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Men's Movement

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The manifest of the Men´s Movement
We urgently need to recognize our common humanity regardless of gender, spiritual belief or socio-political background.
The global gender discussion needs to be guided by a philosophy of non-violence. Gender related prejudice, hate and violence, in all forms: written, spoken and in action must stop.
We have to seek understanding of our brothers and sisters; no matter how different their views yet may seem to us. Even if we do not find an understanding we have to, within ourselves, develop a perspective of love for the other person and respect for his or her opinions.
There has to be a common understanding of the biological and neurological differences and limits of the different genders. Societal development needs to be guided by scientific underpinnings, not by blind ideology.
At the same time we need to recognize the misguiding mainstream societal teachings of western society of what it means to be a man, such as; “men mustn´t show any emotions except for anger”.
The different testosterone and estrogen levels of the different genders do influence the body, the life and our perception in profound ways. The public spaces, the professional spaces as well as the private spaces need to be negotiated to meet the various needs of all parties.
Mens´ rights are intimately related to women´s rights. We cannot establish freedom for either part without the establishment of freedom of the other.
The laws have to be gender equal both ways; both in the professional life as the private life, this doesn´t always mean 50-50 % representation.
All women and all men have to have as equal opportunities and resources as possible based upon our different circumstances.
We must differentiate between structures and individuals caught up in these structures. Although there is a work to change these structures we can´t blame misguided individuals, compassion and love is needed in this situation.
Part of the solution to men´s social and emotional healing is a global network of initiation practices as well as a network of supporting men´s groups.
Stockholm 2015-01-19 (by the Founder David Pilbäc, on Martin Luther King Day)
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