Here are some dates for your diary of woman-centric events going on around the UK this week. Bristol: Until 14 June: Blue Stockings by Jessica Swale; at the Tobacco Factory Theatre, Raleigh Road, Bristol. A fast-paced mini-epic, centred around a key battleground on the march towards equal rights. In 1896 at Cambridge University, something deeply […] Leggi Tutto
The habits of the heart: substantive democracy after the European elections. By Mary Kaldor. Nationalism is a way of deflecting discontent towards a convenient scapegoat, the ‘other’ – an immigrant or Europe. It is a way of mobilising political support while avoiding any commitment to address the
His conviction in the Bombay bomb blasts case of 1993 and the award of death penalty has not deterred Yakub Memon from pursuing his hobby of gaining knowledge. His penchant for education has led Yakub Memon, a chartered accountant by profession, to take admission in MA (Political Science) course
A court in northern Vietnam handed down seven death penalties, seven life sentences, and other jail terms totalling 232 years to 26 defendants at a drug trial that wrapped up on Friday.The defendants were found guilty of trafficking more than 628 kilograms of heroin and 1,400 synthetic drug
Romell Broom after his botched execution attemptRomell Broom after his botched execution attemptThe Ohio Supreme Court will decide whether Romell Broom should be put to death—again.Executing people is harder than it sounds. That's what Ohio discovered in 2009 when it tried to kill Romell Broom, a man who had been Leggi Tutto
A British woman facing execution by firing squad in Indonesia for drug smuggling has no funds to mount a legal challenge against her sentence, the UK's highest court has been told.Lawyers for Lindsay Sandiford, 57, from Cheltenham, are arguing at the supreme court that the government's policy not
And MP calls for inquiry into the ‘serious allegations’ of sexual abuse at the centre. Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre is ‘not fulfilling its basic function’ by detaining women for extended periods of time without deporting them, according to a report published recently. The Annual Report
Women and girlsare often attacked when going out to use the toilet, particularly at night. Two teenage girls were gang-raped and killed recently after doing what half a billion women and girls are forced to do every dayand night -go outdoors to try to find somewhere discreet to go to the toilet
June 1, 2014: An Egyptian court that sentenced to death 37 Islamists and handed life terms to 492 others defended its verdict on Sunday (June 1st), saying the men were "demons" who followed Jewish scripture.The court in the central city of Minya had triggered international outrage earlier this
Execution chamber at Tokyo's Detention CenterThe systemic violations of human rights that are a feature of Japanese criminal justice received much international attention early this year with the tragic case of Iwao Hakamada. Hakamada was released from prison in late March, after a court found that
Romell BroomRomell BroomOhio's top court has agreed to hear arguments that the country's only survivor of a botched lethal injection would face cruel and unusual punishment and double jeopardy if the state again attempts to put him to death.Romell Broom, 57, was sentenced to die for the 1984 rape and
Delhi Police are investigating a complaint of an alleged massive job racket where unsuspecting youths were apparently used as carriers for smuggling drugs to foreign countries.The investigations were began after a farmer's son was used as a carrier and was now facing the death penalty in Malaysia
Louisiana Death Row: 172 degreesin 2013; 195 degrees in 2011A recent order by a federal judge in Baton Rouge requiring the state to immediately begin lowering the temperature at Louisiana State Penitentiary's death row was postponed Friday by a ruling from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of
The Japan Federation of Bar Associations said Friday it will step up consultations with the European Union on abolishing capital punishment and will work to encourage public debate.The Japanese criminal justice system came under negative global scrutiny this year when a death-row inmate was freed
Hank SkinnerHank SkinnerLawyers for death row inmate Hank Skinner told a court, in documents filed Friday, that testing on long-sought-after DNA evidence in his case should be enough to forestall his execution. State prosecutors, who also submitted legal arguements on Friday, said the same evidence should
URUMQI, June 5 (Xinhua) -- Nine people were sentenced to death for terrorism in northwest China's Xinjiang on Thursday. Local courts in six cities and prefectures sentenced 81 defendants in 23 terrorism cases to death, life imprisonment and fixed-term imprisonment, according to the regional
National Rape Action Plan welcomed by women’s groups. The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the national policing lead for adult sexual offences have announced major new action to tackle rape, and are together calling for a renewed challenge against persistent myths and stereotypes they
The apology has been seen as a ‘start’. In February 2013 Channel 4 News aired allegations by two women of sexual impropriety over several years by Chris Rennard, the Liberal Democrat party’s former chief executive. The women told the news programme he abused his position for years by
End violence against women in a generation: teach boys and young men to challenge attitudes and overcome everyday sexism. CARE believes that, while men and boys are part of the problem, they must also become a greater part of the solution. In the Balkans,CARE haspioneered an approach that shows men
‘Empowering women is one of the most important ways to accelerate growth across the global economy’. The United Nations has teamed up with leading businesses to advance women’s rights and empowerment through a new advisory council comprising of private sector chiefs with a strong commitment to
But nowa growing body of data is beginning to quantify the extent ofthe bias. From publishing results to performing tests in a lab and securing the funding to do the tests, women face more and higher hurdles to success than do men. Personal anecdotes abound of instances of sexism against women
Media Spotlight looks at 3 problems with the Isla Vista media coverage. A 22 year-old man went on a shooting and stabbing rampage on 23 May near the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) campus in Isla Vista, USA, killing six students and injuring 13 more. The confirmed suspect, Elliot
Meriam Ibrahim with husband Daniel WaniMeriam Ibrahim with husband Daniel WaniThe tragic story of Meriam Ibrahim, a 27-year-old woman sentenced to death for apostasy in Khartoum, where she is being held with her 20-month-old son, has shocked and saddened millions of rational, moral and empathic people around the world.Ibrahim has been
John WinfieldJohn WinfieldPOTOSI, Mo. (KMOX) - The Potosi Correctional Center is investigating a staff member for the offense of “over-familiarity” because the staff member has pledged support for inmate John Winfield’s petition for clemency.According to court documents, the guard has worked for the Department
The Maldives has adopted a new criminal code based on the work of University of Pennsylvania law professor Paul Robinson and a group of law and Ph.D. students. The new penal code takes effect next year. It is the first modern, comprehensive penal code in the world to incorporate the major tenets
Execution in Kuwait (file photo)Execution in Kuwait (file photo)June 5, 2014: The Criminal Court has sentenced a lance corporal in the General Traffic Department to death by hanging for kidnapping a Filipino woman, raping her and attempting to murder her, reports Al-Rai daily.The case papers show the accused stopped a Leggi Tutto
Iran Human Rights, June 5, 2014: One prisoner was hanged in the prison of Bandar Abbas (Southern Iran) reported the official website of the Iranian Judiciary in Hormozgan Province.edam-isca According to the report, the prisoner who was identified as “M. H.” was charged with murder and
We now face the prospect of 16-year-old girls joining the army in combat roles. By Rachel Taylor. Shortly after announcing it would be reviewing the ban on women in combat roles, the Ministry of Defence last week published annual recruitment figures which revealed that 1,140 women joined the armed
With parcelsforbidden, private companiesare making a profit from selling goods to prisoners. A new reportby the Prison Reform Trust, supported by the Bromley Trust, shows a system under significant strain with fewer staff, worsening safety, and fewer opportunities for rehabilitation. Unprecedented
Footballer Joey Barton has apologised after describing UKIP as the best of “four really ugly girls”. The footballer, Queens Park Ranger’s midfielder, who was appearing on BBC’s Question Time on 29 May, was commenting on the legitimacy of UKIP’s recent victory in the European elections. Hisremark
In recent weeks, some states have revived execution methods phased out decades ago. Tennessee last month passed a bill to ressurect the electric chair as a possible execution method in the event that lethal injection becomes unworkable. Officials elsewhere have proposed bringing back gas
Three years on and we still don’t have any answers. On Thursday 5 June and Friday 6 June 2014 the High Court will hear an application to require the Metropolitan police to drop their “neither confirm nor deny” (NCND) stance in a case being brought against them over undercover relationships. In a
Help make sure that refugee women are not forgotten atinternational summit in London. The Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina Jolie,and the UK’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague, will be co-chairing a global summit to end sexual violence in conflict, taking place in
Gender stereotyping and lack of opportunity holds women directors back in British television. Television production is the largest area of employment for directors, and 27 per cent of Directors UK members are women. Yet the percentage of women directing British television shows is far less than it