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The SHARAN project, established in 2008 is a U.K. based charity which seeks to provide support, advice and create a forum for vulnerable women, particularly of South Asian origin, who have left home forcefully or voluntarily. This could be partially or wholly as a result of disownment; potential, perceived or real threat of domestic or honour-based violence; forced intercourse and or marriage; persecution over sexual preferences; or indeed other forms of cultural conflict. Women, suffering from low self esteem, are frequently unaware of how to access support to critical services to rehabilitate their lives. Some live in constant fear, and are at risk of being disengaged and isolated from society, communities and families. Founded in 2008 the SHARAN Project is the vision of its founder, Polly Harrar, a South Asian professional based in the United Kingdom who in light of increasing needs of South Asian women in the U.K., saw a clear need to provide tailored support, practical advice and information. The SHARAN Project is currently run by a group of South Asian experts on a volunteer basis, who understand the challenges and barriers faced by those who have been disowned and or forced to leave home. We are largely a web-based service offering information, support and advice to allow our users to make well-informed choices to improve their life chances. We are able to provide assistance on key life skills, as well as information and advice on a range of issues including: health, housing, employment, education, financial, legal and personal development, to support vulnerable women in their transition to independent living without fear.
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