CPJ – WNN Breaking (WNN/CPJ) Cairo, EGYPT, NORTHERN AFRICA: Several journalists working for international media said they were assaulted or briefly detained over the weekend. The attacks and harassment came as Egyptian authorities publicly accused international journalists of distorting coverage of recent events. The State Information...Leggi Tutto
VOA News – WNN WorldFOOD (WNN/VOA) Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: Earlier this month a 13-year-old California girl with an allergy to peanuts died in her father’s arms after unknowingly consuming a small amount of peanut butter in a snack she was eating. The girl quickly
Nilanjana S Roy – India Forbes – Tuesday, 20 August 2013 (originally published 16 Aug) The idea that we are equal stops at the ground beneath our feet. The soil of India, the land of Bharat, is owned chiefly by men. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN (FAO)
Rachel George – Policymic – Monday, 19 August 2013 (originally publish 15 Aug) Over six thousand Tunisians — most of them women — rallied this week to protest against a major question of word choice. After a years-long effort to create a suitable constitution to bring Tunisia forward in
Carolyn Weaver for VOA – WNN GlobalARTS (WNN/VOA) New York, N.Y., UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: New York isn’t often thought of as a beach town, but the city’s southeastern edge is all coastline. Surfing aficionados can get on the subway train in Times Square with their surfboards, and be riding
Tim Irwin for the UN Refugee Agency in Labrab, South Sudan -  WNN Breaking (WNN/UNHCR) Labrab, SOUTH SUDAN, NORTHERN AFRICA: Humanitarian organizations in South Sudan are working to deliver emergency assistance to some of the tens of thousands of people displaced by armed conflict in Jonglei state
Lys Anzia – WNN Features (WNN) Cairo, EGYPT, NORTHERN AFRICA: Following an extreme violent use of force against pro-Morsi protesters on the streets of the Nasr City district of Cairo under what the United Nations describes as “sit-ins and demonstrations,” the protest camps outside
Pini Bothoko – The Monitor – Tuesday 13 August, 2013 (originally published August 12) TONOTA: Two women in Tonota are successfully pioneering coffee farming in Botswana [Southern Africa]. Elizabeth Selogelo 58 and Motlalepula Raditshaba 57 are in their second season of commercial coffee
Temitayo Olofinlua on-the-ground with the Global Press Institute – WNN Science & Health (WNN/GPI) Lagos, NIGERIA, WESTERN AFRICA: Four teenage girls have invented a urine-powered generator to create safer and more access to electricity. Only 50 percent of Nigerians had access to
WNN Breaking (WNN) Manama, BAHRAIN, WESTERN ASIA: As Ms. Maryam Al-Khawaja was attempting to return home for a visit to Bahrain from her home in Denmark, the female human rights defender and acting President of the BCHR – Bahrain Center for Human Rights was stopped by a British Airways staff
WNN Breaking (WNN/VOA) Berkeley, California, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: As global temperatures rise, so do our levels of hostility and violence, according to a new study. Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley and Princeton University  discovered a strong link between shifts in
Mabvuto Banda - IPS - Thursday, 07 August 2013 (originally published 03 Aug) LILONGWE, Aug 3 2013 (IPS) - Malawi’s President Joyce Banda knows a thing or two about women’s empowerment. After all she is the first female southern African head of state. But she has not had it easy. Banda had a tough
IRIN  Humanitarian News and Analysis  – WNN Science & Health (WNN/IRIN) Nairobi, KENYA, EASTERN AFRICA: As evolving technologies multiply the rate of “big data” in emergencies from crowd-sourcing, to crowd-seeding to social media – humanitarian organizations are now focusing on how
Jessica Berman for VOA – WNN Breaking     (WNN/VOA) London, UNITED KINGDOM, WESTERN EUROPE: Scientists say copper may contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, a degenerative brain disorder that causes dementia and eventually death. Alzheimer’s disease is a leading cause
Manar Ammar – WNN Breaking (WNN) Cairo, EGYPT, NORTHERN AFRICA: Violence spread across Egypt again on Friday as hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters clashed with police in what they dubbed as the “Friday of Anger.” That anger stems from the death of over 600 people on Wednesday
AP – FOX Sports – Friday, 16 August 2013 (originally published 15 Aug) A Swedish high jumper at the world championships competed with her fingernails painted in the colors of the rainbow on Thursday, showing support for gays and lesbians in the face of a new anti-gay law recently passed
WNN Breaking (WNN/RFE/RL) Moscow, RUSSIA, EASTERN EUROPE: A suspect allegedly involved in the 2006 killing of Russian investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya has been shot by an unknown attacker in Moscow. Murad Musayev, a lawyer for Dzhabrail Makhmudov, said on August 15 that his client
CBC News – Wednesday, 14  August 2013 (originally published  12 Aug) An Edmonton shelter that helps refugee and immigrant women escape violent situations is worried about its future if it can’t find more stable sources of funding. The program known as WIN III is operated by the Edmonton
David Smith for Guardian Development Network in Namibia, Africa – WNN EarthWATCH (WNN/GNDN) Windhoek, NAMIBIA, SOUTHERN AFRICA: When Erin Hayba began a project to bring computers to solar-powered schools in the world’s biggest refugee camp, there were plenty of skeptics. “People
WNN Breaking (WNN/UN) UN New York, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: 12 August 2013 – Marking International Youth Day, United Nations officials today highlighted the plight as well as the contributions of young migrants, who often face hard conditions away from their homes. “It is important to emphasize the
Zach Dyer – Tico Times - Friday, 09 August 2013 (originally published 01 Aug) A new report on social inclusion in the Americas shows “troubling” developments in Costa Rica, according to Americas Quarterly, a publication focused on public policy in Latin America. Despite its concerns about the
Rene Kiamba – WNN Science and Health (WNN/USAID) Nairobi, KENYA, EASTERN AFRICA: At the Africa regional conference of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) held last month in Nairobi, Kenya, one thing was clear. In order to meet the United Nations Millennium Development Goal (MDG)
WNN Earth Watch (WNN/NOAA) Boulder, Colorado, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS:  The nation’s 28 National Estuarine Research Reserves (NERR) are experiencing the negative effects of human and climate-related stressors according to a new NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research
WNN Breaking (WNN/UN) United Nations, New York, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: Pumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, of South Africa, took the oath of office today as the new head of the United Nations body tasked with promoting women’s rights and their full participation in global affairs. In a ceremony presided over
Elahe Amani with Laleh Gillani on translation – WNN Justice (WNN) Tehran, IRAN, SOUTHERN ASIA: As a human rights activist with 6 family members who have been executed or died under IRN – Islamic Republic of Iran policies against political prisoners in the 1980s, Ms. Mansoureh Behkish
WNN Breaking (WNN/UNNC) Kibwela, EASTERN DRC, MIDDLE AFRICA: The United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has welcomed the release of 82 children from the Mayi Mayi Bakata Katanga armed group through the joint efforts of aid agencies working in the country
Suheir Azzouni for Equality Now – WNN SOAPBOX (WNN/EN) Paris, FRANCE, WESTERN EUROPE: Last month, my family and I went back home to Palestine for summer vacation. Five days into the vacation, the Israeli Ministry of Interior (MoI) handed us documents expelling us from our country, leaving us
Catherine Hoskyns – New Internationalists – 15 August 2013 (originally published 12 Aug) An innovative development is currently taking place in Nicaragua. A number of co-operatives with Fair Trade contracts are including in the costs of production (for sesame oil and green coffee) a
Rabia Chaudry – WNN SOAPBOX (WNN/CGN) Washington, D.C., UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: It’s rare to open a paper these days without seeing stories about violence across religious and ethnic lines. Many scholars spend their careers asking why people become susceptible to such hatred. But maybe the
UNOCHA reporting from Yemen – WNN Improve It (WNN/UNOCHA) Sana’a, YEMEN, WESTERN ASIA: Thirteen-year-old Nakhlah Ramadhan was tending sheep with her younger sister Fatima on the outskirts of the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, when she stepped on a landmine. She was killed instantly
Lizzy Davies – Guardian – Monday, 12 August 2013 (originally published 08 Aug)   Italy‘s prime minister has vowed to crack down on violence against women, as the government passed a package of measures designed to tackle the problem. “We believe that in our country
Daisy Sindelar, Nino Tarkhnishvili & Ana Lomtadze for Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty – WNN Improve It (WNN/RFE/RL) Tbilisi, GEORGIA, EASTERN EUROPE: For many in socially conservative Georgia, a woman’s virginity remains a virtue. Virginity tests are another matter, however. A
Golnaz Esfandiari for RFE/RL – WNN Justice (WNN/RFE/RL) Tehran, IRAN, SOUTHERN ASIA: A group of prominent Iranian women’s rights activists and intellectuals have outlined some of their main demands for President-elect Hassan Rohani, who spoke against gender discrimination during his campaign
WNN GlobalARTS (WNN/Syria Untold) Damascus, SYRIA, WESTERN ASIA: When Syrians took to the streets in March 2011, they rebelled not only against the ruling Assad family, but also against the obscurantism that had been imposed on them for decades. Art as a whole, and music in particular, have played