Oklahoma Death ChamberOklahoma Death ChamberAn Oklahoma inmate was scheduled for a November execution on Wednesday after telling a court he didn't want to be the 1st inmate sent to the death chamber following the review of a botched try in April.The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals set Richard Eugene Glossip's execution for Leggi Tutto
A federal judge ordered a temporary moratorium on Ohio executions while legal issues related to new lethal-injection procedures are worked out in court.The order, issued Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Gregory L. Frost, stops the scheduled July 2 execution of Ronald Phillips of Summit County and
May 27, 2014: Chinese authorities used a public rally in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region to sentence 55 people on charges including terrorism.At least three people were sentenced to death. Others were jailed for murder, separatism, and organizing or participating in terror groups.The
The Supreme Court gave greater protection Tuesday to death row inmates seeking to prove they should not be executed because they are intellectually disabled, and it ruled that laws such as those in Florida and Virginia are too rigid. The court ruled 5 to 4 that state laws that draw a Leggi Tutto
Some abolitionists believe that Lockett's sordid death will one day be remembered as the death blow — as it were — to capital punishment. I am more skeptical. As long as the debate is about gruesome methods and individual cases, the death penalty as an institution may rise and decline but I Leggi
Public execution in Saudi ArabiaCourt attributed capital punishment to the 'enormity of the defendant’s acts'Manama: A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a man to death for shooting at a police patrol and learning how to blow up gas cylinders.Other charges leveled against the man included
Mahafari Amir-KhosraviTEHRAN — Iran’s state media is reporting that a key player in the country’s biggest-ever banking scandal was executed here on Saturday. The office of Tehran’s public prosecutor announced that Mahafari Amir-Khosravi, one of four co-conspirators given the death sentence in
Public execution in Iran (file photo)2 more people have escaped death by hanging with the consent of their victims' families in recent days.The Etemad daily reports that in Tonkabon, a murder convict was pardoned at the gallows on the morning of Wednesday May 21, and the head of Neyshapour prisons
San Quentin Prison's disused gas chamber As Boer Deng and Dahlia Lithwick argued in Slate, opponents of the death penalty inadvertently have made lethal injection less safe, by forcing prison officials into using inferior methods and substandard drug providers. As the states struggle to obtain
Stark County Prosecutor John Ferrero says he opposes the death penalty recommendations formed by a task force.Stark County Prosecutor John D. Ferrero says that he has joined other prosecutors in the state in their opposition to the death penalty recommendations formed by a task force.The final
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — As the rest of the nation debates the feasibility and humanity of lethal injections against a backdrop of scarce drugs and botched executions, Tennessee has come up with an alternative: the electric chair.Republican Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill into law Thursday allowing
Mogilev Regional Court has confirmed that another death-row prisoner has been executed in Belarus. At least 2 men remain on death row at imminent risk of execution.The execution of Rygor Yuzepchuk only became public knowledge on 8 May, but may have actually occurred in April. The date of his
Greg Abbott, the Republican attorney general of Texas, has many of the usual suspects funding his gubernatorial campaign: Energy tycoons, construction company magnates, leveraged buyout moguls, sports team owners. But one of his biggest backers hails from an industry not typically known for
Iran Human Rights (IHR) has repeatedly condemned the inhumane law of qisas (retribution in kind [an eye for an eye]), where the family members of the victim are encouraged to carry out the executions. Iran Human Rights, May 28, 2014: A woman was hanged in the prison of Amol (Northern Iran)
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Welcome to the macabre absurdity of the modern American death penalty. Of course, death by lethal injection became the standard method only because earlier methods — from hanging to the firing squad to the electric chair — were deemed too “barbaric,” not because the state was taking a human life
Meriam Ibrahim and husbandThe Sudanese woman who has been sentenced to hang on charges of alleged apostasy has given birth to a baby girl, her lawyers told The Telegraph.“Meriam Ibrahim, 27, gave birth to the girl – her second child – in the early hours of Tuesday morning, in the Leggi Tutto
Legislation to restore death by firing squad to be introduced in Wyoming and Utah amid debate over death penalty methods after botched Oklahoma execution2 more American states are taking concrete steps towards restoring the firing squad for executions in response to shortages of drugs for lethal
Execution rehearsal in ChinaLiu Han, the former chairman of Sichuan Hanlong Group, was sentenced to death for crimes including murder and leading an organized crime group in China.Liu Wei, Liu Han's younger brother, was also sentenced to death, along with 3 others, the Xianning Intermediate
May 22, 2014: The death sentence has been imposed upon at least one person caught making phone contact with South Korea from a location near the Sino-North Korean border, Daily NK has learned via detailed, exclusive testimony from a source in the region.“At the beginning of this year they amended
Former Home Minister Hassan Afeef has questioned the government's intention to carry out the death sentence under recently introduced regulations."I think they are just playing to the minds of the people because they say they want to protect the religion and protect the country as one of their
After 28 years on death row, Sidney Porterfield, the man Gaile Owens hired to kill her husband, died on death row yesterday.Porterfield was the oldest man on death row at 71. He was pronounced dead at approximately 2:47 p.m. at Lois DeBerry Special Needs Facility, according to the Tennessee
Russell BucklewBONNE TERRE, Mo. (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday halted the execution of a Missouri inmate with a rare medical condition who challenged the state's refusal to disclose the source of its lethal injection drug.The justices said a lower federal court needs to take another
A new TV program featuring Willie Jerome Manning is scheduled to be broadcast on Sunday June 1 2014 (USA times: 9E/6P). The program is an episode in the Al Jazeera America series, The System, which sets out to examine the state of the criminal justice system in the USA. Leggi Tutto
Riyadh: A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced to death an activist convicted of sedition, rioting, protesting and robbery in the district of Qatif, home to many of the kingdom’s Shiite sect who say they face entrenched discrimination.The sentence, issued on Tuesday and reported by state media early
How judicial caning is carried out  in SingaporeHow judicial caning is carried outin Singapore42-year-old given certificate of substantive assistance; will now serve life imprisonment and receive 15 strokes of caneSINGAPORE — A 42-year-old drug courier yesterday became the latest to escape the gallows after a successful application to be
(file photo)One man was hanged in Qazvin (west of Tehran) while four prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement scheduled to be executed on Wednesday.Iran Human Rights, May 27, 2014: One prisoner was hanged in the prison of Qazvin, reported the official website of the Iranian Judiciary in
May 22, 2014: The Senate has rejected a 2nd bid to repeal New Hampshire's death penalty.The Senate took little time Thursday to reject repealing the death penalty, not wanting to debate the issue a second time this session. On a voice vote, the Senate refused to go along with the House and killed
Recently the New York Times ran an article about capital punishment in Texas, where the execution of condemned prisoners is such a frequent and routine occurrence that it is carried out with assembly-line efficiency, in contrast to stories from some other states of botched executions. Even many
A Filipino was sentenced to death last April 30 by a Qatari court for espionage and economic sabotage, while 2 other Philippine nationals were meted life imprisonment for the same offense, the Department of Foreign Affairs said Friday.At a press briefing in Manila, Foreign Affairs spokesman
Iran Human Rights, May 22, 2014: One prisoner was hanged in the prison of Mashhad Tuesday 20. May, reported the Iranian dailyedam-isca newspaper Khorasan. The prisoner, who was not identified by name, was convicted of murdering his wife in 2007. He was 40 year old, said the report.At least 15
More than 620,000 Amnesty International supporters have taken action to call for Meriam Yehya Ibrahim's release.Lawyers have confirmed to Amnesty International that an appeal has been lodged against the conviction of a pregnant Sudanese Christian woman, who has been sentenced to death for her
The case of Charles Finney, a 60-year-old man on death row in Florida, is now before the clemency authorities. He maintains that he did not commit the murder for which he was sentenced to death. In Florida, an execution date is set if and when clemency is denied. On the Leggi Tutto
Suriname, which has announced plans to remove the death penalty from its criminal books, says it will increase the maximum jail term for life sentences from 20 to 30 years.Justice and Police Minister Edward Belfort said in addition to increasing the jail term for life sentences usually reserved