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Ending the social acceptability of sexual harassment ... نتائج إجتماع السبت 27 أغسطس 2011 ساقية عبد المنعم الصاوي في ... • Because we not Hankon passive Tani, we decided from the first day of Eid be Lena voice in the street, on the Internet in the media and everywhere, meeting out a number of ideas, and we are Bnuge invite young men and women, and activists, bloggers and cartoonists graphite and photographers partnering awareness and blogging at the feast
1) draw an invitation to all Egyptians and Almusriyat, photograph any incident of harassment camera, video or image, and send it to us or put it on the Internet, in order to publish a picture of the harasser, and definition of the extent of the phenomenon and gravity
2) encourage graphite painters, painters graphics work in different areas in the streets reflect the community's rejection of the phenomenon of sexual harassment
3) reporting cases of sexual harassment in if Sadvetoha sections, reporting on the map of sexual harassment and reporting incidents of harassment on the number 0-169,870,900
4) We call on all honorable police officers through online Aitlavathm to support campaigns, civil society and individuals to address the problem of sexual harassment and hazing in the holiday and throughout the year, and we call for immediate intervention in the Security usual collective harassment cases at the feast
[ Just write them on their FB pages: Police officers against corruption ]• Harass Map has also a Blog:
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