Louisiana Death ChamberLouisiana Death ChamberA bill in Louisiana that would have given the state one of the toughest execution secrecy regimes in the US has been pulled by its Republican sponsor at the last minute.Observers had expected the bill, HB 328, to go through without difficulty. It had already received Leggi Tutto
Her indomitable stance against racism, injustice and rape resonated with people from all walks of life. Since the death of Maya Angelou last week, the scale of tributes pouring in shows just how much of a cultural idol she had become, but she did not stand for idolisation. Her whole purposewas to
Here are some dates for your diary of woman-centric events going on around the UK this week. Bristol: 5-14 June: Blue Stockings by Jessica Swale at the Tobacco Factory Theatre, Raleigh Road, Bristol In 1896 at Cambridge University, something deeply unsettling and utterly baffling is happening. The
Ibrahim and husbandA report from the Foreign Ministry, Sudan denied the release of the incarcerated Meriam Ibrahim, with Abubakar Al-Sidiq, a Ministry spokesman, denying knowledge of reports of plans to release her before any such rulings came from an appeals court. It is highly unlikely that
MIAMI — For Ted Herring, who has spent 32 years on Florida’s death row for murdering a store clerk, signs of intellectual disability arose early and piled up quickly: He repeated first grade and got D’s and F’s through fourth grade. He read like a fourth grader at 14 and did Leggi Tutto
The Legislative Yuan was to clear all legislation that has bipartisan consensus by midnight this morning after the last day of the current session yesterday.The legislature spent most of yesterday clearing bills in its final meeting before the end of this plenary session.A total of 82 items of
A condemned inmate seeking to donate a kidney to his mother before his execution is requesting another reprieve after Ohio rejected his 1st organ donation request.Attorneys for 40-year-old Ronald Phillips want the execution delayed until 2016. They say by then, Phillips' 66-year-old mother either
Freddie Lee Hall was convicted of murdering a pregnant housewife and a deputy sheriff in 1978, both gruesome acts for which he was sentenced to death. In 1992, however, at one of Hall’s many post-conviction hearings, a Florida trial judge found that Hall had been “mentally retarded all his life.”
A federal judge ordered a temporary moratorium on Ohio executions while legal issues related to new lethal-injection procedures are worked out in court.The order, issued Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Gregory L. Frost, stops the scheduled July 2 execution of Ronald Phillips of Summit County and
May 27, 2014: Chinese authorities used a public rally in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region to sentence 55 people on charges including terrorism.At least three people were sentenced to death. Others were jailed for murder, separatism, and organizing or participating in terror groups.The
The Supreme Court gave greater protection Tuesday to death row inmates seeking to prove they should not be executed because they are intellectually disabled, and it ruled that laws such as those in Florida and Virginia are too rigid. The court ruled 5 to 4 that state laws that draw a Leggi Tutto
Some abolitionists believe that Lockett's sordid death will one day be remembered as the death blow — as it were — to capital punishment. I am more skeptical. As long as the debate is about gruesome methods and individual cases, the death penalty as an institution may rise and decline but I Leggi
NEW DELHI — India's Supreme Court Monday stayed the execution of a death row inmate convicted of masterminding the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai. A two-judge bench stayed the hanging of Yakub Memon, and referred his case to the Constitution Bench, following a review petition by the convict against
Is the Home Office’s behaviourover this case indicative of the government’s true commitment to fighting FGM? Awoman who seeking asylum in the UK because she believes her two daughters are at risk of FGM in their native Nigeria has been given a temporary reprieve from a recent attempt at
Iran Human Rights, June 1, 2014: The political prisoner Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani who was transferred to solitary confinement yesterday, was executed in the Rajaishahr prison of Karaj (west of Tehran) early this morning. The office of Tehran’s Prosecutor confirmed the execution and wrote that
Sabrina ButlerI was 18 when I was convicted of murdering my baby and sentenced to death, and 25 when I was finally found innocent.I was 17 and living in Columbus, Mississippi, in 1989. One night, I went to check on my beautiful 9-month-old son, Walter. He wasn’t breathing. I scooped him Leggi Tutto
Texas' prison system doesn't have to reveal where it gets its execution drugs, the state attorney general said Thursday, marking a reversal by the state's top prosecutor on an issue being challenged in several death penalty states.Attorney General Greg Abbott, the Republican nominee for governor
May 30, 2014: An Indian court sentenced to death three men who raped a photojournalist inside an abandoned textile mill last year in Mumbai, India's biggest city.A fourth defendant was sentenced to life in prison, prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam said. He said he asked for the death sentence under a strict
Angel Diaz on Dec. 12, 2006, the day before his execution.Angel Diaz on Dec. 12, 2006,the day before his execution.On December 13, 2006, the state of Florida botched the lethal injection of Angel Diaz. The execution team pushed IV catheters straight through the veins in both his arms and into Leggi Tutto
Greg Abbott, the Republican attorney general of Texas, has many of the usual suspects funding his gubernatorial campaign: Energy tycoons, construction company magnates, leveraged buyout moguls, sports team owners. But one of his biggest backers hails from an industry not typically known for
Iran Human Rights (IHR) has repeatedly condemned the inhumane law of qisas (retribution in kind [an eye for an eye]), where the family members of the victim are encouraged to carry out the executions. Iran Human Rights, May 28, 2014: A woman was hanged in the prison of Amol (Northern Iran)
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Welcome to the macabre absurdity of the modern American death penalty. Of course, death by lethal injection became the standard method only because earlier methods — from hanging to the firing squad to the electric chair — were deemed too “barbaric,” not because the state was taking a human life
For those who oppose capital punishment in India, this is the time to make your views and voices count. The Law Commission has issued a public consultation paper on the death penalty. The consultation note and questionnaire can be downloaded via the link provided below. I cannot emphasise
Andthat everyone needs to know. ByCat Turhan, Welfare and Campaigns Officer, University of Warwick. I’m a big fan of NUS conferences. I like being able to see what’s going on at a national level, influence what’s happening, then bring ideas back to campus. Between9th-11th May,I attendedthe NUS LGBT
Meriam Ibrahim and husbandA Sudanese woman sentenced to hang for allegedly abandoning the Muslim faith will be freed within days, foreign ministry officials said Saturday.She will likely be "freed within days", a foreign ministry source told AFP.Abdullahi Alzareg, an undersecretary at Sudan's
Jorge TorrezA former Marine convicted last month of strangling a fellow service member at an Arlington military base was formally sentenced to death Friday in federal district court in Alexandria. The result was no surprise. Jurors had already recommended that 25-year-old Jorge Torrez face
With the extreme secrecy enveloping Missouri's death penalty protocol coming under greater scrutiny, attorney general Chris Koster has come up with an end-around to using private pharmacies to develop lethal injection drugs.Koster told lawyers at the Lake of the Ozarks on Thursday that the
A July 23 execution date has been set for an Arizona death row inmate convicted in the killings of his estranged girlfriend and her father in Tucson nearly 25 years ago. The Arizona Supreme Court on Wednesday set the execution date for 55-year-old Joseph Rudolph Wood III. Wood was sentenced
Oklahoma Death ChamberOklahoma Death ChamberAn Oklahoma inmate was scheduled for a November execution on Wednesday after telling a court he didn't want to be the 1st inmate sent to the death chamber following the review of a botched try in April.The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals set Richard Eugene Glossip's
A new TV program featuring Willie Jerome Manning is scheduled to be broadcast on Sunday June 1 2014 (USA times: 9E/6P). The program is an episode in the Al Jazeera America series, The System, which sets out to examine the state of the criminal justice system in the USA. Leggi Tutto
Riyadh: A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced to death an activist convicted of sedition, rioting, protesting and robbery in the district of Qatif, home to many of the kingdom’s Shiite sect who say they face entrenched discrimination.The sentence, issued on Tuesday and reported by state media early
How judicial caning is carried out  in SingaporeHow judicial caning is carried outin Singapore42-year-old given certificate of substantive assistance; will now serve life imprisonment and receive 15 strokes of caneSINGAPORE — A 42-year-old drug courier yesterday became the latest to escape the gallows after a successful application to be
(file photo)One man was hanged in Qazvin (west of Tehran) while four prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement scheduled to be executed on Wednesday.Iran Human Rights, May 27, 2014: One prisoner was hanged in the prison of Qazvin, reported the official website of the Iranian Judiciary in