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Jeena is a group to empower women via education, workshops and microfinancing. To raise awareness and elimate devalueing of women - honour based violence, female infanticide, self selection abortion, domestic violence. What does Jeena do?
• Challenge and raising awareness of unacceptable social norms that negatively impact the lives of women and young people.
• Inspire women and young people to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.
• Improve skill sets of women and young people to create choices and opportunities.
• Empower women and young people on health and financial decisions to impro
ve their quality of life.
• Educate women and young people on coping mechanisms to encourage independence.
• Promote a thriving community of women and young people to provide an accessible support network.
How does Jeena do that?
• Having a strong community presence through locally run projects
• Training and leadership skills workshops accessible to all
• Strong online and social media presence
• Lobbying government on new legislation
• In country trips to gain international support from ambassadors
• Counsel and support sessions
• Provide safe homes for families victim to domestic violence
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+44 1753 424240
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