imageHuntsville Unit's Execution Chamber, Huntsville, Texas At some point for Fred Allen, something snapped. He’d done one too many. He broke. Years had gone by, but he could still picture the eyes of every inmate he'd helped tie down, restrain with multiple straps so that the execution team could slide needles into his veins, enabling deadly... Huntsville Unit's Execution Chamber, Huntsville, Texas At some point for Fred Allen, something snapped. He’d done one too many. He broke. Years had gone by, but he could still picture the eyes of every inmate he'd helped tie down, restrain with multiple straps so that the execution team could slide needles into his veins, enabling deadly
imageUnintended consequences of a boycott Pentobarbital and sodium thiopental are anaesthetics, used around the world by doctors and vets on all kinds of patients in a variety of cases. They are also used to render prisoners unconscious in the ten U.S. states that use lethal injection to
imageAfter 325 years of male leadership, a female head of Lloyd’s of London. Inga Beale is a 30-year veteran of the insurance industry, and she takes leadership of the world’s largest insurance market, Lloyd’s of London. Only 40 years after the first woman, Liliana Archibald
imageThe police investigate the victim instead of her rapist. By Lisa Longstaff. The UK police do not take rape seriously. Women who have been saying this for years have been proved right time and again, as serial attackers Jimmy Savile, John Worboys, the Oxford and Rochdale rapists and many
imageAnd last year’s coverage of Female Genital Mutilation may well save lives. The UK government’s inquiry into Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), launched last month, proved a fitting end to 2013, a year that saw the issue propelled to the national spotlight. The UK’s Home
imageJanuary 14, 2014: an Afghan citizen has been granted asylum in the United Kingdom for religious reasons - because he is an atheist. The man fled to the UK from a conflict involving his family in Afghanistan in 2007, aged 16, and was allowed to stay in the UK until 2013. He was brought
A court on Tuesday sentenced Zhang Shuxia, an obstetrician in Shaanxi Province, to death but with two years’ reprieve for stealing seven babies and selling them.Death sentences with two years’ reprieve are almost always changed later to life sentences. Source: NYT, January 13
imageUnlike France, the UK’s approach to prostitution reeks of cowardice and inertia. By Heather Harvey. On 4 December, the Lower House of the French Parliament adopted a bill under which paying for sex would become an offence. The legislation includes measures to support women exiting
imageNigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed a bill on Monday that criminalizes same-sex relationships, the presidency said, defying pressure from Western governments to respect gay and lesbian rights. The bill, which contains penalties of up to 14 years in prison and bans gay marriage
imageHere are some woman-centric events for your diary going on around the UK this week. Across the UK: 19-25 January: Sundance Rising viewing parties. On 19 January, the official One Billion Rising 2013 documentary short will premiere at Sundance, the preeminent film festival founded by One
imageEdward "Eddie" Dycus An Afghan soldier who killed a Marine lance corporal in a green-on-blue attack in 2012 is now awaiting execution in Afghanistan after being convicted of murder by a local court, according to Marine officials and court documents. Lance Cpl. Edward
imageOpposition leader Dr Hubert Minnis has released a draft Bill which seeks to amend the constitution to cut the London-based Privy Council out of the appeal process in cases where a death sentence has been imposed. After declaring in his New Years message on Tuesday that immediate steps
imageIran Human Rights, January 15: Six prisoners were hanged in two different Iranian prisons early this morning January 15. The state run Iranian news agency Fars reported about execution of five prisoners in the prison of Shahroud (northern Iran). Tthese prisoners were identified as M. Y
imageDonna Navarro reviews Lady in Red: the original stage play. It has been hailed by audiences across the UK as the best play about domestic abuse ever written. ‘In the darkness a small, grey table is warmed by a blue light. On it, a miniature Christmas tree with baubles and the lights
imagePublic hanging in Saveh, Iran, January 14, 2014 Iran Human Rights, January 14: Seven prisoners were hanged in three different Iranian cities yesterday 14. January, reported the Iranian state media. According to the state run Iranian news agency Fars, five prisoners were
imageOhio's state execution team is finalising plans to dispatch a convicted murderer and rapist on death row using a never-before-tried combination of two drugs which defence lawyers say threatens to leave him writhing in agony from "air hunger" before he loses consciousness and expires. The
imageJanuary 12, 2014: the Sharjah Public Prosecution has postponed the execution of five men convicted for murder on account of the Prophet’s birthday.  Their death sentences were pronounced by the Supreme Court in 2013. The prosecution said that according to plans, the five men
imagePublic beheading in Saudi Arabia Last year, Saudi Arabia executed 78 people Riyadh: Saudi authorities beheaded Tuesday two Pakistanis for drug smuggling in the ultraconservative kingdom’s first executions of the year, the interior ministry said. Abrar Hussain Nizar
imageDo newspaper editors not know the difference? A recent letter to The Sun’s editor from the No More Page 3 team has drawn attention to a couple of issues that has been needing addressing again for some time: Dear David Dinsmore, We applaud you for your current campaign highlighting
imageA rallying call by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s chief executive, Julia Unwin. Julia Unwin’s most recent book, ‘Why fight poverty?’ argues for the urgent need to tackle poverty in the UK. Unwin, chief executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and the Joseph
image‘It is high time that the criminal law was also amended’. A new bill has been proposed which would make domestic abuse an offence with a possible prison sentence of up to 14 years. Currently, domestic abuse is not specifically defined in criminal law and offenders are prosecuted
imageA Columbia County man who was sentenced to death for the 2002 murder of his wife died last Saturday at Oregon State Penitentiary, nine years to the day after he joined the prison's death row. Allen Gary Zweigart, Sr., 64, died at the prison infirmary, where he had been since Dec. 6
imageMichael Lee Wilson A co-worker of a man beaten to death nearly 2 decades ago at the Tulsa convenience store where the 2 worked was executed by lethal injection Thursday at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary.He was pronounced dead at 6:06 p.m. U.S. Central Time (2406 GMT)
imagePrisons in the US are sitting on large stockpiles of life-saving medicines, which they plan to use in executions, while hospitals face shortages of the same drugs. Death rows in Florida and Ohio have both bought up supplies of midazolam – a sedative used in surgery and to treat
imageToday’s back page features an awful ad from UK insurance company Vine Cover. According to their website Vine specialise in ‘convicted driver car insurance’ as well as misogyny.... Today’s back page features an awful ad from UK insurance company Vine Cover
imageHelp scrap the Benefit Cap which traps women and children in violent relationships. The campaign group Women Against Rape is asking organisations and individuals to support women and children impoverished by the Benefit Cap after escaping violent relationships by signing a petition asking
imagePHILADELPHIA, Jan. 14 (UPI) -- A Philadelphia judge vacated the death sentence of a man convicted of killing a police officer, citing restrictions on executing the developmentally disabled. Common Pleas Judge M. Teresa Sarmina ruled Friday the death penalty cannot be enforced against
imageCHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A Wyoming lawmaker is pushing to allow use of the firing squad to execute condemned state inmates if constitutional problems or other issues ever prevented the state from using lethal injection. Sen. Bruce Burns, R-Sheridan, said Monday that state law currently
imageIran Human Rights, January 12: Three prisoners were hanged in two different Iranian prisons, reported the Iranian state media. According to the official Iranian news agency IRNA, a 45 year old prisoner was hanged in the prison of Yasouj (western Iran). The prisoner who was not identified
imageWomen are changing the sport of climbing, setting new records and standards with nearly every big climb they complete, A relatively young yet very experienced group of female climbers in the UK are leading the way in changing the make-up of the sport of climbing. Many pin the increase in
imageBuild up a Twitter storm against misinformation of Reality TV show ‘Benefits Street’. Last Monday, 6 January the first episode of a new ‘Reality TV’ show was broadcast in the UK, called ‘Benefits Street’. This is the latest in a long line of TV shows which
imageOn January 16, the state of Ohio will become the first state to use a combination of the sedative midazolam and painkiller hydromorphone when it executes condemned killer Dennis McGuire. Some experts claim the deadly combo could result in seizures, vomiting, spasms, and suffocation. These
imageRelatives of other murder victims have joined the father of a Colorado prison guard in protesting the death penalty in Castle Rock. Bob Autobee has been a constant presence outside the court there this week as potential jurors line up for the upcoming trial of the inmate accused of
imageAasia Bibi 4 1/2 years after she was first charged with blasphemy, what exactly is happening with Aasia Bibi and her case? People seem to have forgotten Aasia Bibi while she languishes in one jail or the other for the last 4 1/2 years. Her appeal for review of her