European-Union_flag (2) ‘Rights of victims of violence now guaranteed outside their own country’. Victims of violence, especially those who have suffered domestic abuse or stalking, will be guaranteed better protection in any state which is a member of the European Union now, due to new rules which entered into force on 11 January. New rules which mean that restraining, protection and barring orders issued in one member state are now quickly and easily recognisable across the European Union (EU) through simple certification. Leggi tutto
black deaths in the UK, justice, openDemocracy‘We try to go peacefully, just ask for the truth but all we keep getting is lies’.By Amrit Wilson.In the last few weeks of 2014, I joined thousands of people in London to demonstrate in solidarity with Mike Brown’s family and the protesters in Ferguson.On one occasion outside the US
Isil terrorists throw man off roof 'for being gay'Northern Iraq, December 2014 (file photo)Al-Qaeda-linked militants have publicly executed a woman accused of adultery in northwestern Syria, a monitoring group said Wednesday.The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that in total 14 people had
A Brazilian drug felon has been told he will be executed on Saturday night in a move that will strike fear into the hearts of the Bali 9 members on death row.Marco Archer Cardoso Moreira, who will be the 1st foreigner to be executed in Indonesia this year, was transferred to an isolation Leggi
Jakarta. Indonesia’s attorney general announced on Thursday that the country would execute six convicted drug traffickers on Sunday, five of whom are foreign citizens.“The execution of five people will be carried out on Jan. 18 in Nusa Kambangan and one other in Boyolali, Central Java,” Attorney
Oklahoma's brand new death chamberWith a renovated death chamber, new training and a higher dose of drugs, corrections officials in Oklahoma were ready Thursday to carry out the first execution there since April, when the slipshod, prolonged killing of Clayton D. Lockett forced the state to suspend
Plan UK, girls' rights,Even where they should feel safest, in their homes and communities, girls feel threatened.What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “violence against women”? A wife seeking refuge from an abusive husband after another beating, a young woman sexually assaulted on her way home from a night
Harriet Harman, missing millions, women voters, balance of power, May 2015 Labour’s mission: to go ‘in search of these missing women’s voices’ to ensure that they are heard in May’s election.New research commissioned by the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Harriet Harman is shaping Labour’s new ‘Missing Millions’ policy.The research revealed that 9.1 million women
Tommy ArthurTommy ArthurMONTGOMERY, Alabama --- Lawyers for the state and for death row inmate Tommy Arthur are fighting in court over whether Arthur will be the first inmate Alabama has put to death since 2013.The long-running case has heated up lately as the state presses to carry out a sentence for a
A 56-year-old Danish man who faced the death penalty for drug smuggling in Indonesia said he was “relieved” to only be given a 13-year prison sentence.Anker Hansen from southern Jutland was detained in Indonesia on June 8th while carrying 1.48 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine, worth an
Let Clothes Be Clothes, gender stereotyping, children's clothing, campaignChallenging the restrictive gender stereotypes used in the design and marketing of children’s clothes.Let Clothes Be Clothes campaigners are concerned about the split of colours, themes, motifs, slogans and fit into for girls or for boys; any child caught crossing this divide faces negativity
Jakarta. The Indonesian government has stepped in amid a fundamental difference of opinion between the two highest courts in the land over how many case reviews a convict can request after exhausting all other avenues of appeal.The Justice Ministry will issue a government regulation that will
Andrew Chan (let) and Myuran Sukumaran (right)Australian Myuran Sukumaran will not be executed until his co-Bali Nine conspirator Andrew Chan is formally denied presidential clemency.Indonesia will execute six death row drug convicts on Sunday, four of whom are foreigners.All had their final
2 more condemned prisoners including Lashkar-e-Jhangvi activist Mohammad Saeed alias Maulvi and Zahid alias Zahidu were hanged at Karachi central prison and Kot Lakhpat jail, Lahore, respectively, on Wednesday morning.An anti-terrorism court in Karachi had found Saeed guilty for shooting Police
January, 15, 2014 - Andrew and Myuran, two young Australians, face execution in Indonesia. They have admitted trying totrafficdrugs to Australia. They have exhausted their appeals. All that cansave them is clemency from Indonesia’s President, Joko Widodo. We ask you to help in respectfully seeking
Governor Tom CorbettA man convicted of a 2008 shooting death in York City could be the last prisoner executed by the state, at least until Gov.-elect Tom Wolf has served his term or terms in office.Wolf has said he supports a moratorium on the death penalty and he won't sign execution warrants
Ann Coffey MP, child prostitution, amendment, Serious Crime BillBid to banish the words and idea of ‘child prostitution’ to the history books.Campaigning MP Ann Coffey has tabled a series of amendments to the Serious Crime Bill to remove all references to ‘child prostitution’ from legislation.Coffey pointed out that the term ‘child prostitute’ is an
European Union, Say No to hormone-disrupting chemicals, CancerReducing exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals in our everyday environment may stop cancers before they start.MEP Christel Schaldemose has told an inter-party meeting of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) active on cancer today that: “Effective regulation of endocrine disrupting
Andrew BrannanAndrew BrannanA decorated Vietnam War veteran was executed by lethal injection at 8:33 p.m. on Tuesday at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson.Andrew Brannan, 66, becomes the first person executed in the United States in 2015.The U.S. Supreme Court and the Georgia Supreme
LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday acquitted a death row convict who was sentenced for rape and murder of an eight year old child, ARY News reports.A man named Zameer was awarded death penalty by a lower court for raping and murdering an eight year old girl.He then filed an appeal in
Hollaback! Nottingham, street harassment, women's rights, public spacesImagine a world where street harassment is not tolerated, where we all enjoy equal access to public spaces.Hollaback! is a movement set up to end street harassment. It is powered by a network of local activists around the world.The idea is that the groups work together to better understand
SHIJIAZHUANG, Jan. 10 (Xinhua) -- Yang Haijun, former deputy principal of a primary school in north China's Hebei Province, was executed on Saturday for kidnapping and killing a girl and then molesting her body.Yang, 47, former deputy head of Wang'an Township Central Primary School of Laiyuan
Myuran SukumaranDEATH row inmate Myuran Sukumaran has vowed that his spirit will not be broken by the decision to send him to the firing squad.In an impassioned plea through a friend, the 33-year-old Bali Nine drug runner called for a second chance, asking simply “Please show us mercy”.He told a
Charles WarnerCharles Warner9 months and $100,000 later, Oklahoma plans to execute 4 prisoners using the same controversial drugs that led to gruesome scenes last AprilThe last time Oklahoma executed a prisoner, Clayton Lockett in April 2014, the triple-cocktail procedure unraveled into scenes that even a
Saudi Arabia on Wednesday beheaded a convicted Pakistani drug trafficker and 1 of its own citizens who killed a soldier.Mahmoud Massih Iqbal Massih was executed in Qatif near the Gulf coast for heroin trafficking, the Saudi interior ministry said.At the same time, Rakan bin Eid bin Bikheet
From Pink to Prevention, cancer, prevention, campaignCentral to a new campaign is one big fundamental question…A new campaign on breast cancer is looking at the environment, people’s occupations and at the obstacles to getting both of these risk factors taken seriously in the current breast cancer debate.From Pink to Prevention is a new breast
Singapore Changi PrisonThe highest court of the land has laid down the touchstone for the imposition of the death penalty in murder cases where judges have the leeway to spare offenders the gallows.When a murderer clearly demonstrates a "blatant disregard for the sanctity of human life" the
Public execution in Iran (file photo)Five prisoners were convicted of drug-related charges. At least 28 people have been executed in the first two weeks of 2015 in Iran.Iran Human Rights, January 14, 2015: Five prisoners were hanged in the prison of Arak (Central Iran) Tuesday January 13, reported
joint protocol, rape, CPS, police“It is vital that all victims are treated with sensitivity and respect and that their allegations are investigated thoroughly.”A joint protocol, created and implemented by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the police, was launched last week, setting out how to deal with all rape cases
Northern Ireland, peace, young feminists, open democracyYoung feminists speak out.By Maria Deiana and Claire Pierson.More than a decade since the Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland’s peace has failed to address women’s demands for inclusion and equality, and the peace remains incomplete.On the one hand, women express dissatisfaction with an
James Holmes and attorneyDENVER — To choose a jury in the trial of the man charged with killing 12 people in a packed Colorado movie theater, court officials mailed notices to 9,000 people in suburban Arapahoe County, casting such a wide net that residents ran about a one-in-50 chance Leggi Tutto
CRiVAS, project mirabal, A new trajectory for domestic violence perpetrator research and interventions?Professors Liz Kelly from London Metropolitan University, Nicole Westmarland from Durham University and Charlotte Watts, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, have been investigating the extent to
Myuran SukumaranBali Nine member Myuran Sukumaran could face an Indonesian firing squad within months.Sukumaran is listed among 20 death row inmates slated for priority execution this year, the Indonesian Attorney General's office told AAP on Friday.The existence of the list was reported in
Myuran Sukumaran with selfportraitMyuran Sukumaran received his death warrant on Wednesday.What a strange and repugnant document, this missive that condemns a man to death. It reads:There is not enough reason to give clemency to those convicted … Reject clemency plea from convicted. The decision