to the death penalty, if a victim is killed."The governor intends to sign this public safety measure," Gov. Phil Bryant's spokesman, Mick Bullock, told The Associated Press.Mississippi prosecutors already can pursue the
Saudi beheaded after killing 3 in car chaseThe execution takes to 31 the number put to death since the beginning of the yearRiyadh: Saudi authorities beheaded a citizen in the northern town of Hael on Tuesday after he was convicted of intentionally causing the deaths of three people during a car chase, the interior ministry
Death sentence for British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford staysAn Indonesian court on Monday upheld the death sentence handed down to a 56-year-old British grandmother found guilty of trafficking cocaine into the resort island of Bali.A spokesman said the Bali High Court, sitting in the island's capital Denpasar, had confirmed the death sentence given to
After death-penalty repeal, Maryland Governor O’Malley faces decision on condemned inmatesWith last month’s vote to repeal the death penalty, Maryland lawmakers handed Gov. Martin O’Malley a long-sought legislative victory — and a question that he has refused to answer: What is he going to do about the five prisoners on death row?The new law won’t apply to them, and O’Malley (D) is
Death sentence for India restaurant bomb plotterAn Indian court sentenced a cyber cafe worker to death on Thursday for his role in a deadly bomb blast which ripped through a restaurant in the western city of Pune three years ago, lawyers said.Mirza Himayat Baig was found guilty earlier this week of criminal conspiracy and murder for the attack
Court hears challenge to California's execution methodCalifornia death rowA state appeals court hearing here Tuesday underscored the extent to which California's death penalty system has been lost in the legal weeds.During less than an hour of arguments, the 1st District Court of Appeal offered few hints on whether it would uphold a Marin County
Texas executes Ronnie ThreadgillRonnie ThreadgillHUNTSVILLE (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court refused to halt the scheduled execution of a Texas man, clearing the way for his punishment Tuesday evening for the carjack-slaying of a teenager 12 years ago."To my loved ones and my dear friends, I love y'all and appreciate y'all for
India's Supreme Court on Friday cleared the way for the execution of a Sikh militant Devinder Pal Singh BhullarIndia's Supreme Court has rejected a petition by a death row prisoner to commute his sentence to life in jail.The petition was filed by Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar on the basis that there had been "an inordinate delay" in deciding his mercy plea.He has been on death row since August 2001 for a
Iran: inmate hanged in Bandar Abbas prison1 prisoner has been hanged on March 10, 2013 in the Bandar Abbas prison.According to a report by the "Human rights and democracy activists of Iran" website, Omid Shojai the 30 years old prisoner, married, having 2 children, who was waiting for death in the solitary, was hanged in the yard of the
Bangladesh PM rejects demands for tougher blasphemy lawsApril 9, 2013: Bangladesh's prime minister rejected demands for tougher blasphemy laws in the face of growing pressure from protesters wanting the death sentence for blaspheming bloggers.Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in an exclusive interview with the BBC that sufficient laws are in place to
Death penalty 2012: Despite setbacks, a death penalty-free world came closerAMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Press Release - Despite some disappointing setbacks in 2012, the global trend towards ending the death penalty continued, Amnesty International found in its annual review of death sentences and executions.2012 saw the resumption of executions in several countries that had not
Rickey Lynn LewisRickey Lynn Lewis(CBS/AP) HUNTSVILLE, Texas - Rickey Lynn Lewis, an East Texas man convicted of killing a man and raping his fiancee in 1990, was executed Tuesday evening in Huntsville, Texas.Six months after Lewis, 50, was paroled in early 1990 from a 25-year term for a third burglary conviction
Denmark Stops Aid to Iran’s Fight Against Drug TraffickingIran Human Rights, April 9: Danish government has decided to cut its aids to Iran’s anti drug program says a Danish newspaper today.Denmark is one of the several Western countries aiding to Iran’s war on drugs. The aid has been given through the UN agency "United Nation’s office for drugs and
Iraq executes 7 convicted of terror offencesBaghdad: Iraq has executed seven people convicted of terror-related offences, an official said on Monday, despite widespread calls for the country to declare a moratorium on its use of the death penalty.All of those executed were Iraqi men, and brought to 29 the number of times Iraq has carried
Christoph Gielen Goes Up In The Air, Shares a Broad Perspective On Solitary ConfinementArizona Supermax PrisonChristoph Gielen, a photographer known for his aerial views of American suburbs has chosen as his next subject super-maximum security prisons — the most controlled spaces in American prison industrial complex. Supermaxes are of particular interest as they are designed
Texas: Smart Enough to DieIn 2002, the Supreme Court banned the death penalty for mentally retarded defendants. Still, Texas finds a way.Elroy Chester was the worst one-man crime wave Port Arthur had ever seen.Paroled in 1997 from prison, where he was serving time for burglary, Chester, then 27, embarked on an 11-month
Lawyers say Arkansas to use untried execution drugArkansas plans to begin putting prisoners to death with a drug that apparently has never been used in a U.S. execution, and lawyers for condemned inmates warn that it could take longer for someone to die than with other lethal injection drugs.The state doesn't have any scheduled executions, but
Iraq executes 21 in one day on 'terror' chargesBAGHDAD: Iraq put 21 men to death today, a senior justice ministry official said, the latest in a series of mass executions that have drawn international condemnation.All of the men were Iraqis and had been convicted on anti-terror charges, the official said, speaking on condition of
India: Of death penalty and a brutal societyIndia was one of the few countries that resumed executions in 2012. India's stand on the death penalty issue is worrying since it necessarily means we are an intolerant and brutal society.If one were to go just by the sheer numbers documented in the annual Amnesty International report on death
The Executioner's Tale: A Talk With One of Yemen's Designated KillersPublic execution in YemenSanaa, July 6, 2009With a toothless grin Saleh Shamsadeen sits in the prison governor's office, right beside the family of an inmate sentenced to death. Clasping his aging AK-47 rifle, he jokes that their lawyer is trying to take his next customer away from him. As one of
Singapore: Drug trafficker escapes death sentence under amended Misuse of Drugs ActA 29-year-old man has escaped the gallows for drug trafficking as he satisfied the twin requirements for the discretionary death sentence, in the 1st capital case prosecuted under the amended Misuse of Drugs Act which came into effect in January.His co-accused, 27-year-old Muhammad Ridzuan Md Ali
Cuba: Executions Accomplices in AprilThis April marks a decade since one of the most depressing moments of recent Cuban history: Black Spring. It was a time when Fidel Castro, excited about what he recognized as a revolutionary wave in Latin America and the arrival of the 1st Venezuelan subsidies, decided to eradicate all signs of
Calls for ending capital punishment in ChinaSeveral miscarriages of justice have made the news in China in recent decades. These included cases of wrongful imprisonment and even execution.In 1995, Nie Shubin, 20, was executed for raping and murdering a woman. 10 years later, another man confessed to the crime.3 years later, She Xianglin
Death penalty is what harms Bali's reputation(CNN) -- Judges on the paradise Indonesian island of Bali sentencing British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford to death on January 22 held that she had "tarnished the image of Bali as a holiday destination."No one expected a death sentence because the prosecutor, recognizing the sympathetic
Delaware death penalty repeal: a gentle transition?Kirk BloodsworthThough it's been nearly 28 years since his time on Maryland's death row, Kirk Bloodsworth still can recall the suffocating, stale, wastewater stench of the prison."It was like several years before I could get the smell out of my nose," he said.In 1985, Mr. Bloodsworth was
Indian Supreme Court stays execution of eight death row convictsThe Supreme Court has stayed the execution of eight death row prisoners, convicted in different murder cases, whose clemency pleas were rejected by President Pranab Mukherjee last week.Staying the execution of Suresh, Ramji, Gurmeet Singh, Praveen Kumar, Sonia and her husband Sanjeev, Sundar Singh