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Women Composers is a database by The Kapralova Society • • The Society's mission is to build awareness of women's contributions to musical life and to promote the music of Czech composer Vitezslava Kapralova (1915-1940).
About this list: this is by no means the ultimate database of women composers. In fact, this list represents only a tiny fraction of more than 6000 women composers about whom a record exists (e.g. Aaron Cohen's Encyclopedia of Women Composers lists 6,196 women composers). Only composers of classical music whose works have been released on compact disc, have been included in this database. Composers are listed in alphabetical order, and their name is followed by their date and country of birth (which may in some cases differ from their country of residence). Where a link to online resources exists, it has also been provided. If you know of a woman composer who meets the above criteria but whose name has been omitted, write to us at: . If you are proposing a contemporary artist, please note that only professionally trained composers whose music has been released by a professional label will be considered, and that the society reserves the right to approve your nomination. Composers specializing in electroacoustic and experimental music, sound art, film, stage, and jazz music will be listed in this database.
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